Many believe that the real Georgian first dish “Kharcho” is a semi-liquid tomato porridge, in which bones swim. However, this hot, very nourishing and tasty treat is actually cooked exclusively on beef broth with a range of fragrant essential products – rice, tklapi (pastila from plums) and walnuts..

Recipes приготовления грузинского «Харчо»

Culinary reference

The time of the appearance of the Kharcho in Georgia, which is considered to be a national dish, is unknown. The country began to prepare it, most likely at the moment when the Caucasian people began to domesticate, raise livestock and grow agricultural crops, including rice in the 2nd and 3rd centuries of our era..

In the winter season in Georgian cuisine, there are blanks of plum pastila to prepare this dish, and in the warm season, when cooking Kharcho, various sorts of fresh plums, tkemali sauce or cherry plum are added. Properly made soup harmoniously combines the delicate, sophisticated taste of broth, the aroma of herbs, the spice of walnuts and the sourness of tkemali.

A hot, genuine first course in Georgian should not be spicy, but spicy. The traditional sour taste of the soup comes from the addition of tklapi, or “sour pita”, which is a sun-dried fruit layer that can be stored for a very long time pre-rolled into a tube.

However, in Georgia, in different regions of the country, they slightly backtrack from cooking the right “Kharcho”, replacing fatty beef with their favorite lamb meat or chicken.

Recipe “Kharcho” from Georgian beef
Recipes приготовления грузинского «Харчо»
Ingredients amount
beef (meat with a big fatty layer on the bone) 0.6 kg
bow 150 g
fresh tomatoes 350 g
rice (not steamed) 120g
walnuts 150 g
greens (cilantro or parsley, basil) on 30 g
tkemali sauce 75 ml
hot pepper and parsley root 1 pc each
spices (hops-suneli, allspice, salt, laurea) taste
garlic 10 g
vegetable oil 50 ml
water 2.3 l
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 105 Kcal

You can enjoy the most natural and savory taste of Kharcho only using tklapi, or, in the absence of this marshmallow, by adding tkemali sauce. When creating a hot treat, you cannot add tomato paste – the taste of the dish changes completely, the specific and inherent aroma disappears..

It is very easy to prepare the beef – you should wash it, remove the films, cut it into small pieces, send the meat to boil in a three-liter saucepan with water, and lavrushka. The boiling process should be carried out for one and a half hours, periodically removing the foam using skimmers. The resulting beef broth is filtered, and the meat is removed from it before.

to boil мясо

Rice while cooking meat should be washed. Finely chop the onion, chop the parsley root on a grater and fry both ingredients in butter. Three minutes later, pour chopped nuts, hot pepper (with seeds removed), hops-suneli, allspice (crushed in a mortar).

to mix специи

A few minutes later add the peeled tomatoes, chopped. The filling should boil, you can pour into it for this 100 ml of broth.

Return the beef pieces to the broth, cover the rice and bring the dish to the boil.


After that, pour in a fragrant nut dressing. After changing the color, the appearance of saturation in five minutes to enter the sauce tkemali, crushed through garlic garlic.

Within ten minutes after adding the last ingredients, Kharcho can be considered ready. Not finely chopped greens are poured in separate portions.

Soup “Kharcho” lamb

soup харчо

Even with a rather specific taste, lamb is considered a very useful meat product. Many people prefer to cook the Georgian flavored dish “Kharcho” with this particular meat. Hot thick soup is more nourishing, and to create it will be necessary:

  • rice, nuts and fresh herbs – 100 g;
  • lean oil – 50 ml;
  • lamb – 0.5 kg;
  • plums and onions – 150 g each;
  • flour – 25 g;
  • garlic – 20 g;
  • spices (black, red pepper (ground), hops-suneli, salt) to taste;
  • water – 1.5 l.

It is possible to create a thick soup with a spicy aromatic taste in two and a half hours. The caloric value of 100 grams of Georgian dish “Kharcho” will be equal to 87 kcal..

Having sent the meat to be pre-washed and cut into small pieces, it is necessary to periodically remove the foam from a simmering broth with a slotted spoon for two hours. At the same time, you should start cooking homemade tkemali sauce.

To do this, plums in a separate dish must be boiled until soft (thirty minutes). After with boiled fruit to remove the skin, remove the bones, and pulp rub through a sieve. Plum mass is placed in the pan with chopped garlic and ground peppers. After acquiring the sauce viscosity, density, it should be poured into a separate bowl.

In hot oil, fry finely chopped onion with flour until they get a golden hue. Boiled lamb out of the broth, which should be drained. Then put the meat back into the broth, and after boiling pour well-washed rice. Grind nuts with a blender. Take turns in the soup and add onion with flour, tkemali sauce, nuts, salt and hop-suneli seasoning, stir the dish.

After 20 minutes, chopped pure greens are added with the last ingredient. “Kharcho” soup, which has been boiled after this for five minutes, can be considered ready.

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Chicken Walnuts Option

Each housewife prefers to opt for the type of meat that is most liked by relatives and friends. This should not affect the increase in the variety of food when creating a tasty treat, which can be thick and flavorful Georgian soup “Kharcho”. To create a rich, rich chicken-and-nut dish you will need:

  • onions – 200 g;
  • chicken (thighs, legs, back) – 0.5 kg;
  • flour – 40 g;
  • Tkemali (shop or homemade sauce) – 200 ml;
  • garlic – 20 g;
  • walnuts – 140 g;
  • fat – 20 g;
  • greens (cilantro or parsley) – 40 g;
  • spices (hops-suneli, ground pepper (black) and salt) – 10 g;
  • water – 2 l.

With this variation of cooking dishes, cooking time is significantly reduced, which takes only one hour. In terms of calories per 100 g of soup, there are 100 kcal..

And the recipe of Georgian “Kharcho” made from chicken with nuts in cooking is similar to the other versions of the dish, although it differs in composition. In the cold water, the washed, not too small parts of the chicken are laid out. The soup is sent to boil on the stove until the meat is half cooked. Fat is melted in a pan, chopped finely chopped onion in it for three minutes. Then flour is poured to the onion, the mass is brought to golden.

Onion dressing is poured into meat broth, from which foam is periodically removed, tkemali, crushed nuts and garlic, as well as all spices, are poured. When the soup boils for ten minutes, chopped greens are added to it..

Serve Kharcho’s rich dish is better with pita bread, sour cream added to each individual portion.

Useful tips

According to the original recipe, despite the addition of hot peppers, Kharcho should be exceptionally spicy, but not spicy. The addition of rice should be even and should not exceed one hundred and fifty grams per 2.5 liters of water so that the thick, rich soup does not turn to mush. And also remember that:

  1. Cilantro has a specific taste, it should not be abused or even replaced with generally accessible all parsley, dill, saffron, basil leaves;
  2. “Tkemali” sauce, cooked on its own, will improve the unique flavor of the dish, give sourness sufficient to its own taste;
  3. Spices, seasonings, including garlic, are added last at least ten minutes before the end of cooking “Kharcho”;
  4. Onions can be crushed into straws and added only when served in separate portions, but in this case it will need to be scalded with boiling water..

The real important ingredient of Kharcho is tklapi, it is very difficult to find and therefore you can taste the Georgian dish with plums, cherry plum or, in extreme cases, with pomegranate juice, but the choice of spices should be as close as possible to Georgian cuisine.