Asparagus beans, according to many nutritionists, is a low-calorie and at the same time very nutritious product. It includes a high level of nutrients and vitamins that are so necessary for the full functioning of all internal organs..

asparagus фасоль на зиму

It is the roll-in for the winter that will allow you to keep all these unique properties in full. Moreover, now there are many ways to procure this product for the winter. And some recipes for the preparation of them, we consider below more.

Preparation for the winter

Salty Pods

To prepare you will need:

  • A couple of pounds of young bean pods;
  • Cherry leaves – 4-5 pieces;
  • 5 currant leaves;
  • Horseradish spine – 1 piece;
  • 10 whole black peppercorns;
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  • Salt – 80 grams;
  • 500 ml of water;
  • 50 grams of vodka.

beans стручкамиHow to make salted green beans for the winter:

  1. To start pods thoroughly washed under cool water. We try to wash off all the dirt and dust;
  2. Be sure to cut the ends from the beans on the sides;
  3. Rinse the leaves of cherry and currant;
  4. With garlic cloves remove the skin;
  5. Horseradish root should be peeled and rinsed thoroughly;
  6. Cut horseradish into several pieces;
  7. Banks for canning should be rinsed with cool water, we first clean them with detergent or foodstuffs;
  8. Then the container is sterilized over steam or in the oven;
  9. In a container, lay layers of green beans, leaves of cherries and currants, garlic and horseradish, at the end lay out the remnants of pods;
  10. Pour water into a saucepan and set it on fire;
  11. As soon as the liquid begins to boil, we pour in the salt;
  12. Remove the brine and pour into jars with all the components;
  13. In each liter jar with the cooled brine and vegetables, pour 2 tsp. Of vodka, close the lids and remove in a dark place..

Beans with carrots

What is required:

  • 500 grams of young asparagus beans in the pods;
  • 1-2 carrots young;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • Several dill umbrellas;
  • Fresh basil, tarragon, ground paprika – all to your taste;
  • 2 lavrushki;
  • Salt – 50 grams;
  • Table vinegar 9% – 4 tsp;
  • Half a liter of water.

The recipe for green beans with carrots for the winter:

  1. Prepare a can for canning. For cooking you will need a liter capacity;
  2. Bank need to rinse, clean all the dirt from the container;
  3. We carry out sterilization of capacity. For sterilization, it can be placed on the kettle and sterilized over steam or placed in an oven;
  4. Dill umbrellas, tarragon, basil rinse with water and lay banks on the bottom. We also add bay leaf and ground paprika to greens. These ingredients will give the taste and flavor of the beans;
  5. Then prepare the beans. We wash it in cool water, remove the tips from both sides;
  6. Pour water into a small container and put it on the stove;
  7. After boiling the liquid, pour the pods back into it and boil it until soft, about 5 minutes; to boil фасоль
  8. We take out the asparagus beans in a cup and set aside;
  9. Wash my carrots, scrape off the skin and cut into strips. It can also be wiped with a large grate; carrot натереть
  10. Fall asleep carrots to the pods;
  11. Peel the garlic cloves and peel the plates with a shred; bow порезать
  12. Fall asleep garlic to beans and carrots;
  13. All components are laid out in a jar;
  14. The water in which the string beans were boiled is poured in half and again heated to boiling, we pour in salt and stir until the grains dissolve;
  15. Ready brine is poured into the jar with all the components; lay out все в банку
  16. We twist the lid on top, cover with warm cloth and leave to cool;
  17. The workpiece is stored in a dark room, for example in a closet or a floor. keep в прохладном месте

Marinated pods

What you need for cooking:

  • 600 grams of green beans asparagus;
  • Fragrant pepper – 6 pieces;
  • Lavrushka – 1 piece;
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  • A piece of hot pepper about 2 cm.

Marinade solution:

  • Water – half a liter;
  • Salt incomplete tablespoon;
  • Granulated sugar – 2 tsp;
  • 80 grams table vinegar 9%.

The process of harvesting pickled asparagus beans for the winter:

pickled стручки

  1. Wash the pods with cold water, remove dirt and dust;
  2. Cut the pods into segments of 2-3 cm. These segments will be much more convenient to put in banks;
  3. Getting to the blanching beans. To do this, pour water into a saucepan and put it on fire;
  4. Meanwhile, the pods fall asleep in a colander. After boiling the liquid, lower the colander with the green beans and hold it for about 3-5 minutes;
  5. Place the colander under cold water and hold it for about 3-5 minutes;
  6. Prepare jars for pickling. They should be thoroughly washed, cleaned;
  7. Next you need to sterilize them in a pair or in the oven;
  8. Lids sterilized in boiling water for about 10-15 minutes;
  9. Remove the peel from the cloves of garlic and lay them on the bottom of the cans;
  10. Also we put laurel, a bit of bitter pepper and allspice;
  11. Tightly lay the bean pods in banks;
  12. Pour the water into the container and put on the gas to warm;
  13. After boiling water, pour back salt, sugar, pour vinegar;
  14. Pour the mixture into the banks;
  15. After that, put the container in the pan, cover the top of the lid, pour water just above half of the cans and place it on the gas. Do not forget to lay a towel on the bottom of the pan;
  16. We sterilize all half an hour;
  17. At the end of the top we twist the lid, wrap it with warm cloth and leave to cool;
  18. Billets are stored underground or in storage..

Asparagus salad

salads из спаржевой фасоли

With vegetables and herbs

What will be needed for cooking:

  • 2.5 pounds of young asparagus beans;
  • 600 grams of onions;
  • Carrots – 600-700 grams;
  • Ripe tomatoes – 1 kg;
  • A large bunch of parsley per 50 grams;
  • 100 grams of parsley root;
  • 1.5 large spoons of vegetable oil;
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons;
  • 1 tbsp with a hill of table salt;
  • 3% vinegar – 80 ml;
  • Allspice – 10-15 peas.

How are we going to cook this green beans salad for the winter:

  1. To begin with, wash the pods in cool water, wash off all the dirt and dust from them;
  2. After that, cut each pod into segments of approximately 2 cm;
  3. With onions we remove the husk, wash the peeled onions and chop it into half rings;
  4. In the pan add vegetable oil, put on the stove to warm;
  5. Put onion half rings in the heated oil and pass a few minutes until golden;
  6. Carrots and parsley root clean, wash and chop into circles;
  7. Fall asleep to the onion, lay the same pieces of beans, fry for 10 minutes and remove from heat;
  8. Rinse tomatoes, cut into small slices;
  9. Put the tomatoes in a separate saucepan, pour a little liquid and simmer for about 15-20 minutes;
  10. Then put the roasted vegetables to the tomatoes;
  11. Salt, put allspice;
  12. Next, pour vinegar, pour in some sugar, pour in more water and continue to simmer;
  13. Rinse the parsley, chop finely;
  14. At the end of the vegetables lay out chopped parsley and remove from heat;
  15. We rinse the cans for canning, clean all the dirt;
  16. Sterilize the glass container over the steam;
  17. Pour stewed vegetables with asparagus beans in sterilized containers, roll them up with metal lids;
  18. We wrap everything up with warm matter, leave it to cool;
  19. Storage can be placed in a cellar or pantry room..
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Asparagus, cabbage and eggplant stew

What is required for cooking:

  • 1 kg of green beans, preferably young;
  • Kilogram of red ripe tomatoes;
  • Onion – 600-700 grams;
  • 2 small zucchini or zucchini;
  • 5 stuffed bell peppers;
  • 1 kilogram of eggplant;
  • 200 grams of cauliflower;
  • A pound of white cabbage;
  • 1.5 large spoons of vegetable oil;
  • Cilantro – to your taste;
  • Parsley a few twigs;
  • Celery greens – 5-7 branches;
  • Salt – 1 large spoon;
  • Allspice in peas – 7-8 stuff;
  • Lavrushka – 2-3 pieces.

How to make stew with asparagus beans and vegetables for the winter:

  1. Tomatoes are placed for a couple of minutes in hot water and cleaned from the skins;
  2. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and put them in a cup;
  3. From the pepper we clean the seeds and cut it into strips;
  4. With the bow remove the skin and shred half rings;
  5. Next, green beans must be boiled in salt water for about 10-15 minutes;
  6. After that, take out the pods from the water, cut them into small sections of 3-4 cm;
  7. Eggplants are washed, cut into cubes, sprinkle with salt and squeeze;
  8. Pour butter into the pan, put it on the stove, lay out the eggplants and fry;
  9. With the zucchini remove the skin, cut into two parts and remove the seeds;
  10. Pulp zucchini cut into small slices;
  11. Pour oil on a separate frying pan, put on gas and pour zucchini, onion, pepper. All fry for 10 minutes;
  12. White cabbage is cut into strips and doused with hot water;
  13. We divide the cabbage into inflorescences and blanch for 3-4 minutes;
  14. All vegetables – tomatoes, beans, roasting and zucchini, onions, pepper, cabbage of two kinds, put the eggplant in the pan;
  15. All components are mixed, add some salt and add greens;
  16. We put on the stove and boil for 25-30 minutes;
  17. In the meantime, we rinse and sterilize the jars;
  18. The finished vegetable mixture is laid out on the banks;
  19. We put the cans in a container, first we lay a towel on the bottom, pour in water a little more than half of the cans and cover them with lids. Sterilize for 30 minutes;
  20. After that we twist the lids, wrap in a warm coat and leave to cool;
  21. For storage we place in a storage room or a cellar..

Freeze beans in the pods for the winter

as замораживать фасоль

The main features of freezing:

  1. The first step is to handle the product, it must be done correctly;
  2. Asparag bean should be sifted, cut from two ends of the pods and stem;
  3. Also on the side there is a rigid membrane, it should be removed with a knife;
  4. After that, the beans are thoroughly washed under cool water;
  5. After rinsing, it should be placed in a colander or placed on gauze material so that it is completely dried;
  6. Pods can be frozen as a whole or cut into small pieces. This item is carried out at its discretion;
  7. For freezing, it is desirable to use special vacuum bags or containers from which it will be possible to bleed the air;
  8. The pods are packaged in bags and cleaned in the freezer for complete freezing..

Useful tips

  • For cooking, use fresh and young asparagus (string) beans;
  • To add flavor and aroma, be sure to use herbs and spices;
  • Be sure to cut the beans on both sides and boil for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, it will turn out tough and not tasty..

It is not difficult to prepare asparagus beans for the winter. Using these recipes, you can make an excellent dish that will complement lunch or dinner in the winter.

In addition, frozen string beans can be used to prepare many main dishes, soups and salads.