Apple pie – one of the most common types of baking, popular in many countries.

In the Middle Ages, apple pies began to bake after the fruit ripened, closer to the fall, so this cake was traditionally associated with the harvest festival and the onset of the golden season..

Nowadays, apples are available all year round, but the pies identify the first frosts, fall leaves and home comfort with them.. Charlotte с яблоками

Such pastries can be made from yeast, exhaust, puff and shortbread dough..

The apple pie itself, cooked in a slow cooker, can be open and closed, as well as semi-open.

In Russia, the most popular is the charlotte.

In America, they prefer the closed apple pie, while in Germany they prefer to cook apple strudel..

Cooking in a multivariate
Pie с яблоками в мультиварке: рецепты ароматной выпечки
Ingredients amount
sweet apples 4-5 pieces.
fresh cottage cheese 500 g
sugar sand 150 g
semolina 3 tablespoons
flour 5 tablespoons
chicken eggs 2 pieces
sour cream 2 tablespoons
salt pinch
butter for syrup 50 g
sugar for syrup 150 g
water for syrup 2 tablespoons
Time for preparing: 80 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 240 Kcal

Curd cake in a slow cooker can be not only delicious pastry for tea, but also an excellent breakfast..

In many respects, it resembles cottage cheese casserole, it is very tasty, fragrant and satisfying..


  1. Wash apples, peel them, remove seeds and cores from each fruit. Cut the prepared apples into slices and put in the bowl of the slow cooker, pre-greased with butter. For cottage cheese cake, you can use the Multicooker Redmond or any other brand.. Layer яблок
  2. Make a syrup. Sugar mixed with cold water and butter. Bring the mixture to a boil, and pour the apples with the syrup.. Syrup
  3. Combine cottage cheese, sour cream, chicken eggs, semolina, wheat flour, sugar and salt in the blender bowl. Beat the ingredients until smooth, put the curd mass on top of the apple slices.. Whipping ингредиентов
  4. Smooth the top with a tablespoon. Set Baking Mode to 60 minutes. Everything продукты в мультиварке
  5. When the beep sounds, open the lid, but do not remove the cake, but let it cool down first. When the cake is cool enough, turn the bowl over and place the cake on a serving dish.. Apple пирог

Cheese and apple pie is ready! Serve it with hot tea..

There are other recipe options..

For example, you can make chocolate-cottage cheese cake in a slow cooker.

Chocolate lovers will especially enjoy this pastry..

Now I propose to watch the video, in which they prepare curd casserole with apples in a slow cooker.

The recipe is low-calorie, so it is relevant for those who do not want to limit themselves to sweets, but also follow the figure..

Sponge Cake with Apples

For making sponge cake you will need:

  • 2 cups wheat flour;
  • 1 cup of kefir;
  • 3 large apples;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • 200 grams of sugar;
  • 125 g butter;
  • 1 bag of baking powder;
  • vanilla to taste.

CinnamonCharlotte is the perfect baking option for adding cinnamon. Apples are perfectly combined with it. Cinnamon plant, benefits and contraindications for the body. Learn more about her.!

How correctly and how much time to cook lentils, described in detail here..

You can find a full list of pressure reducing products at


  1. Melt butter on a slow fire or a water bath, then pour the butter into a bowl. Then add kefir, granulated sugar and vanilla sugar to it. Break the chicken eggs into the same bowl, mix all the ingredients thoroughly. The mass should be homogeneous..
  2. Now add sifted wheat flour and baking powder to the kefir mixture. Stir sponge dough.
  3. The resulting dough is divided into two parts. Next, pour one piece into the multicooker bowl.
  4. Take the apples, wash them and peel them, then remove the seeds and cores from each apple. Cut the fruit into slices and lay it on top of the dough..
  5. Put the remaining dough on top of the apples so that the slices are not visible. Smooth the surface of the future cake.
  6. Turn on the “Baking” mode for one hour, after the expiration leave the cake heated for another half an hour.

Sponge cake with apples is ready. Enjoy your meal!

The recipe for making delicious apple pies sent to us in the video clip is our regular reader Elena. She wants to share her secrets with you! Let’s watch!

Useful tips on cooking apple pie

In the world there are hundreds of recipes for cooking apple pie, each of them is unique, each has its own “twist”.

And although this dish is the most common pastry and, probably, there is no housewife who does not know any original recipe, useful tips will definitely come in handy..

  1. For the preparation of biscuit apple pie is better to take apples not sugary-sweet, and sweet-sour varieties. Perfect for this purpose varieties such as Semerenko, Antonovka, Granny Smith. Such apples will present not only excellent taste, but also an amazing aroma. Baking should not be taken only for food: Jonathan, Golden.
  2. You can always supplement your dish with other ingredients. For example, cranberries, raisins, dried apricots and pears are perfectly combined with apples. At the end of cooking, sprinkle the top with sugar and cinnamon. By the way, due to the presence of semolina in the cottage cheese cake, it is also called cottage cheese.
  3. Before cooking, do not forget to sift wheat flour. Such a process makes the flour more friable and enriches with oxygen, later baking is more tender and easy..
  4. Cover the top of apple pie can be chocolate icing. Just melt the milk chocolate and pour the cake over it. White chocolate can also be used for this..