Caring for the health of the family – the task of every hostess. Thinking about cooking a hearty and tasty breakfast, you can opt for semolina. Its taste is familiar to many since childhood, and the product’s use is to cleanse the digestive system of fat and mucus..

Proportions молока и манки для приготовления идеальной манной каши

Perfect proportions of milk and semolina

A key feature of semolina porridge is the observance of the correct proportions of cereal and milk. The standard calculation is considered to be the addition of six tablespoons of cereal to one liter of boiling milk. Many people do not quite understand the calculation of products and it is sometimes difficult to imagine that spoons and glasses are all the same volume..

When choosing fresh homemade milk, it is customary to dilute it with water in a ratio of three to one – 100 ml of water or, respectively, 1.5 cups to 1/2 cups is taken for 300 ml of dairy product. Store milk can not be diluted, and cereal immediately fall asleep in cold milky liquid for ten minutes before cooking..

Preparation should begin with the addition of standard 6 tablespoons of semolina with a small hill. Only after that you can already choose the number of spoons with semolina to ensure that the porridge was the desired consistency, thickness, viscosity.

One spoon contains about thirty grams of semolina, which makes it possible to weigh on the kitchen scales the right amount, averaging 180 g.

When cooking fragrant semolina porridge, you should observe the main rule, which is to frequently stir the porridge while cooking and set the fire on the stove as low as possible..

Classic recipe
Proportions молока и манки для приготовления идеальной манной каши
Ingredients amount
milk 0.6 l
semolina 110 g (6 tbsp. Without slide)
granulated sugar 30 g
water 50 ml
butter 30 g
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 142 Kcal
Cooking semolina is pretty easy, but it requires paying full attention, being active during the thermal process. The most delicious, tender and rich porridge is obtained in milk..

At the same time, the content of beneficial vitamins and minerals in a dish increases, which has a positive effect on the body and gives it energy all day long..

All components of the dish should be prepared in advance, pay special attention to the specified amount of semolina and measure it correctly. In a saucepan, where a tasty dish will boil, pour water, slowly turn the container in a circle so that the liquid touches each side.

Slowly heat the water at the bottom of the pan and pour in the milk. Bring to a boil all the liquid. With one hand, making circular movements, stir the milk, and the other slowly pour the cereal, and then sugar. Five minutes should constantly stir the contents of the pan, so as not formed tasteless, ugly lumps.

Then the semolina should be covered with a lid, removed from the heat, left to “reach” for another five minutes. Oil should be added before serving in each individual portion..

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Semolina on milk with berries in a slow cooker

It is impossible to surprise the family with gentle, unique, but familiar to many since childhood years taste of semolina porridge. But, combining it with a variety of berries, it is quite possible to prepare a dish that will appeal to everyone.

This preserves and increases the benefits of cereal, which is digested in the lower intestine. But the multicooker will help to reduce and facilitate the whole process of creating semolina with berries.

To prepare a wonderful dish of this cereal with milk will be necessary:

  • 120 g of semolina;
  • 0.8 liters of milk;
  • 100 g of black currant, raspberry (or blueberries, blueberries, gooseberries);
  • 40 g sugar;
  • 25 g butter.

Porridge with berries will be ready in thirty minutes, and 100 grams of it will contain 120 kcal.

Universal kitchen equipment, presented in the form of a multicooker, allows you to cook a fragrant, but slightly “capricious”, semolina, which on the stove can turn out to be heterogeneous with lumps or burn.

pour in молоко

Having measured the required amount of cereal according to the recipe, the equipment bowl should be oiled, and then pour semolina, pour in milk and add sugar.

add манку

On the multicooker, set the mode “Milk porridge”, and if there is none, then “Soup / porridge” or “Multipovar” for a time of ten minutes.

to boil кашу

The lid of the kitchen appliance should not be closed, and the semolina stir occasionally.


Wash berries, remove tails from them and pour into semolina one minute before cooking..

add ягоды

Then, in the “Heating” mode, bring the porridge to full cooking for fifteen minutes, without forgetting to close the lid. Dish with berries should be served warm, not hot, garnished with candied fruits, nuts, raisins, at discretion.

Useful tips and facts

Semolina is not as useful as other types of cereals, but it perfectly nourishes the body and is able to charge with energy for the whole day..

It is often used for mono diets, where preference is given to a single product that is part of all dishes, and it is recommended to use people with chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines during the period when the correct functioning of the whole organism resumes..

When cooking semolina should follow a few rules:

  1. Observe the correct proportion of cereals and the liquid in which the cooking takes place;
  2. Not to increase the fire – this will lead not only to the formation of excessive lumps, but also the dish will burn, an unpleasant taste will appear;
  3. Salt, sugar, as well as berries, aromatic additives should be added at the very end of cooking for 1-2 minutes before the end of the thermal process;
  4. Before boiling milk, rinse the container with cold water or place an ice cube in it.

When using a multicooker in the cooking process, semolina turns out to be more lush, has a uniform, soft texture. You can also boil the cereal in broth, making it a nourishing, hot and slightly liquid dish..

Children also like thicker porridge, which can be eaten cold, cut into slices and watering on top with cream, jam, condensed milk.