It is difficult to find such a person in our world who would not know what an omelet is..

This simple dish is cooked in all corners of the planet, all differently.

There are countless recipes, but the main ingredient is chicken eggs..

Air омлет в форме для запекания

Sooner or later there is a situation when something urgent needs to be cooked..

Many begin their culinary experience from school years.

Parents at work do not have time to prepare food, and you need to think of something in order not to stay hungry.

The first thing that comes to mind is scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs.

And cooking is simple, and time is short.

The history of the dish, its types

Omelet is considered the birthplace of France, but it is not known for certain.

As they say, a moot point..

Baked яичный рулет с морковью и сыромHere is the name exactly French – omelette.

Legend has it that in the nineteenth century the Austro-Hungarian ruler, Franz Joseph the First, got hungry on the road and went to the house of poor peasants in search of food..

The hostess did not lose her head – fed the guest with food from the products she had on hand (chicken eggs, milk, raisins, flour).

The ruler was so pleased with the dish that he ordered his cooks to add a recipe to the royal court menu.

A classic French omelette is cooked in a pan only from eggs using butter, and there is nothing else in the recipe.

Eggs are whipped, but not until foamy.

The mass placed in the pan is fried on one side only, and from above it should thicken, salt is added to taste.

The finished product is rolled up or folded in an envelope and served on the table..

Now there are so many different recipes, where they began to add different ingredients: flour, milk, pepper, greens, cheese, tomatoes, and much more, depending on the taste and imagination of the chef.

The dish can be fried on both sides, bake shrimp and ham in it.

You can cook an omelet according to the recipe in: a double boiler, oven, multi-cooker, microwave.

There are other options for this dish, which include quail instead of chicken eggs..

Delicious step by step recipes

The classic recipe for an omelet in the oven
Lush омлет в духовке: лучшие рецепты классического блюда
Ingredients amount
chicken eggs 4 things.
milk 150 ml
parsley small bunch
pepper taste
salt taste
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 120 Kcal

It should be noted that in Russia the classic recipe differs from the French version..

Other products are added to its composition, and sometimes it is prepared in vegetable oil..

Steps to make a simple recipe for an omelet in the oven:

  1. Chop parsley on the cutting board. Parsley
  2. In any convenient dishes break the eggs, salt, pepper and whisk the whisk to a volume. Eggs взбиваем
  3. Add milk, and once again mix everything thoroughly. For greater fluffiness of an omelet, you can put one or two tablespoons of flour in the composition.. Whisk с молоком
  4. We take a baking dish (metal, from durable glass or ceramic), lubricate it inside with olive or vegetable oil. Then pour the beaten mixture into the form, sprinkle the contents with greens and put in a preheated oven. Fill в форму
  5. In 20-25 minutes we check readiness. If the cake brown, you can remove the finished dish. Take out из духовки

If this recipe seemed too simple and you are already thinking how to supplement it, then here’s a fresh video idea:

Steam Omelet Recipe with Carrots in the Oven

Looking for the following ingredients:

  • Chicken eggs – 4 pcs .;
  • Milk – 150 ml;
  • Carrots – 1 pc .;
  • Greens (parsley or dill) – a small bunch;
  • Salt and pepper – to taste.

Scrambled eggs с зеленью, морковью и лукомGo directly to the process of cooking steam omelet in the oven for this recipe..

Finely chop the carrots and fry them in butter or vegetable oil, chop the greens on the cutting board and set aside.

In the bowl, beat the eggs, salt and pepper, add milk, stir and beat the mixture again..

Carrots put into the resulting mass, mix again, sprinkle with chopped greens on top.

We take a form that could be placed in a colander.

Pouring the mixture of dishes into the form.

Pour into a three-liter pot of water somewhere a little less than half the volume..

From above we establish a colander, put a form with an omelet in a colander.

We put all this construction in a slightly heated oven for half an hour..

In half an hour everything will be ready..

If you do not use the oven, the steamed dish can be prepared in another way..

For example, the recipe for a protein diet omelet will be prepared as follows:

Practical cooking tips

In order for the egg cake to be lush, you can add a little flour or mayonnaise.

It should be borne in mind that during the cooking process the volume of the mass first increases, then decreases as it cools..

The baking form should be taken deep.

For better cooking of a magnificent omelet in the oven according to the recipe, whites and yolks of eggs can be whipped separately..

During cooking, it is better to once again look into the oven.

It will be worse if the dish burns.

In the recipe for making omelet in the oven, you can add cheese, ham, shrimp.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the composition and not to mix the immiscible.

It is necessary to show imagination, and then from the usual scrambled eggs you get a unique masterpiece.

You just need not be afraid to experiment with the ingredients..

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We wish you all good luck in the culinary field and enjoy your meal.

And now we offer to remember childhood, namely, the time when you went to kindergarten.

For what?

The answer is simple – there they served you a delicious omelette, the taste of which you still have not forgotten..

And now the most important thing is the recipe for cooking egg cakes with the same taste as in kindergarten – the taste of naughty childhood!