Why are these bright green fruits so beneficial??

A variety of salads are made from cucumbers, salted, pickled and even fried..

They are actively used in cosmetology for whitening, nourishing and softening the skin..

Lightly salted огурчики

It is all about the minerals and vitamins contained in these fruits in large amounts..

And when salted, they form lactic acid, which contributes to the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract..

What recipe to choose for pickling cucumbers so that they turn out bright, crispy and, of course, tasty?

You can choose the classic in banks or the “cold” way.

And you can pickle a whole barrel or refuse vinegar when pickling.

Classic Grandma’s recipe for pickling cucumbers in jars
Popular рецепты засолки аппетитных огурцов на зиму
Ingredients amount
fresh cucumbers 10 kg
drinking water 10 l
salt 600 g
garlic 4-5 teeth
peppercorns, oak, currant, cherry leaf, parsley, dill umbrellas 500 g
hot pepper 2-3 pods
Time for preparing: 7000 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 15 Kcal

There are many options for salting green vegetables, but each housewife has a favorite.

But there are classic recipes that were used by our grandmothers..

And now the stages of salting:

  1. We select cucumbers of the same size, wash them and put them into a large container.. We are laying в емкость
  2. Prepare marinade: boil water with salt, add seasonings and turn off after boiling. Fill the fruit with hot pickle. Fill рассолом
  3. Press down with a press, cover with a thick cloth and leave in a warm place for five days.. We cover грузом
  4. After five days, pour the marinade, boil and refill the cucumbers with it. After cooling, lay out the workpiece on sterile jars and tightly close the lids. Roll up в банках
  5. Keep such cucumbers should be in a dark and cool place..

An interesting recipe for salting cucumbers for the winter using vodka.

On a three-liter jar take:

  • cucumbers – 2 kg;
  • drinking water 1 l;
  • table salt 70 g;
  • garlic – 4 cloves;
  • dill – 2-3 umbrellas;
  • black pepper – 5 peas;
  • leaves of oak, cherry, horseradish;
  • Vodka – 3-4 tablespoons.

Home засолка на водке

The process is as follows:

  1. We select cucumbers of the same size and carefully wash.
  2. Banks wash and can not be sterilized.
  3. Spices are laid on the bottom of the cans.
  4. Cucumbers in banks better lay vertically.
  5. Salt is dissolved in water at room temperature and cucumbers are poured with this marinade..
  6. Capped lids for three days left in a warm room.
  7. The white bloom that appeared on the fruits during this time indicates the beginning of the process of fermentation and salting.
  8. Brine must be drained and boiled..
  9. Cucumbers are washed in running water and the hands are washed away..
  10. Spread the fruit back over the cans and fill with hot pickle..
  11. Add to the three-liter jar 3-4 tablespoons of vodka.
  12. Banks are tightly closed with plastic lids and stored in a cool place..

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Cool way

For those who do not want to use boiling water for pickling, there are recipes for salting cucumbers in a cold way..

We will need:

  • fresh cucumbers – 1 kg;
  • drinking water – 1 l;
  • garlic – 2-3 cloves;
  • black pepper peas – 5 pieces;
  • spices: dill umbrellas, oak leaves, currants, cherries, horseradish – 300 g;
  • rock salt – 2 tablespoons.

Cucumbers of about the same size are carefully washed and soaked in cold water for 4-5 hours..

To make the water with salt, boil for a couple of minutes and cool..

Spread vegetables and spices in sterile jars and pour brine at room temperature..

Fruits are best positioned vertically..

We close the cans with plastic covers and leave them in a cool place..

In a few days, they will undergo an intense fermentation process..

Open the swelled covers and let the air out..

Banks close back and leave for another day.

A day later, the banks are rolled up with metal lids and stored in a cool place..

Such a cold method is discussed in the video below:

One of the most ancient ways – the recipe for pickling cucumbers in a barrel

Barrel cucumbers – crispy and fragrant, with a specific taste.

They make beautiful pickle, Russian salad, vinaigrette.

And simply – this is a wonderful and healthy snack..

In the barrels they salted cucumbers from ancient times.

Our ancestors used for pickles oak or linden barrels of 50-100 liters.

In this process, the main condition is the proper preparation of containers..

Barrels are soaked for two weeks in advance..

Then carefully treated with boiling soda solution and rinsed with water..

Before packing cucumbers and spices, the container must be scalded with boiling water..

In order to get 50 kg of salted barrel cucumbers, we need:

  • fresh cucumbers – 54 – 55 kg;
  • Dill umbrellas – 2 kg;
  • garlic cloves – 200 g;
  • horseradish (both leaves and roots) – 250 g;
  • spices (celery, parsley) – 250 g;
  • currant leaves and cherry – 500 g;
  • pods of hot pepper – 50 g fresh (or 10 g dried).

Recipe приготовления в бочкеThe brine is prepared at the rate of 8-9 kg of salt per 100 liters of water.

Fruits are selected approximately the same size, thoroughly washed and stacked in a barrel..

To preserve the color of cucumbers, you can first dip in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, and then – in cold water.

Try to make intermediate layers from the same set of spices: dill umbrellas, horseradish, mint, garlic.

Before the greens must be washed and cut into equal pieces of 5-7 cm.

Tightly stacked blanks fill with brine, cover with natural fiber cloth or gauze.

A wooden circle is set on top and oppression.

Two or three days the barrel should be in a warm room to start the fermentation process..

After three days, the brine is added in such a quantity that it covers the entire contents.

After the container is transferred to a cold place for storage..

Of course, few people in the house have a place to store a huge barrel, but you want so much that cucumbers are barrel and the way out is in the following video:

For lovers of delicate cucumbers – a recipe for pickling without vinegar

Not everyone likes the spicy taste of vinegar..

You can use regular aspirin tablets to get crispy pickles when salting.

We will need:

  • fresh cucumbers – 1 kg;
  • water – 1 l;
  • black peppercorns – 4-5 pieces;
  • oak leaves, cherries – 50 g;
  • horseradish root – 1 piece;
  • 3-4 dill umbrellas;
  • table salt – 2 tablespoons;
  • aspirin tablets – 6 pieces.

Recipe на аспиринеApproximately the same fruits are carefully washed and stacked in a container.

Salt dissolve in water, add spices and boil.

Remove from heat and add aspirin..

After their complete dissolution, pour marinade cucumbers.

Cover with gauze and put on the workpiece oppression.

After two or three days, vegetables can be decomposed into banks, sterilized and preserved..

Keep in a cool place.

Useful tips for hostesses

  1. For pickling, cucumber varieties with black spines are used. Such fruits are stored for a long time and do not deteriorate. Cucumbers with white pimples belong to salad varieties and are not subject to pickled pickling..
  2. Choose medium size fruits, but not more than 15 cm in length. In the same jar should be about the same vegetables. In extreme cases, they can be cut..
  3. Salting the fruit is necessary on the day of collection. If they have already been stored for some time, then they can be pre-soaked for 2-3 hours in cold water..
  4. For better storage, you can add a few mustard peas and pieces of oak bark to the jars.
  5. To give a piquant taste together with cucumbers, you can pickle onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and squash.
  6. For salt, only stone salt is used, iodized is not suitable.

Bright crispy cucumbers will decorate any holiday table.

Vitamins and minerals contained in them will enrich the daily diet.

A large number of pickles recipes and cooking methods make cucumbers a welcome product in every family..

Do not forget to experiment to diversify the usual recipes!

Therefore, an unusual version of salting for you: