The salad recipe with arugula, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella is an Italian gift for all chefs. It is cooked in many countries, and the name may be different, but the essence will always be the same – arugula leaf salad, torn by hands, mixed with cherry rugs and mozzarella slices.

Italian salad
Recipes популярных салатов с рукколой, помидорами черри и моцареллой
Ingredients amount
vinegar balsamic + vinegar wine + garlic 20 g + 20 g + 2 slices
mozzarella in brine 250 g
cherry 20 pieces
pine nuts handful
quality olive oil 40 ml
arugula packing (100 g)
chili (dry) 1 pepper
wheat crackers at its discretion
shallow sea salt 1 pinch
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 250 Kcal

In this salad, everything is fine. In addition, it is easy to supplement it with different sauces, for example, shading the unleavened taste of delicate mozzarella with a dressing of oil and vinegar. And if you add chopped chili pepper into it, the salad will get an unusual taste..

How to cook a salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella:

  1. Preheat the oven. Cut the bread into small cubes, mix with the nuts, spread on a baking sheet and send to the oven for 10 minutes;
  2. Cut the tomatoes into halves. Coarsely chop the garlic cloves and chop the pepper. Add garlic, chili to tomatoes, pour with vinegar and 40 ml of oil, leave to marinate for a few minutes;
  3. Tear off the lettuce leaves with your hands, then lay them on a large plate, sprinkle 20 g of olive oil and half balsamic vinegar;
  4. Hands tear the mozzarella, put on lettuce leaves, season again with oil and balsamic vinegar;
  5. Top with tomatoes, sprinkle with croutons, nuts and serve..

Brazilian salad with dried tomatoes and mozzarella

There are simple recipes that are cooked all over the world and they work great for everyone. This salad requires good quality mozzarella, dried tomatoes and arugula.

Number of products required:

  • 40 ml of white balsamic vinegar;
  • a ball (100 g) of mozzarella in brine;
  • 8-10 pieces of dried cherry tomatoes;
  • 100 g of arugula.

Cooking time will be: 20 min. Content of calories per 100 g: 260 kcal.


  1. Mozzarella shred slices;
  2. Dried tomatoes cut into strips;
  3. In a salad bowl, mix dried tomatoes, mozzarella slices, arugula leaves;
  4. Serve with white vinegar.

Russian version of salad from Julia Vysotskaya

salad от Юлии Высоцкой

The author of the recipe believes that the main thing in this salad is a voluminous taste, in which there is a bit of bitterness and sweetness, and a little bit of acid, and certainly freshness..

Number of products required:

  • 1 tbsp. l wine vinegar;
  • 2 red tomatoes;
  • 2 red Bulgarian peppers;
  • 150 g yellow cherry tomatoes;
  • 100 g of mozzarella in own brine;
  • a handful of arugula leaves;
  • 120 ml of olive oil;
  • basil (leaves only) – handful.

You will need to prepare: 25 min. A serving of food contains: 255 kcal.

Cooking method:

  1. Preheat the oven to 150ºC in advance. Put the cherry on a baking sheet, sprinkle with butter, season to taste and set for 15 minutes. in the oven;
  2. Next you need a grill pan. In it for 5 minutes, put the sweet peppers to fry. Then put the vegetable in a plastic net bag for a few minutes. This simple procedure will help you to easily peel the vegetable;
  3. Remove seeds from pepper, large pulp chop. Slice large tomatoes into thin slices and mozzarella in slices. Cut out the middle part with seeds from the tomatoes;
  4. Prepare a dressing: combine oil with wine vinegar, salt, pepper, basil leaves;
  5. Put the salad on a flat plate in the following order: sweet pepper, then slices of tomatoes, mozzarella circles, baked cherries, pour dressing, sprinkle with torn leaves of arugula.

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Salad “Festive”

If you want to make a festive salad, then this recipe is exactly what you need. And note that there are no special secrets, if only one: so that the salad does not look like the traditional version, you need to add avocado to it.

You will need:

  • 1 avocado fruit (preferably large);
  • juice squeezed from 1 lemon;
  • 120 g of leaf lettuce (which one you like);
  • 5 sprigs of arugula;
  • mozzarella cheese – 120 g of small balls;
  • 80 ml of olive oil;
  • add at its discretion – salt, pepper.

Required to cook: 20 min. Caloric content of 1 portion will make: 240 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Cherry wash, dry on a paper towel. Cut each tomato in half;
  2. Wash the avocado, peel, clean the bone. Chop the pulp into slices, then fold them into a bowl, season with lemon juice;
  3. Rinse the leaves of lettuce and arugula with cool water, dry and tear;
  4. Discard the balls of cheese on a sieve so that all the glass is drained;
  5. All prepared ingredients folded in a large salad bowl, mix;
  6. Beat refined oil with the remaining juice, season with fine salt, black pepper;
  7. Pour the salad with prepared dressing after 5 minutes. you can serve it.

Light salad

Everyone knows about the benefits of arugula and tomatoes – they are rich in vitamins and microelements. And mozzarella is also useful if it is made from natural milk. It is not by chance that in the homeland of this salad all women remain slim, although they eat it almost every day..

Number of products required:

  • 150 g sweet cherry tomatoes;
  • 100 g of leaf lettuce (arugula);
  • 100 g small balls of mozzarella cheese;
  • 5 g white pepper peas;
  • add balsamic vinegar – at its discretion.

For refueling you will need:

  • olive oil – 100 grams;
  • leaves of fresh basil – a handful;
  • fine sea salt – added to taste;
  • ground pepper – 1 g.

You will need to cook: 30 min. In light salad: 210 kcal per 100 g.

How to prepare such a salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella:

  1. First make the sauce: pour the butter into the bowl of the blender, put the basil leaves there, mix well. In the finished mixture, add to taste ground pepper, fine sea salt; sauce
  2. Tear the arugula leaves with your hands, put them in the prepared sauce, add balsamic vinegar, mix and place on a flat salad bowl; tomatoes
  3. Spread the halves of the tomatoes and cheese balls on top, sprinkle the finished dish with white pepper. salad

Useful tips

Have you ever tried to bite off a piece of milk? Do not rush to say that it is simply impossible. At that moment, when we bite off mozzarella, this is exactly what happens, the Italians assure us. And to buy such cheese, read our tips:

  1. Quality mozzarella is always snow white. The yellow tint indicates that the cheese is either spoiled, or the cooking process used a low-quality dairy product;
  2. Good cheese tastes neutral, if it is slightly acidic, it means that the product is not the first freshness. And even more so the mozzarella should not have a bitter taste;
  3. According to the structure, mozzarella should be elastic, if it is too soft, falls apart and looks like cottage cheese, it means that the rules of storage were violated;
  4. When cutting, there is a little white liquid, but there should be no holes and air bubbles in the cut;
  5. Cheese can be of different shapes and sizes. Mozzarella is great for salads in briquette and in brine;
  6. It does not matter what package the product will be in a transparent bag or a plastic box. If it is damaged, then you should not buy at all;
  7. After opening the packaging, it is not necessary to pour out the pickle. If you do not use up all the cheese, the remaining portion without the brine will quickly sour and dry;
  8. The fresh tenderness of mozzarella cheese connects all the variegated products in a salad, so do not add a lot of salt..

In Italy, salad salad with arugula, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella are prepared in family cafes, and everyone has their own recipe. In any of them there is a pleasant bitterness of arugula lettuce, the sweetness of tomatoes and the fresh tenderness of mozzarella. But the main focus is still in the gas station. The most suitable option is Italian, when the finished dish is seasoned with salt, pepper, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil is added..