Cake “Ladies Fingers” is a recipe for real pleasure: gentle, airy and juicy.

"Дамские пальчики" с глазурью из шоколада

Although it takes time to prepare it with little effort, you can be sure that the dessert will not be able to stand for a long time, it is eaten very quickly..

A bit of history

The name of this pastry grandeur originated thanks to the delicate liver, which is its integral part..

This product, which is part of, is also known as Savoyardi and has its roots deep in the era of Medieval France..

It was here that they first began to prepare cookies, which later became the favorite delicacy of King Philip IV..

It was from that time that it firmly entered the French table, and eventually migrated to other countries..

The recipe has been transformed into other, more elegant and intricate desserts..

Today we see one of the most famous and popular transformation of them – “Lady fingers”.

Step by step recipe for cooking cake in the oven
Photo recipe изящного торта «Дамские пальчики»
Ingredients amount
water a half cup
butter 160 g (+2 tbsp for the glaze)
salt a little bit on the tip of a knife
flour a half cup
eggs 6 items
sour cream 600 ml
cream (better to take fatter) glass
vanilla 2 tsp.
condensed milk 380 g
powdered sugar half a cup
cocoa 2-3 art. l.
Time for preparing: 240 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 349 Kcal

The classic recipe of this product will be useful to any hostess, especially if she has small sweet teeth..

Ingredients are designed for 5-6 people, which means enough for everyone.

Now let’s analyze the recipe for making the cake “Ladies Fingers” step by step.

Immediately put the oven on warm-up, setting the temperature to 200 degrees.

Begin to make dough for cookies.

Mix flour with water and butter, put on a small fire and bring to a boil. Flour + water + butter

Stir it with a wooden spoon to finally form a lump of dough.. Formed комок

When it is ready – set aside for about ten minutes to cool..

Put warm dough in a mixer bowl and beat, gradually adding eggs.. Whisk миксером

Next, turn out special baking paper on the baking sheet and, using a pastry bag, form oblong biscuits measuring 1 cm by 5-6 cm.. We form печеньки

Send to an oven preheated to the temperature you need for 15 or 20 minutes.. We put печься

While the “fingers” are baked, let’s start making cream.

This requires moderately cool cream and sour cream (you can pre-refrigerate for 10 minutes).

Take sour cream (450 ml), mix it with condensed milk, powdered sugar and vanilla. Cream

Beat the mixture using a mixer, add the cream and beat well again until a foam appears..

When the eclairs are ready, cool them, and put a few spoons of cream in the cake mold (3-4 tablespoons will be quite enough). Cooling down эклеры

Put a little cold fingers on top of the cream, smearing each layer with cream and filling the void with pieces of biscuit. Little fingers с кремом

Leave some mixture to cover the sweet product on all sides..

Fill out the form, put the remaining cream and send the dessert to the fridge to cool it for at least 2 hours..

For better effect, you can leave it alone there and overnight, and continue cooking in the morning.

As time passes, remove the product and carefully place it on a foil-covered dish..

Lubricate the cream that remained from the previous cooking stage.. Smear кремом весь десерт

Now you need to make chocolate icing.

In the tank mix sugar, cocoa and 150 ml of sour cream.

Send to medium heat and, while stirring, bring to a boil, and then complete dissolution of sugar. Cooking глазурь

Remove from the burner and add a few tablespoons of butter, mix well again.

The resulting glaze decorate the cake at will.. Decorate изделие

You can cover it completely with it, you can draw shapes or letters.

Anything the soul desires.

It is important to apply glaze quickly, as it hardens very quickly..

Fine confectionery is ready, you can call households to savor a delicious dessert.

Ready тортик к чаепитию

We present the same recipe in the video below..

Let’s go through all the steps from A to Z:

A simple recipe for cake “Lady fingers” in a slow cooker

With the advent of such a miracle technique as a slow cooker, even baking cooking has become a real pleasure..

Cake “Lady fingers” will be for you the most favorite dessert, if you try the following recipe.

It will need the following components:

  • 100 gr. margarine or butter;
  • eggs – 3 pieces;
  • glass of water;
  • a glass of flour;
  • a quarter tsp salts;
  • 500 ml sour cream;
  • a glass of sugar.

Beautiful десерт в мультиваркеTurn on the “normal” mode in the slow cooker and start making dough: melt 100 gr in a glass of water. margarine or butter, and when the liquid has a uniform consistency, add flour, stirring quickly.

Add salt and a pinch of sugar here..

Wait until the dough becomes warm and beat the eggs one by one, while stirring with a wooden spoon.

When it has become homogeneous, turn off your vehicle..

Allow the mixture to cool for 5-7 minutes, and during this time wash the bowl of the multi-cooker..

It is necessary to form small “fingers” out of warm dough..

Put in the already clean bowl, put the mode “baking” (at 180 degrees) for 15 minutes.

After the time expires, without opening the lid, set the “baking” mode again, but set the degrees to 150.

So bake another 20 minutes..

It is important not to place eclairs too close to each other, because they will increase in size decently..

Bake the whole mass, but for now you can make the cream.

To do this, thoroughly in a mixer, whisk sour cream and sugar.

When eklerchiki ready – cool them.

After that, soak properly with cream and place in a dish in a slide or close, as in the classic version..

Pour heavily creamy mass and send in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or at night.

Wonderful cake in the slow cooker is ready!

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Useful tips hostess

  1. If there was no pastry bag in stock, an ordinary bag with a hole in the corner can replace it..
  2. When cookies are being prepared – do not open the oven or the slow cooker. This may cause them a defect, as the products will settle..
  3. To get a good froth out of sour cream, you first need to add egg white to it and put it in a cold container.

The “Lady Fingers” cake is known not for one century, but to this day it is one of the most favorite delicacies in the home environment and can compete with pastries made in professional factories..

By the way, we attach a separate video recipe for Savoyardi cookies or all the same “ladies fingers” for the cake below..

It will be useful to you if there is no time to prepare the whole dessert..

Then you can just bake French tea cookies..