Recipes favorite fried potatoes in a pan: with onions, mushrooms, fries

Fried potatoes – one of the easiest dishes, the preparation of which does not require special culinary skills.

Strong зажаренная картошка в специях

Nevertheless, some nuances have to not only know but also take into account.

Selection of the main ingredient of the dish – potatoes

In order to answer the question of how to fry potatoes in a frying pan, it is important to choose the right tubers first, as they completely influence the taste of the dish..

They should be firm and firm with smooth and even skin..

The green color of the potato speaks of the content of an increased amount of salt, which can not only spoil the taste of the dish, but also cause large quantities of poison.

Although many people love “young” potatoes, it is better to use ripened.

You can determine them by the absence of peeling peel.

Not the last value when frying in a pan has the size of tubers.

Small specimens with a high probability did not have time to absorb all the nutrients, and overly large, most likely, were grown using nitrates.

Medium size – what you need.

To keep the dish in shape, it is best to use medium-starch potatoes..

These are varieties with golden and white pulp..

Fat selection

Used fat directly affects the taste of food.

One of its types – refined vegetable oil, is used most often, as it has a number of interesting properties: Refined растительное масло

  • does not smoke;
  • does not affect the taste of the dish;
  • no harmful effects on the body;
  • does not foam during frying;
  • sold at any grocery store.

Unrefined sunflower oil strongly influences the taste of fried potatoes.

Using it in its pure form leads to the loss of a potato bunch, but if someone likes it, this is a matter of taste..

Butter is rarely used for frying lately..

The first reason is relatively high cost..

The second lies in the skillful use of advertising by producers of vegetable oil.

The creamy option is great in this case..

Depending on the recipe, this oil can be mixed with vegetable in a ratio of 1: 1.

In addition, a good option: mix cold-pressed olive oil with cream in a ratio of 1: 2.

Compound сливочного и оливкового маселBoth raw and salty pork lard is also great for frying potatoes, and it can be cooked until the formation of crispy cracklings.

The fat formed after heating the fat is excellent for frying..

Used in its pure form, it is absolutely neutral effect on the taste of the dish..

Many also use the fat extracted from canned stew, since it is already seasoned with salt and pepper, which gives the roast potato a specific taste..

Cooking recipes

Despite the simplicity of cooking fried potatoes, do not be afraid to experiment with recipes..

The basis is one of the three options proposed below..

The classic recipe for potatoes with onions
Recipes любимой жареной картошки на сковороде: с луком, с грибами, фри
Ingredients amount
fresh potatoes 4-5 pieces.
bow 1 PC.
salt taste
sunflower oil 40 ml
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 268 Kcal

Preparation consists of the following steps:

  1. Tubers are peeled, cut into strips. We cut овощи
  2. The oil pan is heated on the fire, and then the potato itself is added.. Add в сковороду
  3. 5 minutes before the readiness of potatoes, the spatula is distributed along the edges of the pan, and already sliced ​​onions (thin rings or small pieces) are poured into the center, where they are fried until golden brown. We cut лук Add лук к блюду
  4. Further, the whole mass is thoroughly mixed. Salt the dish before each stirring, which allows you to distribute the salt evenly. Ready блюдо на сковороде

Fried potatoes with mushrooms

You can fry potatoes in a frying pan with the addition of various additional products, such as mushrooms..

This combination is favored by many gourmets..

Would need:

  • potatoes – 10 pcs;
  • champignons – 300 g;
  • onions – 1 pc;
  • spice;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil;
  • garlic.

Adding грибов и зелени в блюдо

Potatoes are peeled, cut into slices, fried until golden in vegetable oil, then salted.

After that, you must add chopped garlic.

While the potatoes are fried, mushrooms are cooked in a separate pan with onion, cut into rings, or in small cubes..

Submission is as follows: first, potatoes are laid out on a plate, and only then mushrooms are placed on it.

We also enclose a video of this simple, but such delicious dish for the whole family:

Popular French Fries

This dish is very tasty, but at the same time high-calorie.

It is prepared in the same way as the previous versions in an ordinary frying pan..

Would need:

  • potatoes;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil;
  • frying pan with high sides.

Potato peeled and cut into strips.

To prevent the heated oil from firing, the potato pieces are laid out on a towel, which can absorb all the excess moisture..

You should not spare any oil, and fill the pan with it so that the straw is completely covered with it (floated).

The oil is brought to a boil, and only after that the potatoes are poured into it..

After 10 minutes, when the potatoes are reddened, it is necessary to salt and add spices (optional), previously caught with a slotted spoon.

After that, fry thoroughly mixed.

We invite you to watch a very interesting video on cooking fries, in which the author tells many secrets to get the perfect rosy potato sticks:

Little secrets

Following only one recipe, you can cook completely different in taste, dishes that have specific features.

Here are just some of them:

  1. Crispy crust. Used, as a rule, well-preserved form of potatoes with a pinkish skin of medium-grades varieties. In addition, it is important to use refined vegetable oil pre-boiled in a pan..
  2. Sweet taste. Achieved by pre-roasting lard in a deep frying pan so that the melted mass covers the bottom in height by 2 cm. You can just throw away the frying.
  3. Perfect cooking. It is best to cut the potatoes into cubes, the thickness of which does not exceed 1 cm. Excessively thin cubes will turn out dry, and too thick may not be fully cooked. It is very important that the slices are approximately the same..
  4. Salt. Salt potatoes should be 4 minutes before readiness. Otherwise, it, having let out excess juice, will be excessively watery..
  5. Spices, garlic and onion. It is best to add spices with onions and garlic about 5 minutes before the food is ready, then mix thoroughly. So the potatoes are completely impregnated with additives, and the solid components will not burn, and will be steamed, retaining all their beneficial properties.

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The benefits and harms of fried potatoes

This dish has a high calorie content..

This is especially true of free.

So, per 100 grams of cooked vegetable according to the classic recipe accounts for about 185 kcal.

At the same time 12% are fats, 4% – proteins, and 8% – carbohydrates.

Rosy картошечка на сковородкеPotatoes are beneficial due to the relatively high starch content; essential amino acids for the human body; potassium regulating the water-salt balance and normalizing the work of the cardiovascular system; phosphorus; vitamin C; zinc and bromine.

However, eating roasted tubers always creates a risk of getting better, because it is a lipid-glycemic product..

Acrylamide (a recognized carcinogen by scientists, whose concentration is high in french fries) can cause the development of cancerous tumors.

You should always remember that fried potatoes cooked in a pan, has a high calorie content, so that those who watch their figure should eat it in moderation..

This dish is really easy to cook and based on it with some skill you can easily create real culinary masterpieces..

Below we share with you another video recipe, in which lard is taken as a basis: