Have you ever seen how one red fish can be turned into another? If not, stay with us to find out how to do this and subsequently try to do it yourself..

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How to choose and prepare pink salmon for salting

Now you should be extremely careful and remember or write down everything you read. Because you will be reading our most secret recommendations regarding the choice of the main product..

  1. The best option for buying fish is a fresh carcass near the sea or at least from the aquarium. But if this option is not about you, then read on;
  2. The average weight of pink salmon carcass is from 800 g to 1500 g. If it is more or less, then we do not recommend taking it;
  3. Gutted fish should have a pink belly inside, in any case not yellow;
  4. Inspect the product for the presence and amount of ice. If the pink salmon is fresh, then there can not be more than 5% ice on it. This amount is permissible to cool fresh carcass;
  5. The surface of the belly is of a smooth color, without spots and transitions to another color;
  6. It will probably sound strange, but fresh fish will not smell like fish. The only permissible fragrance for fresh carcass is sea water or algae;
  7. In case the meat is of a tender or light color, the product has been frozen several times already;
  8. If the belly is pink, then caviar is expected inside;
  9. The belly should also not be swollen. It is rather flat, but there are exceptions – the female with caviar;
  10. Fresh fish gills should be bright red, in no case green or almost black;
  11. If the fish has a head cut off, then try to consider the color of the meat. It should be carrot-pink;
  12. When you click on the fish should form a dent. When you remove your finger, the dent should disappear right away. If it straightens long enough, the fish have already been frozen and due to this have lost their elasticity and firmness;
  13. If you feel bubbles under your skin, then this means that pink salmon was stored in the wrong conditions or it is simply old;
  14. In fresh fish, even a minimal amount of mucus on the gills is unacceptable;
  15. You are lucky if the pink salmon has a head, because then its freshness can also be determined by the eyes. They should be convex and transparent. If they are already a bit flattened out and dull, then the fish has either been frozen, or has long been in this form on the counter for a long time;
  16. Many believe that males meat is much juicier, its fat and tastier. To choose a boy, focus on the head – it is sharper in males, and rounder in females. You can also look at the rear fin, which is shorter in males. But in order to choose the right sex of the fish, compare carcasses of the same size;
  17. Also a guy can be found by comparing the shape of the backs. The males have a pronounced hump on the back, which is absent in females. It is because of him, by the way, that the fish got its name;
  18. The dry tail of the fish will tell you that the fish has already been frozen several times or that it has been on the counter for a very long time (which is quite logical);
  19. No cuts, blood marks or injuries are allowed on the surface of the carcass. The scales should be smooth, free from defects and mucus;
  20. Choosing whole and fresh fish is easier, but it will turn out more expensive, since after gutting it, you will lose almost half of its weight. But buying fish without a head is more risky. Therefore, it is better to overpay a little, but be sure of the freshness.

Salmon salmon under salmon: recipes

The first
Pink salmon соленая под семгу: народные способы засолки
Ingredients amount
water 1 l
pink salmon 1 PC.
vegetable oil 110 ml
salt 75g
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 190 Kcal


  1. Wash the fish, dry it with napkins to make it easier to work;
  2. Scale, cut off the head, fins and tail; salmon
  3. Cut the belly and gut pink salmon;
  4. Cut off the peel with a very sharp knife if desired;
  5. Fillets must be checked for the presence of pits and, if they exist, remove them using special tweezers for fish; a fish почистить
  6. Cut the fillet into small slices, not slices, namely slices; salmon нарезать
  7. Add salt to the water and stir until it is completely dissolved; salt растворить
  8. Put the fish pieces into the water for ten minutes; a fish засолить
  9. If there is a lot of fish and it doesn’t all fit in the solution, then dip the slices in several stages;
  10. Then take out the fish and dry it with napkins;
  11. Put the pieces in a container, pour over with oil and put in the refrigerator for one hour.
  12. In an hour, the fish can be served..


Pink salmon соленая под семгу: народные способы засолки

  • 850 g of pink salmon;
  • 20 g sugar;
  • 15 g of salt;
  • 110 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 5 g black pepper;
  • 2 lemons.

How much to do – 11 hours and 30 minutes.

How many calories – 196 calories.


  1. It is best to buy fillets right away, so as not to sit still with cleaning the carcass. But if you have a whole carcass, then you need to gut it, wash it inside and outside, cut off the head, tail, fins;
  2. Cut off the peel, the fillet can be washed again, and then cut into slices. They can be of any size and shape, but it is worth remembering that the thicker the pieces, the longer the delicacy will be prepared;
  3. Mix salt with sugar, add black pepper;
  4. Components mix and rub the resulting mass of each piece is still pink;
  5. If there is some fish left, sprinkle it on the fish and crush it with your hands;
  6. Wash lemon and cut it into thin rings;
  7. Put the fish in a container and cover it with a layer of lemons;
  8. Then put in the fridge for eight hours;
  9. After that, get the fish, pour it with oil and remove for another three hours;
  10. When the time passes, you can already try the fish.


  • 1250 g of pink salmon;
  • 2 onions;
  • 15 g of salt;
  • 80 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 10 g sugar.

How much to do – 15 hours and 30 minutes.

How many calories – 175 calories.


  1. Wash the fish, rid it of the head and ridge;
  2. Fins and tail cut, forming two beautiful fillets;
  3. Inspect the fillet for the presence of pits and, if they are, then pull them out with special tweezers for fish;
  4. Next, cut the fillet into the same pieces so that they marinate equally as well;
  5. Combine salt with sugar and rub each slice of pink salmon, but leave a little salt for onions;
  6. Peel the bulbs, cut off the ends and remove the peel;
  7. Wash both heads and then cut them into rings;
  8. Sprinkle rings with a pinch of salt and rub manually;
  9. Mix the onions and fish with butter and place in a saucepan or stew-pan;
  10. Cover the fish with a plate and place a press on top;
  11. Put in the fridge for fifteen hours.


  • 75 g of salt;
  • 1 l of water;
  • 75 g sugar;
  • 1 pink salmon.

How much to do – 30 hours.

How many calories – 149 calories.


  1. Dissolve loose components in water and place it in a refrigerator so that the temperature drops well;
  2. To clear the pink salmon from bones, viscera, head, tail and fins;
  3. Cut the carcass into two fillets, and they, in turn, into two parts;
  4. Place the pieces in a container and pour them with cold water and spices;
  5. Put it in the freezer for a day, then completely defrost it;
  6. Rinse the pieces with running cold water, dry and call relatives to the table.

Secrets of successful salting

Salmon salmon under the salmon turns out to be tastier and richer, if you pour it with vegetable oil before serving and let it brew for several hours.

To fish in brine on sprawled, and remained the most intact, use the press. To do this, cover the fish during the infusion with a plate, and put a heavy object on top of it as a press. This can be a can or water bottle..

When using lemon for salting, be sure to use and vegetable oil. Citrus itself will not only dry the pink salmon, but also make it tough. But oil will fill all necessary.

As you could find out, turning one fish into another is not magic, but an entirely possible action. Try it and you to understand how easy it is!