Fish, fried in batter, very nourishing and may well be the main dish on the table during lunch or dinner. In this case, it is well served with a neutral side dish of rice or vegetables..

Recipes приготовления жареного и запеченного хека в кляре

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Klyar – batter, cooked with fresh milk, cold water, yogurt or cold beer. It is important that you add to it. Well, the principle of cooking batter one: mix the liquid with oil, flour, salt, whipped proteins and gently mix.

It seems that it may be easier fried fish in batter. But it turns out she is not tasty every hostess. We will reveal to you the secrets of cooking delicious fish. Cut the hake fillet into pieces. Prepare the batter: beat the eggs with a clean and dry whisk, salt and add a little flour, add cold water and gas, whisk everything. The consistency of the batter should resemble fat sour cream. To taste, add grated lemon zest to it..

Season the fish with spices, first roll in a piece of wheat flour, then dip in the dough, do everything very quickly and immediately send it to the heated oil. Fry the fillet for two minutes on each side, the dough should be browned. In addition, fry the barrels too. Put fried fish on paper towels to get rid of excess fat..

Try to change the taste of batter from time to time by adding a new ingredient to it. Prepare as usual liquid dough from eggs, cooled milk, flour, season to taste and add a little tomato ketchup or chopped tomato. If you add cheese, get a dense, creamy breading, the fish especially goes. Make the dough on mashed potatoes, your fish will be unusually soft, it is the potato breading that will make it so. Savory taste will give the fish a French version of batter, mixed with dark beer.

Basic recipe step by step
Recipes приготовления жареного и запеченного хека в кляре
Ingredients amount
hake pulp 350 g
citric acid 5 g
refined oil 150 ml
fresh parsley 5 branches
flour 150 g
eggs 2 pcs.
fresh milk 150 ml
tomato sauce 300 ml
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 140 Kcal

For fish, serve hot tomato sauce or cold mayonnaise sauce with gherkins.

How to cook hake in batter on the pan:

  1. Cut the pulp of the hake into pits and skin into bars, dry on paper towels, fold them into a bowl of refined oil, add a little lemon juice or acid, freshly ground pepper, fine salt, chopped parsley and send to the refrigerator for 15 minutes; hake
  2. Prepare batter (batter). To do this, pour cold water or fresh milk, refined butter into the bowl, add flour, salt and replace the dough, then add the whipped proteins and mix gently; batter
  3. Before cooking the hake sticks, dip them into the batter and immediately fry in the heated oil for 7-8 minutes, then remove them with a spatula and place on a regular sieve; fry
  4. Fried hake sticks (5-7 pieces per serving) immediately after roasting, put on paper towels laid on a flat dish, on the side of the hake you can put lemon slices, french fries sticks and decorate with a sprig of greens.

Hake fillet in crispy batter with sesame

For fish, you can serve fried potatoes and mayonnaise sauce separately, mixed with shredded cucumbers and finely chopped greens.

Healthy food can also be delicious. Cook a sesame hake.

Ingredients Required:

  • 1 kg of hake;
  • 150 g unscented oil;
  • 40 ml of milk or homemade yogurt;
  • 80 g sifted flour;
  • chicken egg category “selective”;
  • 30 g of butter;
  • 10 g of granulated sugar;
  • sesame seed – 200 g.

All cooking will take: 40 min. Get 4 servings, each contains: 135 kcal.

How to cook a dish:

  1. Cut the fillet of hake (without skin) into thin, long pieces;
  2. Mix flour with fine sugar, milk (or yogurt), refined butter, egg yolk, mix everything thoroughly;
  3. In the resulting batter, gently inject fluffed whipped protein;
  4. Dry the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan, a slight crackling appears, immediately turn off the stove;
  5. Dip the pieces of hake in cooked batter, roll in dried sesame and put on a pan with hot oil;
  6. Fry the pieces evenly to a classic golden hue;
  7. Fold the fish on a baking sheet and send for five minutes in a preheated oven;
  8. When serving, be sure to pour ghee.

To the note: dried sesame seeds are not only tasty, but also very useful.

Hake recipe in potato batter

Recipes приготовления жареного и запеченного хека в кляре

You will need:

  • 4 large pieces (200 g each) of hake fillet;
  • 60 g of wheat flour;
  • 2 eggs of the first grade;
  • 70 ml of fresh milk.
  • 100 g freshly cooked mashed potatoes;

Cooking takes time: 45 min. Calorie portions: 145 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Salted and pepper hake fillets;
  2. Beat the milk with the eggs, add fresh (chilled) mashed potatoes, whisk again;
  3. Put flour in a thin layer on the board;
  4. Each piece of fish roll in flour mixture, then dipped in potato-egg mixture and put for frying in a frying pan with hot refined oil;
  5. Fry the pieces evenly, then pour the remains of the potato-egg mixture into the pan and send the dish to the oven for half an hour;
  6. The fish is ready when the pieces are reddened and pierced easily with a fork;
  7. Garnish for this dish is better to choose a neutral, such as boiled rice.

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Fried hake in French beer batter in a slow cooker

Asparagus, bean pods or peas and canned green peas can be served as a side dish with this dish..

Necessary set of products:

  • 500 grams of finished hake fillets;
  • 75 g vegetable (odorless) + 30 g ghee;
  • 40 ml of dark beer;
  • 50 grams of flour;
  • large egg;
  • 30 grams of butter.

Cooking time will be: 50 min. In one portion: 150 kcal.

Cooking recommendations:

  1. Cut fish fillets into pieces. Put in a shallow container, season with fine salt, sprinkle with black pepper;
  2. Make a beer beer. To do this, pour cold beer, vegetable oil into the ladle, add wheat flour, table salt, stir the dough with the help of a whisk;
  3. Cool the egg white, then blend the blender into a lush froth, put it in a beer club, just gently. To mix everything;
  4. Dip the fillet pieces in the beer beer, put in the bowl of the slow cooker, choose the mode “Frying”, the product is “fish”, the cooking time will be set automatically.
  5. Fried hake sticks (5-7 pieces per serving) immediately after roasting, put on paper towels laid on a flat dish, on the side of the hake you can put lemon slices, french fries sticks and decorate with a sprig of greens.

How to bake the hake in cheese batter in the oven

Required Products:

  • chilled egg whites – 4 pieces;
  • grated cheese – 200 g;
  • flour “premium grade” – 30 g;
  • refined oil – 20 g;
  • frozen hake pulp – 400 g;
  • season with spices to taste.

The whole cooking process requires: 50 min. Per serving: 130 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Cut the fish into portions diagonally, dry with paper towels, season with spices to taste;
  2. Salt the egg whites, then beat with a blender or regular mixer, while whipping gently add the cheese. The resulting thick mixture can be a little pepper;
  3. Dip the pieces of hake into a cheese batter, then roll in flour and spread out on a baking sheet greased with refined oil;
  4. Bake at 180 degrees until golden brown (about 25 minutes).

Hake is rightfully called the most delicious fish from the entire family of cod fish. Cook it in batter is not difficult. Knead the dough in cold water, yogurt, milk, beer, add grated cheese, fresh mashed potatoes. There is no limit to perfection! And there is practically no fat in the fish, which is useful when cooking diet meals..