Recipes unusually tasty millet porridge on the water

The unique properties of porridge were known in ancient times in Russia, it was considered the main source of nutrition, as it contains a lot of useful substances and vegetable fats. Pshenka was a product for the restoration of physical strength, so she was given special attention in the diet.

Russian people considered porridge as a ceremonial, festive dish and not a single official feast could do without this dish. This consumer product has become an integral part of the diet of each person from the beginning of his birth..

Today, one of the cereals for cooking healthy food is millet, and this is a good reason for new recipes. Feed your family and at the same time saturate the body with nutrients under the power of each housewife.

Cooking tasty, healthy porridge in a simple way is easy, it all depends on the ratio of cereals and water..
Crumbly millet porridge on the water ─ it’s just
Recipes необыкновенно вкусной пшенной каши на воде
Ingredients amount
Millet 220 grams
Water 600 ml
Butter 20 g
Salt 5 g
Sugar 30 g
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 118 Kcal

Cooking millet on the water is easy enough. Cooking it for breakfast or lunch will not be difficult and will not take long.

Cook the cereal is usually in a saucepan with a double bottom of a small volume. Before cooking, millet is sifted and thoroughly washed in cold water..

You can get crumbly porridge, if you pour millet into boiling water. Boil a few minutes over medium heat, add butter and sugar (you can, at your discretion).

Pot with thickened porridge put to languish until fully prepared in any warm place.

Millet porridge on the water without the hassle in the slow cooker

If you use a miracle ─ a pan for cooking porridge, it will significantly save time and preserve the beneficial properties of food. All you need is to put all the necessary ingredients into the electric pan, select the correct mode and cooking time on the timer..

Lovers of delicious food who do not want to stand at the stove, the slow cooker will become an indispensable assistant.

List of required products:

  1. Millet ─1 glass;
  2. Water ─ 3 glasses;
  3. Butter – 30 grams;
  4. Salt 5 g;
  5. Sugar ─ 30 g.

Thoroughly washed cereals are poured into a multicooker cup, filled with water, then salt and sugar are added. Mix well, close the lid..

fill up кашу водой

So that the porridge does not flow out, oil is applied on the edge of the bowl. The timer signal will indicate the porridge is ready..

porridge готовая

After a full steam out, open the lid of the multicooker and transfer the tender, appetizing dish to the plates..

ready каша с маслом

Before serving, you can add a little vanilla to the finished dish..

porridge на тарелке

Delicious millet porridge with pumpkin on the water

A variety of ways of cooking wheat porridge worthy of attention. The main thing is to cook the cereal.

The recipe for lean porridge can not be spoiled during cooking with millet and pumpkin. The dish turns out very nourishing and healthy with great taste, causes pleasure and pleasure from eating..

A plate of porridge with a pumpkin in the morning on the table is sure to please everyone, besides it will give strength and energy for the whole day.

List of ingredients:

  1. Millet ─ 1 cup;
  2. Pumpkin ─ 600 grams;
  3. Water ─ 2 glasses;
  4. Sugar or honey ─ 2 tablespoons;
  5. Butter ─ 2 tbsp. spoons.

Before you start cooking dishes, grits should be thoroughly washed in warm water several times. Cut off the peel from the pumpkin and remove the pulp, cut it into small pieces, load into a pan of boiling water and cook over low heat, stirring for 15 minutes.

Add the remaining ingredients, cook at low boil. Until full readiness, the millet is placed in the oven for soaking..

Millet porridge on water with milk

millet каша с зеленью
Tasty and healthy food always plays an important role for the full functioning of the human body. Millet on the water with milk will make breakfast ideal for different ages..

The preparation of this interesting recipe does not take much time. Even for people who have never cooked, this method will be easy and the cereal will be tasty and satisfying enough..

Required number of products:

  1. Unsplit millet ─ 100 gr;
  2. Milk ─ 200 gr;
  3. Water ─ 200 gr;
  4. Butter ─ 30 gr;
  5. Sugar ─ 2 tbsp. spoons (possible and more);
  6. Salt ─ pinch.

Prepared millet groats are poured with water and boiled in a cauldron at a low boil for 10 minutes. After pouring in the milk, boil a little, add butter, sugar, salt and bring to readiness on low heat..

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Useful recommendations

Millet porridge on the water – a useful and indispensable food for each person. Easily digestible food even for people with sensitive digestion..

To make the food tasty, fragrant, and the right consistency, you need to follow simple cooking rules. For this it is important to know that:

  • Correctly selected proportion of cereals and water will ensure porridge friability;
  • Millet before cooking must be sieved, washed 2 to 4 times;
  • Having sustained a grain some minutes in boiled water, it is possible to get rid of bitterish taste of a pshenka;
  • Water should cover the grits to evenly swell the beans;
  • Crumbly millet is better to cook in a cauldron or in a saucepan with a double bottom;
  • Millet is better to fall asleep in boiling water to speed up the cooking process and preserve useful vitamins;
  • The porridge must be stirred slowly in order to reduce the cooking time;
  • Millet porridge must be eaten immediately, when reheated, it loses its best taste.

Today, the healthy dish has returned to modern life and millet groats have become necessary in the diet for the population of cities with poor ecology..

The unique cereal is able to remove harmful toxic substances from the body, therefore city dwellers simply need to eat a certain amount of millet porridge every week..