When the mistress prepares a spring salad, each version has its own subtleties.

So, when adding greens to this dish, it is better to tear the hands to save vitamins. Fresh vegetables, greens – the main components of spring salads.

Dietary весенний салат

For juiciness, salt, dressing should be added immediately before serving salad to the table. It is best to mix this dish with long forks or special spoons..

It is appropriate to divide all spring salads into several types – all this is conditional..

  1. Mixed. For the preparation of such salads, all the ingredients should be mixed, season with sunflower oil sauce, sour cream. Sometimes mayonnaise is used instead. It remains only to put the dish in a salad bowl, pour the remnants of the sauce, decorate to your taste;
  2. Salads, doused with sauce or dressing. In this case, all the ingredients are laid out in a la carte salad bowls in layers, pour sauce.

By the way, this way of serving salads is quite common: all ingredients and various types of sauces, fillings are laid out on separate plates. Now everyone can choose what they like best for themselves, fill up a spring salad according to their preferences..

It is important that the products are combined in a salad. Cucumbers are perfectly combined with eggs, fresh greens. In this salad can be tomatoes, boiled potatoes, radishes.

The list will be incomplete if you do not add sweet, hot peppers, apples, garlic. The same applies to cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, croutons of white or rye bread..

Of course, in one salad it is not necessary to mix all the above products. But what and how to mix correctly, we will look at below in the recipes with photos of lettuce under the beautiful name “Spring”.

Traditional recipe
Salad «Весенний»: простые рецепты с фото
Ingredients amount
Bell pepper 1 PC.
cucumber 2 pcs.
a tomato 3 pcs.
radish 2 pcs.
medium bulb 1 PC.
favorite greens taste
olive oil taste
Time for preparing: 35 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 42 Kcal

Pepper соломкойThis salad is prepared quite simply – you just need to cut the vegetables into thin strips so that all the ingredients are soaked with dressing, crunching deliciously. Onion is cut into half rings.

It can be held in the marinade of vegetable oil, vinegar – a ratio of 1: 1.

It remains only to mix the onions with vegetables, herbs – it should be finely chopped. It may be parsley or dill.

Ready салатик "Весенний"Do not forget to add 2 tbsp. l olive oil, salt to your taste.

Mix everything again and let it brew for 25 minutes..

Now feel free to serve spring salad to the table! The guests will be surely satisfied, because the dish turned out delicious.

Give brightness to the dish, decorating it with tomatoes or cranberries, if you want to give it shades of red. For a burgundy color, beetroot is suitable; an orange shade will be given by carrot, paprika.

Want to have a lot of green? Then give preference to the decoration of green. Red cabbage will help to achieve the blue color.

However, not everyone considers this recipe to be traditional, preferring another version of this dish, also calling it a classic.

Therefore, we decided to demonstrate the second option in the video:

Spring salad from cabbage

Any side dish is more tasty to eat with a salad. Spring cabbage salad is a great solution for dinner, for lunch. Yes, and for breakfast such a low-calorie dish also fits.

On a festive table, such a salad will be a pleasant surprise. What is such a salad?

The answer is vegetables, seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice. You can use sour cream or mayonnaise as a dressing.

The main ingredients of the recipe:

  1. Three hundred grams of fresh cabbage; Cabbage
  2. One apple;
  3. A pair of fresh cucumbers;
  4. One onion;
  5. A couple of tablespoons of sour cream;
  6. A tablespoon of mayonnaise;
  7. Greens – dill or parsley;
  8. Salt to taste and ground black pepper.

GreeneryTo make this salad, chop the cabbage into thin strips. Next, finely chop the onions, although this is an optional ingredient.

If you do not like onions, then do not add it to the salad. Cucumber, too, cut into strips.

Remove the peel from the apple and remove the core, after which it is time to grate this yummy on a coarse grater.

Cabbage миксChop the greens and mix with the rest of the prepared components of the salad.

Do not forget to add salt and pepper to taste. Now you can fill the salad.

With the help of a rose from a cucumber, you can arrange the salad beautifully. Thinly cut cucumber in length, roll it into a straw – this will be the first strip.

Then wind in the center of the rest of the remaining cucumber strips, made as in the first case. It now remains to trim the base of the rose and fasten it with the help of a skewer

You can also make apple roses – on the same principle. Only in this case it is necessary to mold other slices in the form, having welded them in syrup from granulated sugar..

But the truth is, every housewife prepares a spring salad in completely different ways..

For example, this dish with the addition of cabbage can also be cooked like this:

Breeze Salad Recipe

This is a very simple and quickly prepared dish, which has a pleasant and delicate flavor. Despite the fact that the number of ingredients is minimal here, you can surprise your family or guests with a real masterpiece in just 10 minutes..

Products for cooking: Crab палочки

  1. One hundred grams of crab sticks;
  2. From 100 to 150 grams of hard cheese;
  3. A couple of cloves of garlic;
  4. Two tomatoes;
  5. Mayonnaise.

CheeseThaw crab sticks and cut into small cubes. Add to the salad grated cheese, tomato, cut it into small cubes.

Add minced or finely chopped garlic to the mix and season with mayonnaise. It turns out very tasty.

To decorate the spring salad “Breeze”, you can use the carving and make lemon butterflies.

Breeze To do this, wash the lemon and cut it into thin slices. Next, cut a couple of Latin V parts from a lemon slice, remove these parts.

The body of the butterfly is best made of lemon peel, and a piece of pepper will do. Use the feathers of green onions for antennae; berries are suitable for wings..

Such decoration for this salad will be unique and unique. You can make and cucumber ship, for which the cucumber should be cut in half and choose the pulp.

Fill the rest of the salad, masts with sails make of skewers, attaching a piece of cheese or sausage to them. Imagine, because it is the only way to decorate a delicacy beautifully and flawlessly, uniquely and unexpectedly..

In the next video you will see how to cook “Breeze”:

“Spring day”

Have you seen spring rainbow? It brings real pleasure.!

Let’s cook together a rainbow spring salad that will lift your spirits and set you up for a positive.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Head of red cabbage; Carrot
  • Carrot;
  • One red and green apples;
  • Lemon;
  • One hundred grams of dried apricots;
  • From 7 to 8 peeled kernels of walnuts;
  • A bunch of parsley or dill – to your taste;
  • Sunflower oil.

In order to prepare this delicacy, it is necessary first to grate large carrots, chop the apples, remove the core, – fill them with half lemon juice.

Ready "Весенний день"Rinse dried apricots, fill with boiling water, then let it brew for 5 minutes..

Cut the soaked dried apricots into thin strips. Chop nuts thoroughly.

Now, for the salad, you will need deep dishes – all that is left is to mix all the ingredients, add chopped lemon zest, juice of the second half. There also add parsley, a couple of tablespoons of oil.

All mixed up, you can serve. It turns out incredibly tasty. And if you also come up with an original decoration, it will be still more interesting and unexpected..

In order to make a rainbow in this salad as a decoration, where the primary colors are highlighted using vegetables and fruits, you can use the tips in the recipes above.

Food Benefits and Ingredient Recommendations

The benefits of spring salad are indisputable and very impressive – when, after the winter period, the body is depleted from a lack of vitamins, then just such a dish is able to save from fatigue, depression.

The main thing is to be able to properly handle vegetables and fruits that are part of spring salad in its various variations..

Add the dill – it contains vitamins A and B, as well as C and PP. And here there are vital substances, trace elements. Which ones:

  • Phosphorus and potassium;
  • Calcium and iron;
  • Folic acid and essential oils.

Thanks to dill, it becomes possible to combat frustration in the digestive tract. In addition, it is an excellent sedative to help with insomnia, improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels..

Salad из печени трескиOn our site you can always find recipes for your favorite salads. For example, cod liver oil is a very useful product. How to cook delicious salads from canned cod liver. Decorating with fantasy, you get not only tasty, but also a beautiful dish..

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Pay attention to the celery, in which a lot of trace elements. The structure includes:

  • Calcium;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Essential oils;
  • Carotene;
  • Phosphorus.

It is celery that is a great helper to relieve body poisoning, it prevents the formation of fat deposits, and therefore is an indispensable dietary product in case you decide to fight excess weight..

Spring is the time of love, the most positive emotions, which means that during this period it is necessary to prepare such dishes that do not overload the stomach.

It is the Spring salad that will become your favorite for you and your family, because it contains vitamins and other beneficial substances that will improve the body after winter and will not let you and your family feel sad.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with another recipe for the spring dish – very simple, but bright and appetizing: