With the arrival of summer, vegetable salads appear at each table for lunch or dinner. A variety of vegetables are used. Cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, and, of course, carrots. The last vegetable is rich in vitamin A, so carrot salads are good for people who have poor eyesight or skin problems..

This root vegetable combines with many foods that you have in the fridge. Combining them, you can create a delicious salad.

Carrot Salad with Radish
Recipes легких витаминных салатов из свежей моркови
Ingredients amount
radish (white) 2 pcs.
fresh carrot 5 pieces.
green onion 1 small bundle
mayonnaise salad 200 g
dill (optional) 3-4 branches
salt pinch (to taste)
Time for preparing: 7 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 93 Kcal

This is a wonderful vitamin salad that will enrich your body with beneficial trace elements. Both carrots and radishes are available in summer and winter. Preparing such a dish to the table, you can not only eat well, but also prevent colds..

Fresh carrot salad recipe with radish step by step:

  1. Radish and wash carrots, peel and rub on a coarse grater. Pour into a bowl;
  2. Onions and dill finely chopped. Add to vegetables;
  3. Salt, add mayonnaise and mix. Salad ready.

If someone adheres to proper nutrition, or for another reason, mayonnaise, replace it with sour cream or season the salad with vegetable oil..

Fresh carrot salad with garlic and cheese

This is a tasty and quite hearty dish that can be served as a cold snack. It is prepared from the simplest and most affordable products that every hostess has in the fridge. Take the amount of garlic to your taste (if you want sharper, just add 2 more cloves), but the carrot is better to choose young and juicy.

What you need for this dish:

fresh carrot 5 pieces.
hard cheese) 170-200 g
garlic 2 teeth
mayonnaise 5-7 tbsp.
greenery 5-6 branches

Cooking time – takes 5-10 minutes.

Calorie content of this dish will not exceed 235 kcal..

Getting Started:

  1. Grind carrots on a grater like cheese; to rub морковь
  2. Peel the garlic and grind in the usual way for you; add чеснок
  3. All mix in a deep bowl (salad will turn out a lot) and fill with mayonnaise; add майонез
  4. Grind greens, add to the salad. Stir and serve again.. salad готов

Such a light and easy-to-prepare salad can be served for dinner at once or let it stand in a cold place for 1-2 hours..

Tip! If there is no hard cheese in the fridge, you can replace it with melted cheese. It will turn out not less tasty.

Fresh cucumber and carrot salad recipe

This dish is quite tasty and healthy. Carrots will add brightness to the salad, and cucumbers have an excellent flavor. You can add garlic, basil or hops-suneli to the ingredients to add spice.

What you need:

fresh carrot 2 pcs. (large)
fresh cucumber 2-3 pieces.
sour cream fat 70 g
chicken egg 3 pcs.
salt a little pinch
ground pepper at will and taste
seasoning italian herbs pinch

Time for cooking processes – it will take no more than 10 minutes.

Calorie content will be 84 kcal per 100 g.

Getting to the cooking process:

  1. Clean the carrots, rinse under running water and rub on a coarse grater;
  2. My cucumber and cut into thin straws;
  3. Cooked hard boiled eggs clean and cut into cubes;
  4. Mix everything in a deep bowl;
  5. In a plate mix sour cream, salt, seasoning and pepper. Salad dressing.

Pour into a beautiful dish and serve..

Salad with fresh carrots, cabbage and vinegar

salad с морковью и капустой

This salad is familiar to many since his school years, because it was he who was most often served for lunch. It includes Saami available products that are in any garden. A vinegar dressing will add its flavor.

What is required

white cabbage half head
fresh carrot 2 pcs.
salt a little pinch
table vinegar 1.5 tbsp.
sugar a little pinch

Cooking time – it will take about 10 minutes.

Calories will be 56 kcal per 100 g.

We proceed to the cooking process:

  1. We wash the cabbage under running water and remove the upper leaves (they are dry and often damaged). Thinly shred. After well we put our hands on her, that she started up the juice and became softer;
  2. We clean the carrots from the skin and rub them on a coarse grater;
  3. Mix vegetables in a deep bowl, salt, sugar and season with vinegar.

That’s all! There is nothing difficult. Easy, fast and cheap. Such a salad can be crunched during a snack, so it not only contains many vitamins, but also has a low calorie content..

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Fresh carrot and beet salad

This recipe is for those who want to fill their bodies with vitamins, as probably no salad contains so many useful substances..

What you need to dish:

fresh carrot 3 pcs.
fresh beet 2 pcs.
vinegar 1.5 tbsp.
salt pinch
lean oil  2 tbsp.
green onions small bunch

Time for cooking processes – it will take 7-10 minutes.

Calorie – not more than 63 kcal per 100 g.

Recipe for a salad of fresh beets and carrots step by step:

  1. Carrots and beets clean, wash, and three on a coarse grater;
  2. Mix in a bowl, salt, season with vinegar and oil;
  3. Finely chop greens and sprinkle salad on top. We mix.

Optionally, you can add 1 clove of garlic. This will give the dish some spice and spice..

Fresh carrot and apple salad

Apples in combination with carrots, probably, not everyone tried. But believe me, it is not just tasty, healthy, but also easy and inexpensive. Kids like this salad very much, especially if they are finely chopped.

What is required:

fresh carrot 2 pcs.
apples (you can take both red and green) 2 pcs.
salt pinch
greens (dill and parsley) 3-4 branches
vegetable oil 30 ml

Cooking time – takes no more than 15 minutes.

Calories will be 47 kcal per 100 g.

Start cooking:

  1. Wash carrots and apples under running water and peel them;
  2. We rub in the usual way (if you cook for children, then rub on a fine grater);
  3. Pour into a bowl and mix. We salt and fill with oil.
  4. My greens and grind. Mix with salad.

Sour cream can be used instead of vegetable oil. It will turn out not less tasty.

Korean carrot and cucumber salad

salad с оливками

A simple and light snack that can be served both at the dinner table and as a festive one. And nothing that salad is inexpensive, but what a spicy and fragrant.

What you need:

fresh carrot 4 things.
garlic 2 teeth
spices for korean carrots 2 tbsp.
fresh cucumber 2-3 pieces.
vinegar 1 tbsp.
refined oil 40 ml

Cooking time will take about 25 minutes..

Calorie dishes will be no more than 145 kcal per 100 g.

Start cooking:

  1. Making carrots in Korean. We clean and grind the grated carrots, pour it in with spices and let it brew a little;
  2. Add garlic (grind in the usual way);
  3. My cucumber and cut into thin strips;
  4. All mixed in a bowl, filled with vinegar and oil.

Salad ready. You can add boiled eggs, chicken, prunes. This is all to your taste and discretion. Cook, experiment and do not be afraid to make mistakes.!