The art of making mastic quite recently broke into cooking. Now almost all cakes and cakes are decorated with figurines and various patterns of mastic. In addition, from this mass you can sculpt completely unimaginable forms, which together can create a whole plot of a cartoon or a romantic bouquet.

children тор из мастики

What is mastic? Is it difficult to make figurines out of it??

By itself, mastic is an adhesive and astringent, which, moreover, is edible. If it is kneaded correctly, then it will be similar in its texture to clay.

There are several varieties of this mass. It is created from different products and mixed in various ways. The most famous:

  • Honey: it has a softer look. Suitable for sculpting almost any figures, does not crumble and does not fall apart;
  • Gelatin-based mastic is characterized by its high rate of hardening and hardening. Most suitable for the preparation of the smallest details;
  • Dairy is one of the most common. Condensed milk is used as the main ingredient. Ideal for creating a base and a continuous coating for the cake, as well as medium-sized figures;
  • Marzipan is used to coat the cake. It is very soft and not suitable for sculpting figures;
  • Industrial or universal mastic is bought in stores. It is used for modeling, and rolled out for the base. The taste is almost the same as home;
  • Flower – this type of mastic is best suited to create jewelry, where fine work with fine details is required..

Each of these types is good in one way or another. In any case, you need to try different types in order to understand and adapt to this kind of tasty modeling..

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The recipe for sugar mastic for sculpting figures at home
how лепить фигурки из мастики своими руками
Ingredients amount
Powdered milk about 150 g
Powdered sugar 150 g
Condensed milk 200 g
Lemon juice a couple of tablespoons
Cognac or flavoring tea spoon
Time for preparing: 15 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 383 Kcal

We take a suitable container (a wide bowl will be enough), sift sugar powder there, and then add a dry milk mixture. Stir and pour the condensed milk. Now you need to mix the mastic like dough. When mixing, lemon juice, brandy, dyes are added. The result should be an elastic mass, which is pleasant to work with and sculpt..

If you do not add dyes, then the mass should be matte..

Do-it-yourself baby figurines made of mastic for a cake: instructions for beginners

Mastic is good because you can make a variety of figurines and decorations for delicacies from it. This is especially useful if you want to decorate a cake or cakes for children’s parties..

Sculpt karapuza mastic step by step

To make such a pretty babe, you need a body-colored mastic. To do this, when preparing the mass for modeling, you need to add a solid dye.

cake с карапузом

Step 1. We make the torso. We sculpt a small oval the size of a small chicken egg. Take a toothpick and make a hole just below the center (it will be the navel).

sculpt туловище

Step 2. Sculpt the head. We take a piece of mastic somewhere 20-25% less than on the body and roll it into a ball. In the upper part of the calf you need to insert a toothpick. It will serve as a binding element for the torso and head..

sculpt головку

In the head with a toothpick you need to make a couple of holes under the eyes. Scale spout from a small piece of mastic: it should be slightly flattened round the diameter of about 4-5 mm.

We hold the mouth with a toothpick, while not forgetting to make stronger indentations under the dimples..

For the ears take two small balls. We roll them and with the help of the stack we make in the center of the dent. Glue them to the head.

doing личико

Step 3. We fasten the parts: we put the head on the base (toothpick).


Step 4. Making pens. We take a couple of pieces, the size of a quarter smaller than the head. Roll them into sausages. Using a toothpick on one end, make fingers.

doing ручку

Step 5. Attach the handles to the body. If parts do not stick well, swipe the docking areas with a brush dipped in water..

kid готов

You can diversify your baby with a toy or other favorite items..

Little mouse as a decoration

First of all we prepare mastic of different colors. You will need a yellow, light green, white and pink. For the peephole and mouth will need black edible beads (powder). In the absence of black, you can replace it with a dark blue.

little mouse из мастики

From the tools you need to prepare toothpicks, stack, mold for the base (suitable glass or glass), a sharp knife or cutter.

Step 1. Make a base from light green mastic. Roll it to a thickness of 3 mm. We use either a special form or a glass (glass).

Step 2: a gift. Take the yellow base. We first make the ball, and then gradually move to the cubic form..

sculpt подарок

Pink mastic need roll thin enough: 1-2 mm thick. Take a knife or cutter, cut it into thin strips that will serve as ribbons for a gift. Also of them need to make a small bow.

From the remnants of rolled pink mastic, you need to make small peas (use a special form). Their diameter should be about 1-1.5 mm. With the help of a stack or toothpick, they are attached to the gift.

Step 3: Mouse. White mastic is used to create mouse bodies..

little mouse из мастики тельце

First we make a little body: we roll the ball, then we try to give it a more elongated shape. Next, do the legs, they are also a bit teardrop-shaped. Using a toothpick, we mark the stripes that divide the fingers..

We stick toothpicks into each part. In the paws use halves, as they are small. We fasten a little body with paws so that one serves as a base, and the second is in the air.

For the head we roll the ball, then transform it: just below the middle we make a notch. Make a recess for the mouth and peephole. We put there black beads. Make a spout out of pink mastic.

We take a couple of small pieces, roll them to the balls, after which we use the stack to make indentations – these are future ears. They need to properly flatten and cut off the bottom. We attach them to the head.

Now we put the head on the toothpick fixing the torso..

sculpt мышку

The upper legs are made about as well as the lower, only they should be slightly smaller. The tail is made of thin sausage, which should be thinned to one side..

Step 4: Flower. The stem for the future of the flower is made of green mastic. Roll it into a thin strip 3-4 cm long above the mouse. From a piece of pink base make a flower. It can be cut out with a special shape. With the help of the stack we make indentations on the petals. Then we cut another flower, but smaller, and make indentations in it. The center is made of a yellow pea-sized piece, rolled into a ball. We fasten everything together. From green mastic add a small leaf, which we add to the stalk.

Lion cub

lion cub из мастики

It will take 4 mastic colors: yellow, white, brown and black, as well as tools.

Step 1: sculpt the torso and head. The head should be in the form of a ball, the body – in the form of a drop. Cut out inserts on the body of the drop-shaped form from white mastic.

On the head for the mouth, add a little bit of white mastic with the help of a curved tip of a sharp stack..

Making eyes and sculpted roundels near the mouth.

sculpt мордочку

Step 2. Paws are made from yellow and white mastic: from the yellow we sculpt the main part, and the part with the fingers from white. Do not forget to make lines for the separation of fingers.

In the recesses for the eyes, we first add white round parts, then, slightly smaller, black ones. Spout do triangular shape of the brown mass.

Then sculpt ears in the form of oblate circles, as well as a tail (sausage, thinning to one end). On the tip we also make a triangular brush of brown mass..

Step 3. Make the mane of the brown mass. It is made in the form of individual petals, which are then attached in a circle of the head..

mane льва из мастики

If there is a white and black mass, you can mix them and make pebbles on which the lion will sit. Grass can be made of green.

Sculpt the panda

bear панда


  • Mastic white and black;
  • Tools for sculpting;
  • Couple of toothpicks.

Step 1. Take the white mass and roll into a ball. We make it deepening for the eyes. From the black mass we make small balls, insert them into the recesses and expand them with the help of the stack. Black color should be over the entire area of ​​the recesses..

Add a ball of white mass (nose).

Finish the nose: add a black piece in which we make a couple of holes with a toothpick or a stack with a sharp tip.

panda мишка

Step 2. From the small pieces of black and white mass make eyes and ears.

The trunk consists of two parts: a round white and an elongated shape – black. We fasten them with a toothpick.

Step 3. Making the legs of black mastic. They must be drop-shaped. Now on each foot you need to make white mastic pads.

bear панда продуктовая

Sculpt airplane

A mastic of two colors: white and blue, as well as a toothpick or a stack for sculpting with a sharp tip.

airplane из мастики

Step 1. Sculpt the white trapezoidal body of the aircraft. We add him the front glass of the blue mass.

Step 2. We sculpt the wings. Take a couple of balls, roll out a little or knead them with your hands. Making triangular wings. We make the tail a little thinner and trapezoidal.

Step 3. Add strips to the wings, tail, the main part of the blue mastic.

Step 4. Make the eyes of white and black mass. Draw a mouth with a toothpick or stack.

airplane на торт

Useful tips

Sometimes, even following step-by-step detailed instructions, not everything turns out and not always. Every craftswoman, has a couple of secrets that help in the process of modeling:

  1. Sometimes it is hard enough to cover the entire cake with mastic gently. On the side parts here and there folds appear that spoil the whole look. In this case, the mastic should be rolled out in such a way that a sufficiently large margin is maintained. Next, put it on the cake and under her weight, she should lie as it should;
  2. It’s hard to find a black dye. In this case, you can get out of the situation as follows: take three dyes (blue, yellow and red) and mix them in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. There is also the option of adding to the blue brown paint;
  3. To the coating of mastic glitters, it must be lubricated with a solution of vodka and honey. For its preparation it is necessary to mix both ingredients in equal amounts. The resulting liquid with a soft brush lubricates the surface.

Imagine and, perhaps, you will create your own individual figurines from mastic, not like anyone else. Good luck!