Delicious завтрак из рисаA favorite treat by many – rice porridge for milk is still popular today, although the history of its origin goes far back into centuries.

It was first cooked at the court of Catherine the First for breakfast for the empress by a French cook..

Then she was considered exclusively the food of queens and kings, and was prepared only with goat milk..

Later, these orders abolished and rice porridge on milk had the opportunity to cook everyone who had rice grains on the farm, which were very highly valued at that time, and a cow that gave milk.

Now, rice cereal with milk is no longer such a curiosity as before, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to cook it. But the use of rice porridge on milk is indisputable.

Many housewives who did not have to cook this dish at all or for a long period of time, as well as young daddies who stayed at home to monitor the child in the absence of his wife, very often ask themselves the question of how to properly, and most importantly, tasty cook rice with milk in what proportions to take the ingredients.

All this I will tell you in this article..

Of course, the main components of the dish, as you have already had the opportunity to guess, are milk and rice..

However, not everything is clear with milk: which milk should be taken, which fat content, in what quantity.

Yes, however, and with rice, not everything is clear, since the diversity of its species in the market can lead a person into a stupor: round, oblong, steamed and many others. Let’s understand.

  • So let’s start with milk.. For cooking rice porridge, you can take any milk, because the traditions of each nation involve the use of different types of milk: cow or goat milk – the choice is yours. Milk fat content also depends solely on your preferences and the desired caloric content of rice porridge on milk: the higher the fat content, the higher the caloric content, respectively..
  • Well, now let’s go to rice. Here, perhaps, everything is also based solely on your preferences. Someone loves round rice, someone long. However, for cooking rice porridge for children the best option would be to use round rice, because it does not boil soft, and also a little more useful for long and, especially, steamed rice..
  • As for the proportions of ingredients, everything is very simple here.. For cooking rice porridge with milk, you will need 2 portions of rice, one part water and the same amount of milk. Do not be surprised by the presence of water, it is necessary for the initial cooking of rice in the usual method of cooking.

How to cook porridge in a slow cooker

And now, perhaps, let’s move on to the very method of cooking rice cereal with milk and first consider the recipe for the multicooker.

Simplified приготовление каши

Ingredients Required:

  1. 1 cup of rice (It is advisable to use measuring cups that are attached to the slow cooker. Otherwise, you risk preparing so much porridge that it will simply “run away.” Just like in the Grimm brothers’ pot of porridge ”);
  2. 3-4 glasses of milk (Again, dimensional);
  3. 3 tablespoons of sugar (Lovers of sweet rice grains can add more sugar);
  4. half a teaspoon of salt;
  5. a small piece of butter (about 3 * 3 cm in size);
  6. dried fruits and other additives to taste.


  1. So, first you need to thoroughly wash the rice several times to clean water.. Then pour it with a glass of water and leave to swell for 30 – 40 minutes..
  2. After the specified time, fold the rice into a colander. Mix milk (can be dried) with salt and sugar until complete dissolution of the latter. Pour the rice into the bowl of the multicooker, pour milk with sugar and salt, add the same butter. (If desired, the butter can be melted in advance.)
  3. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed.. Close the multicooker lid and set the mode “Milk porridge”. If it is not available, you can easily choose the mode of “Quenching”. Set the time – 1 hour. During this period, porridge must be mixed several times to avoid sticking of rice..
  4. In addition, if you want to add dried apricots, raisins, prunes and other fruits or berries to the milk porridge, they must be added at the beginning or middle of cooking, depending on the required preparation time and the desired softness of these additives..

    However, it is not necessary to add them directly to, because not everyone likes to eat, say, with raisins. In this case, you have the opportunity to use a special insert for cooking for a couple, which, as a rule, comes complete with all modern multicookers.

    Yes, and the likelihood that your liquid milk rice porridge will deteriorate in a day will be much lower, while the presence of dried fruit in the porridge itself increases this probability by up to 90%..

  5. After the time the porridge should be thoroughly mixed again., and then leave for 10–15 minutes by setting the “Preheating” mode in advance in order for the porridge to acquire the necessary condition. In addition, you can add various syrups, jams and even honey instead of sugar in the beginning of the preparation or in the already prepared porridge..

For our little ones

Preparing milk rice porridge for the child as a whole coincides with the cooking process for adults..

Porridge для самых маленьких

However, there are several features that I will tell you about..
  • First, rice porridge for a child, and even more so, for the beginning of complementary feeding for a still very young baby, it is better to digest than undercook. I think that this feature is not worth explaining, though, I, perhaps, still explain what it is connected with..
  • This is due to the fact that the little children still have little teeth at all (babies, for example), or have already appeared, but they are still weak. Such a task as chewing hard undercooked rice, for them, as a rule, impossible. However, even if they do it, then you risk staying up all night because of the problems with your baby’s stomach problems..

    Therefore, I strongly advise you not to risk it. It is better to really digest rice.

  • Secondly, when preparing milk porridge, it is recommended to use only fresh milk from proven brands.. Preferably created especially for children..
  • Thirdly, pediatricians recommend using a very small amount of butter or not using it at all., because you risk getting the same problems as in the first case. The same applies to the addition of various fruits and berries..

And the rest of the process of cooking milk rice porridge is absolutely identical. First you need to wash the rice, letting it brew in water for at least 30 minutes.

Then pour it into the pan and pour over two glasses of water. Bring to a boil over low heat..

After the water starts to boil, add milk until it completely covers the rice. To stir thoroughly. Cover and leave to simmer on low heat for 10-15 minutes until rice is fully cooked..

Video dessert

Well, according to tradition, a visual video on the topic of the article:

In conclusion, I want to add that this dish is not only very tasty, but also extremely useful for the body of both an adult and a child..

be healthy!