Of all the types of seafood squids – the most affordable, they have long ceased to be a delicacy. Their meat is healthy and dietary, contains a lot of protein..

Of them mainly salads and various snacks are prepared, the squid salad with cucumber and egg became especially popular..

Light и вкусный салат из кальмаров с огурцом и яйцом

In addition, these mollusks can be stewed, fried, added to soup.

How to choose, clean and cook squid

If you live far away from squid mining sites, then it is most reasonable to take them in frozen or canned form. Buying a clam in a jar, pay attention to the integrity of the packaging and shelf life.

Frozen squids must lie separate carcasses. If they stuck together, it means that there was a repeated freezing, which is unacceptable.

The color of the shell may vary, it depends on where and in what period the mollusks were caught. These are mainly gray and purple shades of varying intensity..

The meat itself can only be white. Pay attention to this, another color is a sign that seafood has already been thawed. Do not buy such a product – it will taste bitter and poorly shaped when ready.

Before cooking, squid should be completely thawed and cleaned. Dip them in boiling water for just a second, as an option – you can scald.

You will see that the skin is a little bit separated. Now it will be enough to wash the carcasses under running water and it will be easily cleaned..

During heat treatment, it is very important not to overdo it in boiling water. It is an unjustified increase in cooking time that ultimately leads to a “rubbery” taste..

Let us examine two methods of cooking soft squid:

Cooking кальмаров

  1. Boil a lot of water, salt it, add cloves, lavrushka, black and allspice peas and a slice of lemon. Dip skimmer in the boiling water of the carcass, one for exactly a minute. Note on the timer or watch the time carefully. Ready carcass sprinkle with vinegar;
  2. Boil water with spices, pepper, bay cherry, cloves. Put seafood in boiling water and immediately remove from heat. After five minutes, remove them from the water and sprinkle with lemon juice..

If, despite everything, the squid turned out to be tough, then it can be fixed. Boil them for another half hour, after such a long treatment, the meat will again become soft, but unfortunately there will not be any nutrients left in it..

Salad of canned squid with pickled cucumbers and eggs
Lungs праздничные салаты из кальмаров с огурцом и яйцом
Ingredients amount
Canned squids 1 jar
Marinated or pickled cucumbers 350g small jar
Fresh Chicken Eggs 2-3 pieces.
Red Sweet Lettuce 120-150 g
Fresh parsley for decoration
Fresh homemade mayonnaise 100 g
Time for preparing: 45 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 148 Kcal

Cooking this salad does not take much time. If you have a jar of canned squid and cucumbers in the refrigerator, then you will always be ready to meet unexpected guests..

Start cooking:

  • Cut the cucumbers into strips; Cucumbers
  • Boil hard-boiled eggs, but not more than 10 minutes, cool well, peel and chop them into strips; Eggs
  • Red onions chop half rings; Red лук
  • Combine eggs, cucumbers and shredded onions;
  • Remove the squid from the jar, if the pieces are too large – cut them and mix with the rest of the salad; Shellfish кубиками
  • Season with mayonnaise; Refueling майонезом
  • Serve with parsley; Salad с консервированными огурцами
  • You can replace mayonnaise with sour cream, but then you will need to salt the salad.

A lot of tips and cooking a terrific salad is in the video below:

“Sea freshness”

Delicate and light taste of this salad will not leave anyone indifferent.

Yogurt can be replaced with sour cream or mayonnaise.

For the “sea” dishes will need:

  • Squid carcasses – 300-350 g;
  • Crab sticks – 180-200 g;
  • Fresh cucumbers – 150-200 g;
  • Multicolored bell peppers – 200 g; "Морской" салат с огурцом и крабовыми палочками
  • Fresh chicken eggs – 4 pcs;
  • Natural unsweetened yogurt – 120 g;
  • Fresh dill – 10-20 g;
  • Garlic powder – 5 g;
  • Salt;
  • Additionally for cooking squid – lavrushka, black and fragrant peppers, cloves, a slice of lemon.

Let’s start cooking salad with squid, egg and fresh cucumber:

  • Thaw the mollusks, scald them with boiling water and clean them from the skins;
  • Boil the boiling water for cooking squid with salt, lemon and spices, immerse the carcasses in boiling water one by one for a minute;
  • Cool the seafood and slice them into rings;
  • Eggs boil hard boiled, cool well, clean, cut into strips;
  • Clean the peppers from the middle and chop them together with cucumbers into long strips;
  • If the crab sticks are frozen, they need to be defrosted, then cut them so that they are “spirals”;
  • Dill greens washed in water with soda, dry and finely chop;
  • For the sauce, mix yogurt, chopped dill, garlic powder, salt to taste;
  • Combine all the ingredients of the salad, salt;
  • Season with sauce before serving..

Below is another recipe for salad with squid – a classic:

Diet recipe with the addition of apples

It is believed that the diet can not be tasty, but it is impossible to lose weight.

But if you fantasize a little, then even from simple foods you can cook hearty, tasty and healthy dishes that will delight the whole family..

For example, a salad with squid, apple, egg and cucumber. So take:

  • Squids – 300 g;
  • Apples are sour green (better than winter varieties) – 200 g;
  • Radish – 80-100 g;
  • Fresh cucumbers – 300 g;
  • Chicken eggs – 1-2 pieces (this ingredient is an amateur in this salad, you can not use); Dietary блюдо
  • Arugula – 150 g;
  • For the sauce – 50 ml of unrefined vegetable oil, 3-5 g of Dijon mustard, freshly squeezed juice from half a lemon, freshly ground white pepper and salt to taste;
  • Additionally for boiling squids – bay leaves, peppercorns, citric acid.

Cooking diet salad in this way:

  • Squid thaw and clean from the skin;
  • To boil seafood boil water with bay leaves, pepper and a pinch of citric acid, immerse squid one by one in boiling water for 1-2 minutes;
  • Cool them well and cut them into rings;
  • Apples cleanse the skin and the core, cut into cubes;
  • Wash radish and cut into quarters;
  • Wash cucumbers and cut into circles;
  • Boil eggs and chop;
  • Arugula rinse thoroughly in water with soda and dry;
  • Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, make sure that it does not have bones and pieces of pulp;
  • Pour the oil and juice of half a lemon into a small bowl, put the mustard in it and whisk until the sauce turns white; it’s best to do this with a fork;
  • To the prepared sauce, add salt and white freshly ground pepper to taste;
  • Salad is served in portions in wide plates – put arugula, eggs at the bottom, then cucumbers, apples, radishes, on top of a squid ring;
  • Sauce is served separately in sauceboat.

Snacks на день рожденияIs it a birthday soon? So it’s time to think about the snacks. Simple solutions for birthday: recipes appetizers with photos. The main thing – fantasize and your holiday table will be bright with all sorts of yummy!

To learn how to cook delicious salads from canned cod liver, read here. Many recipes for every taste.

Such a simple but very tasty Caesar salad does not lose its high position. Here you can see the recipes of the classic version and with the addition of chicken breast. Enjoy your meal!

Italian salad with seafood, cucumbers and quail eggs

We offer you to prepare a simple and very elegant salad.

It will be an excellent aperitif to the main dish..

For cooking will need:

  • Fresh squids – 350 g (you can add to them any other seafood);
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes – 150-200 g;
  • Fresh cucumbers – 250 g; Salad с кальмарами по-итальянски
  • Arugula salad – 150 g;
  • Mozzarella cheese in small balls – 130-150 g;
  • Fresh quail eggs – 8 pcs .;
  • Olive oil;
  • Table salt and freshly ground pepper mixture – to taste;
  • Green basil leaves for decoration.

We start cooking salad:

  • Squids defrost and peel off the skins;
  • Cut raw clams into slices;
  • Heat the olive oil and quickly fry the squid rings in it, each literally for a few seconds;
  • Boil quail eggs, cool and clean them, cut into halves or quarters;
  • Arugula salad rinse thoroughly in soda solution and dry;
  • Cherry wash and dry;
  • Wash cucumbers and cut into bars;
  • Salad is laid out on a flat dish or in portions on wide flat plates;
  • At the bottom of the dish, place arugula, then fried calamari rings, then cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and Mozzarella cheese balls, on top of half of quail eggs;
  • Before serving, the salad should be salted, pepper, sprinkle with olive oil and garnish with basil;
  • A great addition to the salad with cheese and squid will be a glass of white wine.
Squids can be cooked, stewed, roasted or grilled. They can be either a complement in the composition of salads, or a full-fledged independent dish..

With the right preparation, tasty and healthy dishes are made from squid..

Finally, we present you the simplest salad with squids and cucumbers, but even it is perfect for the holiday: