Original Chicken Liver Cake Recipes

Chicken Liver is a very healthy dietary product..

Listing it for a healthy and nutritious diet would be the right choice..

A wide variety of chicken liver dishes allows this product to always be desired on the dinner table..

Bright печеночный торт из куриной печени

Housewives love to please guests and relatives with some culinary wonders..

And many have a signature dish that is put on holidays at the head of the table..

Liver cake can be for some new, while others have the “pet” of the whole family..

There is no reliable data, which genius decided to make a masterpiece of ordinary liver pancakes, but according to rumors, the recipe came from Ukraine.

This puff unsweetened cake can be made from any liver, but from the chicken it is softer and juicier..

Sometimes, sitting at a festive table, guests do not immediately recognize it as a snack, thinking that it is a dessert..

The choice of high-quality chicken liver

Remember that fresh chicken livers should not be stored longer than 3 days.

Frozen liver has a shelf life of up to 30 days..

Good quality chicken by-product has an even red-brown color without blood clots..

If the color is incomprehensible, then it is likely to be repeatedly frozen or it was stale on the counter..

It is desirable to conduct an examination of the quality of the smell.

By-product with its flavor immediately lets know that something is wrong with it..

Chicken Liver Liver Cake: A Simple Recipe

This puff masterpiece is so called because of its external similarity with the dessert of the same name..

Even the culinary specialist will cook a very tasty and satisfying dish..

The only thing this recipe requires is investing time in it.. Ingredients для печеночного торта

  1. To begin with, you must twist in a meat grinder chicken liver (500 gr) with onions (3 pieces). Twisted куриная печень
  2. Then prepare the liver dough. We add 300 ml of milk, we drive in 3 eggs. Milk Eggs
  3. Add flour 200 gr. Squeeze garlic to taste. We salt, we pepper also to taste, we mix. Flour
  4. From this mass, we fry pancakes on both sides, like ordinary pancakes, picking dough with a ladle and pouring it onto a hot pan with butter. Fry блин Ready печеночный блин
  5. We put the finished liver pancakes on top of each other, soaking each layer with a sauce that gives a spicy taste.. Grease торт
  6. Now you need to decorate beautifully. For these purposes, we use green onions, carrots (cut out any form) and mayonnaise. Decorated готовый торт из куриной печени

Liver cake with chicken liver should be well saturated with mayonnaise, then it will “melt in your mouth”.

If you have coped with all the processes, but there are some difficulties with the decoration, then I suggest watching the video plot of this recipe, in which you can see all the stages of cooking and less complicated, but also very interesting, design for serving:

Preparation of sauce for impregnation

As in the dessert cake, the cream makes it very tasty, and in this dish the sauce is a flavor.

You can make homemade mayonnaise, if you continue to adhere to the concept of proper nutrition, or carrot-mayonnaise paste.

It is not a pity to spend an extra 5 minutes of time to make mayonnaise without preservatives:

  1. Pour into a deep dish 400 ml of vegetable oil.
  2. We drive 2 eggs.
  3. Pour 1 tbsp. spoon, vinegar, salt, pepper and whisk with a blender until thick mayonnaise. Everything.

Homemade “Provencal” can be made by adding mustard.

Vinegar can also be replaced with lemon juice, and for the sharpness add garlic.

As can be seen from the recipe, this product is obtained and useful, and low-calorie, and tasty.

The price of ingredients used in the cooking process is less than the cost of a jar of store mayonnaise.

Important! Beating mayonnaise with a blender, make sure that its knives are lowered to the very bottom of the cup.

At the same time, whipping starts with the eggs, and then the oil is connected..

With this approach, the process goes faster, and the consistency of the sauce is homogeneous.

Recipe for liver cake with carrot filling

Hepatic торт из куриной печени с морковной зажаркой и укропом

Carrot-mayonnaise paste for liver cake is made to give a richer flavor..

It is necessary to make a grated carrot with onions:

  1. We wash a big carrot, clean and rub it on a coarse grater.
  2. Three onions finely shred.
  3. Fry the onions and carrots in a skillet until golden brown.

Fry pancakes fries as usual.

Hepatic торт из куриной печени с морковью и яйцомIf you soak the cake only with mayonnaise, it will be more tender..

When adding zazharki, the flavor of vegetables makes the taste of the dish more saturated, and the cake itself is more satisfying..

Finished flat cakes are smeared with homemade mayonnaise and a layer of zazharki is laid out for each.

The cake is ready and it looks much more effective with such preparation..

You can decorate with grated yolks and greens.

To do this, cook eggs beforehand, knead yolks with a fork, or shake them on a fine grater.

Top cake lubricated with a thin layer of mayonnaise, and then sprinkle with yolks.

The decoration of any dish depends on the mood of the home cook and his taste preferences..

Nutrition Tips

These experts all over the world love to recommend the liver to people with overweight and weakened health as a product not only dietary, but also having a good supply of useful vitamins and trace elements.

It contains iron, zinc, vitamins A and C, and folic acid, which is so necessary for children and pregnant women..

Often doctors prescribe to future moms pharmaceutical preparations with folic acid..

Regular consumption of by-product will remove the need for this element and will complement the healthy diet of a pregnant woman..

In the opinion of dietitians, in terms of their vitamin – mineral composition, the liver is equated with some pharmacy vitamin complexes..

Riboflavin, which is part of it, is involved in the formation of hemoglobin and helps the body absorb iron.

Fried говяжья печеньHaving touched the topic of cooking dishes from the liver, we will dwell on several articles with delicious recipes. The first is dedicated to the beef offal. What kind of dishes you can cook beef liver, share recipes.

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The third article will be a guide to the world of liver cutlets. Here you will find different recipes and learn how to cook them in the best way..

Iodine and selenium help people with a diseased thyroid gland to maintain this organ in the norm, as well as purify the blood.

Choline in this product improves memory and activates the brain.

A portion of the liver contains the daily rate of vitamin C, is responsible for the immune system.

Nutritionists recommend this product for a healthy diet and for people with poor health.

In the postoperative period, when the body is in urgent need of recovery, it is simply indispensable..

The taste of chicken liver, the benefits and ease of cooking, a huge number of recipes in different national cuisines, make it popular and purchased by supporters of a healthy diet..