Qualitative крабовые палочкиCrab sticks – imitation of crab meat, a product in which the name does not correspond to what is included in its composition.

“Sticks” are artificially created from processed fish protein or fillets with the addition of dyes and flavors.

The first crab sticks appeared in Japan in 1973.

The analogue of this product in the USSR was first produced in the city of Murmansk eleven years later..

The main ingredient is surimi, ground fillet of ocean fish such as pollock, blue whiting, hake.

A part of the sticks purchased in China does not contain this fish ingredient, but consists of soy protein and starch with flavoring additives..

The product is most often used for making salads as an inexpensive substitute for natural crab meat, it is also part of the California rolls.

Along with the New Year’s “Olivier”, the salad of crab sticks became a classic dish on the Russian holiday table, the recipe of which everyone knows.

There are hundreds of choices for making crab sticks.

Each housewife brings to the process of cooking her own special, “firm”, culinary touch..

Choosing the right crab sticks in the store

  • Be sure to see if the expiration date is out; ice and snow should not be in the package either;
  • pay attention to the composition of the ingredients, “surimi” should be in the first place, if this fish product is marked second or third, then it is better not to buy such semi-finished product;
  • the sticks should be painted on one side only, and their color should not be bright and screaming;
  • the product should not have yellow or gray spots, it should not crumble;
  • fish protein – elastic mass, if the crab stick is bent – it can crack, but not break;
  • the wand should be free to unfold, it should not be a sticky mass;
  • sticks must be neat, of the same size and shape;
  • buy products from a trusted manufacturer, whose products you like and do not cause concern.

Classic crab stick salad
Recipes салатов из крабовых палочек — многообразие вкусов!
Ingredients amount
crab sticks 250 g
sweet corn 1 bank
chicken eggs 4-5 pieces.
mayonnaise 100 g
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 165 Kcal

Stages of cooking:

  1. Open a can of corn, drain the liquid. Canned кукуруза
  2. Transfer contents to bowl. Corn в салатнице
  3. Defrost crab sticks for salad, chop and mix with corn. Sliced крабовые палочки
  4. Boil hard-boiled chicken eggs for 8-10 minutes. Cook яйца
  5. Transfer to cold water, cool, then peel and chop. Sliced яйца
  6. Ingredients Stir. We mix все ингредиенты
  7. Add mayonnaise, mix the salad again.. Ready салат из крабовых палочек

Useful tips: serving and serving

Salad crab sticks contain few calories, so they can be served with fatty meat dishes, they go well with any vegetables and seafood.

The best drink for such a light salad is white wine, you can serve it as a snack to vodka, brandy, any homemade tinctures.

Salads of crab sticks can be divided into those that fit into a dish in layers and are coated with mayonnaise or another sauce and those that are mixed before serving.

He and the other salad can be beautifully served, for example, put the mass on the leaves of green salad, decorate with “roses” from cherry tomatoes, thin slices of lemon, sprigs of fennel, stripes of colored sweet pepper.

Layered salad with crab sticks is quite rare, because much faster to mix all the products and serve the guests, but if you take the time, you will get very nice.

Tenderness Salad with Crab Sticks and Ham

Cut 250 g of unfrozen chopsticks into slices, five radishes – thin slices.

Onion, better blue, cut and sprinkle a little sugar, it should stand for a few minutes.

Wash, dry and tear green salad leaves.

Cut 200 g of ham into strips or cubes.

All the ingredients are mixed, add 100 g of grated cheese or mashed cheese..

Dish with salt, pepper, pour olive oil.

The preparation of this recipe can be viewed in the following video:

Delicious salad with crab sticks and broccoli

Boil three hard boiled eggs for 8 minutes.

Defrost broccoli cabbage, add water, bring to a boil, cook for 15 minutes.

Throw in a colander, you can lay out to remove moisture on a paper towel.

Crab sticks for a dish cut into slices of medium size, mix with cabbage and diced eggs, sometimes canned corn is also added.

Salad pour a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise in equal proportions.

Recipe for salad with rice and crab sticks

Crab салат с рисомBoil and cool 50 g of round rice, chop one red onion.

Boil four chicken eggs, peel and randomly chop.

Add 300 grams of diced crab sticks and 250 grams of canned corn without liquid to rice salad.

100 g white cabbage finely chop with a sharp knife, blanch in boiling water for one minute, cool.

Ingredients salt, fill 100 ml of mayonnaise, mix and serve.

Pasta salad – surprise guests!

Boil pasta “shells” for 8-10 minutes in salted water.

Rinse with cold water.

For dressing, combine ¾ cup of mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, a teaspoon of lemon juice, sugar, crushed garlic, dried dill, basil and oregano.

Mix a little beat.

Pour macaroni sauce, add a pack of crab sticks, diced, green sweet pepper, onions, half a cup of chopped olives, five thinly sliced ​​radishes, tomato and celery root, shredded diagonally.

A lot of mix and serve..

Well, in order to better remember the recipe, a video with a detailed description of the preparation is presented to your attention..

Simple salad with mushrooms and crab sticks

300 g of crab sticks cut into large cubes, the same, or a little more, pickled mushrooms – chop into halves or quarters.

Peel and grate the apple, chop up three steep eggs.

Add a few chopped green onions, dill and parsley.

Mix a lot and fill with mayonnaise to taste.

Dish can be salt and pepper.

Refrigerate for an hour or two to soak..

Russian saladLove salads, but can’t imagine a festive table without classic recipes? Then this is for you. Olivier – the king of salads and his classic recipe

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The product, which became commonplace on our tables, was the result of increasing shortage of natural crab meat.

The enterprising residents of the Land of the Rising Sun had to invent and develop a cheaper substitute product..

Perhaps this is the only Japanese product that could conquer the markets of America and Europe in such a short time..

Crab sticks production plants operate in the USA, South Korea, China, France, Russia and the Baltic countries.

And now I want to present you a video plot in which you will see the preparation of another recipe with crab sticks..

It turns out incredibly festive!