McDonald’s nuggets are so delicious and so nourishing that everyone wants to try them. They can be easily ordered at McDonalds and enjoy delicious chicken pieces. But if you are worried about your health, you should be aware of the composition and the number of calories in them..

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets: composition and calorie

The composition of the dish includes:

  • 46% chicken meat (McNuggets chicken cutlets);
  • Wheat flour;
  • corn flour;
  • water;
  • butter;
  • salt;
  • wheat gluten;
  • semolina, pepper seasoning;
  • sugar cubes;
  • celery seasoning;
  • special breading crackers containing wheat starch and celery extract.

Nuggets are fried in vegetable oil, deep-fried.

Amount of nutrients: 270 calories are in one serving of Chicken McNuggets, of which 47% is fat, 28% carbohydrates and 25% proteins.

It should be remembered that these nuggets are fried in a huge amount of butter, so they contain a lot of calories. Also gluten and celery are allergens. In order not to harm your health, you should not buy them in McDonalds too often, but rather prepare them at home according to the recipes described below..

How to cook chicken breaded nuggets at home
Recipes приготовления наггетсов как в Макдональдсе в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
chicken meat 400 g
eggs 1 PC.
flour 50 g
vegetable oil 1 l
breadcrumbs half a cup
salt 1 tsp.
black pepper 1 tsp.
garlic 5 teeth
seasonings taste
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 167 Kcal

Nuggets like McDonald’s in a crispy breading cooked at home are much more useful than eating at fast food restaurants. You can prepare a large portion for the upcoming party, to watch a movie or a series, or just submit them for dinner.

Therefore, it is necessary to allocate a little time and effort for their preparation. The result will be better than in McDonalds..

Step-by-step recipe is described below..

Step 1

At this stage you need to prepare the fillet. Cut it into several large pieces. The pieces should not be thin, because we want to make beautiful large nuggets.

chicken нарезать

Step 2

Take one egg and break it into a small bowl, then stir it vigorously with a fork, mixer, or whisk. Until we remove the protein.

Step 3

Now you should prepare breading number 1. It is necessary to pour wheat flour, squeezed garlic cloves, a pinch of salt and black pepper into a small bowl, or other seasonings as desired. After that, gently mix everything.

dip в муке

Step 4

Bread crumbs should be poured into another flat plate (you can buy them in the store, but you can make them yourself).

Step 5

And directly breading chicken fillet. Dip it in the first breading and shake off all unnecessary.

Step 6

Dip our nuggets completely into the egg mixture so that they are well soaked.

at яйцо

Step 7

We place our pieces in a plate with breadcrumbs and dunk each piece well..

at панировочные сухари

Step 8

For roasting chicken nuggets, you need to pour the vegetable oil into a narrow and high saucepan and heat it. Put our nuggets in the pan (preferably 2 pcs.) And wait 5 minutes until a golden crust appears on the nuggets.


Step 9

Then it is necessary to cover the plates with dry napkins and put the prepared nuggets on them so that the remaining oil is absorbed into the napkins. Voila, chicken nuggets in breading as in McDonalds are ready. Fast, tasty and a minimum of wasted strength.


Homemade nuggets in batter

Nuggets as in McDonalds in batter – another simple recipe that can be easily performed at home, it does not take much time.

Required Products:

  • chicken breast – 250 g;
  • chicken egg;
  • water – 100 g;
  • flour – 200 g;
  • salt – 1 tsp;
  • garlic – 3 pcs .;
  • black pepper – 1 tsp;
  • any other spices.

Servings: 3.

Cooking time: 15 minutes.

Amount of nutrients:

  • the number of kcal per 100 g of food – 167;
  • amount of proteins – 21 g;
  • carbohydrate quantity – 5 g;
  • amount of fat – 7 g.

Step 1:

First you need to cook a batter. Take a deep, not quite big toe into which we break a chicken egg and beat it..

Step 2:

Add all our flour and salt to this bowl and pour out the water. After that, we mix everything thoroughly and actively and get ready batter.

Step 3:

Now let’s prepare the chicken fillet before frying. Initially, it should be cut into large pieces (thin as well, if you prefer). Then we need to add salt to these pieces, add black pepper (or any other spices to your taste) and dry garlic. It is necessary to mix thoroughly so that the spices are evenly distributed on our pieces..

Step 4:

Take each piece and roll it well in flour, and then dip it in batter.

Step 5:

Take a griddle or a deep saucepan, pour the oil in there and dip several pieces of chicken fillet. Slices of fillet should not touch each other for even cooking. Fry at maximum heat for about 5 minutes..

Step 6:

Ready nuggets in batter should also be folded onto dry napkins so that they absorb excess oil..

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Cheese Filled Nuggets Like McDonalds

The recipe for nuggets in McDonalds with cheese filling is as simple as the last two, only a cracker is used instead of breadcrumbs..


  • chicken fillet – 600 g;
  • pieces of cheese – 200 g;
  • eggs – 2 pcs .;
  • cracker – 150 g;
  • black pepper – 1 tsp.

The recipe is designed for 4 servings..

Cooking time: 40 minutes.

Amount of nutrients:

  • the number of kcal per 100 g dishes – 127;
  • amount of proteins – 20 g;
  • amount of fat – 4.5 g;
  • number of carbohydrates – 1.3 g.

Step 1:

To begin, we will cut the cheese into slices so that they are thin, then we cut the chicken fillet into large pieces. We cut the middle of each piece and put the cheese slices into it..

Step 2:

Now let’s prepare the batter. We break eggs into a deep toe and mix thoroughly. After that add pepper and salt there and dip our nuggets..

Step 3:

Finely chop up our salty cracker. You can throw it into a combine and grind it there. Roll down each piece of chicken in a crushed cracker.

Step 4:

It is necessary to warm the oven to 180 degrees and put the chicken pieces on parchment paper. Preparation takes 20 minutes.

Such nuggets will not turn out to be fat, and at the expense of the cheese filling – even tastier, and much more useful than in McDonalds.