Recipes dessert waffles for electric waffle

Thanks to modern technology, it is really possible to cook many delicious dishes, including waffles, used as a dessert. The electric waffle maker copes with such work really simply, greatly facilitating the task of the owners. However, it is important to make the waffle dough correctly so that they are especially tasty..

Classic recipe
Recipes десертных вафель для электровафельницы
Ingredients amount
Margarine or butter 190 g
Granulated sugar 190 g
Flour 200 g
Chicken eggs 4-5 pieces
Time for preparing: 10 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 60 Kcal

There is nothing easier than making waffles with a special waffle iron, since it is really possible to get the highest quality product. The classic recipe contains the simplest ingredients you need to complete such a task..

The easiest way to make waffles in an electric waffle iron:

  1. Chicken eggs are combined with sugar and whipped well with a mixer; the eggs с сахаром
  2. Margarine (or butter) is dissolved on a small fire in a bowl; melt маргарин
  3. Flour, eggs and butter are thoroughly mixed to form a mass resembling sour cream; to make тесто
  4. Heat the electric waffle maker itself, sprinkle with oil a zone where the dough will be poured;
  5. The resulting mass is poured into an electric waffle-iron oven and baked for about five minutes (maybe a little less), it is important that a light-brown shade forms;
  6. The waffles are rolled up in the still hot state (otherwise they will not be able to curl up) and spread on a dish; bake вафли
  7. Ready waffles can be filled with butter cream, whipped cream, sugar protein, jam and serve with tea or coffee.

Viennese waffles in an electric waffle iron

These waffles are incredibly soft, delicate and pleasant to the taste. They differ from the classical type in that they practically melt in the mouth. Any beginner hostess can prepare them at the same time, without special efforts. Viennese waffles include milk or cream in the list of required products..

Ingredients for Viennese waffles:

  • 2-3 eggs;
  • Flour – 350 g;
  • Milk – 1.5 cups;
  • Butter (quality) – 70 g;
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp;
  • Vanilla sugar – 1 bag;
  • Soda – 2.5 g;
  • Salt – 3 g;
  • Granulated sugar – three quarters of a glass.

Cooking time: 15 minutes. Calorie: 500 kilocalories (all the resulting product).

Method of making Viennese waffles in an electric waffle-iron:

  1. Chicken eggs, like milk, must first stand and warm to room temperature (or they need to be heated on a fire, in a water bath);
  2. The oil is dissolved by heating over low heat;
  3. Salt is mixed with sugar and chicken eggs, whipped thoroughly;
  4. Soda is quenched in lemon juice;
  5. Continuing the stirring of the obtained mass, oil is poured into it, then milk, vanillin is poured out, add quenched soda and flour;
  6. After that, the resulting dough should brew for about 15 minutes (or a little longer);
  7. The waffle iron is connected to the mains;
  8. When it warms up, the working area is sprinkled with any edible oil;
  9. With the help of an ordinary tablespoon, the dough is gathered and spread into a waffle iron maker, spreading evenly along the entire perimeter;
  10. Bake separately each portion of waffles for 3-4 minutes;
  11. Spread them on a dish and served to the table for dessert.

Belgian waffles

These waffles are soft, soft, pleasant taste and at the same time have an amazing crispy crust. Belgian waffles with original filling are especially appetizing. Soy milk can be used instead of cow’s milk, it will not spoil the product..

Ingredients you need:

  • Belgian вафлиWhipped cream – for the filling;
  • Flour – 600 ml;
  • Milk – 2.5 cups;
  • Salt – 2.5 g;
  • Soda – 2.5 g;
  • Sunflower oil – 60 ml;
  • Turmeric – 1 g;
  • Nutmeg – 3 g;
  • Vanilla sugar – 1 bag (small);
  • Cinnamon – 5 g;
  • Baking Powder – 10 g.

Cooking time: up to 9 minutes. Calorie: 350 kilocalories.

Cooking Belgian waffles:

  1. Sugar, salt, flour, soda, cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla sugar, baking powder are poured into the bowl, everything is mixed;
  2. Add milk and butter;
  3. All thoroughly mixed, to get a homogeneous mass;
  4. Waffle iron include, smeared with vegetable oil;
  5. Pour dough, level it with a spoon;
  6. The waffle iron is closed and waited for 10 minutes when the waffles are ready;
  7. Ready-made wafers acquire a light golden hue and at the same time, for all their softness, they do not fall apart, they are pulled out and filled with any sweet filling..

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Soft waffles

Wafers of a soft consistency were first prepared by French cooks and immediately received the appreciation of lovers of sweets in all corners of the world. To create such a culinary masterpiece, today the modern owners have everything they need: the waffle maker itself, powered by electricity, starch, butter, egg white and sugar. However, any experienced chef is able to create waffles that differ in one taste or another. The initial result will depend on the characteristics of the products used and their dosage..

Ingredients you need to make soft waffles:

  • Wheat flour of the highest grade – 30-40 g;
  • Sour cream of high fat content – 320 g;
  • 2-3 eggs;
  • Vanilla sugar – half package;
  • Salt – 2.5 g;
  • Butter – 240 g;
  • Starch – 50 g;
  • Soda – 2.5 g;
  • Granulated sugar – 1 full glass.

Cooking time: 10 minutes. Calorie: 500 kilocalories (all finished product).

Method of making soft waffles:

  1. soft вафельки с начинкойChicken eggs are broken and poured into a bowl, sugar is poured in there, whipped everything up to an airy white consistency;
  2. Add butter and fat sour cream;
  3. Pour flour, starch, soda, salt, vanilla (or vanilla sugar);
  4. All mixed until a homogeneous consistency, to avoid lumps;
  5. Turn on the waffle iron and allow it to warm up, lubricated with oil;
  6. Pour the prepared dough evenly;
  7. When one side is baked, acquiring a golden color, the wafer is turned over to the other side and is also baked;
  8. The finished product is spread on a dish, you can use all kinds of fillers.

Recipe thin sheets

Waffle iron, released and acquired in Soviet times, and today can serve its masters “faithfully”, without failing in any circumstances. Unlike many modern samples, it preliminarily requires thorough heating..

With its help, it is really possible to cook original dessert tubes and thin wafers, which are served with jam, ice cream or whipped cream. The recipe is so simple that in the process of doing the work there are no questions.

Ingredients that are necessary for making waffles in a Soviet electric waffle-iron:

  • Sour cream of high fat content – 30 g;
  • Flour – 460 g;
  • Soda – 5 g;
  • Chicken Eggs – 5 Stuff;
  • Vanilla sugar – 4 g;
  • Flour – 260 g;
  • Butter or margarine – 250 g;
  • Condensed milk – three quarters of a glass (preferably cooked boiled);
  • Granulated sugar – 1 glass with a hill.

Cooking time: 10 minutes. Calorie: 350 kilocalories.

Preparation of thin waffles in the Soviet electromooge:

  1. Boil condensed milk (usually in a can);
  2. Eggs are carefully whipped together with sugar (to melt every single grain);
  3. The oil is allowed to melt and add to the resulting mass;
  4. There is poured vanilla sugar, soda and flour;
  5. Poured sour cream;
  6. Knead the dough;
  7. The electric waffle iron is thoroughly heated;
  8. Lubricate the desired surface with oil (vegetable or cream);
  9. Poured into the form of the resulting mass, level;
  10. Cover and bake for three minutes;
  11. While still hot, the waffle is removed, rolled up into a tube and filled with condensed milk using a cooking syringe..

Dough for cream waffles

Depending on the ingredients and their quantity, waffles with one or another taste are obtained. For each type there are separate recipes. It should be noted that to improve the taste is allowed the use of liqueurs, all sorts of culinary fillers, cinnamon, vanilla. Cream and high-quality butter make it possible to get a particularly tasty product..

Dough recipe for original cream waffles:

waffle трубочки

  • Butter (high quality and fat) – 130 g;
  • Cream – 280 g;
  • Chicken eggs – 3-4 things;
  • Vanillin – 2.5 g;
  • Granulated sugar – 90 g;
  • Wheat flour of the highest grade – 100 g.

Cooking time: 7-10 minutes. Calorie: 500 kilocalories.

Method of making waffles based on cream dough:

  1. The butter is softened, mixed with vanillin and granulated sugar;
  2. Separate the yolks and proteins in chicken eggs;
  3. Proteins put in the refrigerator;
  4. Salt is added to yolks and whipped, added to butter;
  5. All mixed thoroughly;
  6. Sift the flour, add soda, mix with a certain amount of cream, add to the total mass;
  7. Pour the rest of the cream, pour in vanillin, mix everything;
  8. Squirrels beat up to get air white foam;
  9. Add them to the dough, stir;
  10. Heat the waffle iron, lubricate it and pour out the mass, level;
  11. After about five minutes the waffles will be ready.

Useful tips

In order for the waffles in the electric waffle machine to be successful, the correct dosage of the required ingredients must be observed. Depending on the characteristics of the products used, the waffles produce a certain taste. There are some rules that are recommended to follow:

  1. The dough should not be too thick and tight, as this will not allow to obtain a high-quality result, it ideally resembles sour cream of 20% fat content;
  2. It should not be made too excessively liquid;
  3. Sometimes it is useful to make the dough warm for 20 minutes before cooking the waffles;
  4. If the recipe requires the use of egg white, you need to pre-cool it in the refrigerator;
  5. Do not reach the waffles from the waffle if they have not yet acquired a ruddy hue..

Always before use, the electric waffle iron should be missed with oil (creamy or sunflower). It is advisable to always sift flour. Ingredients need to be added to the dough gradually. Serve ready waffles with jam, whipped cream, ice cream or condensed milk.