How often do you want to serve delicious and, most importantly, a quick snack? Many people are very fond of salted cucumbers and consider them to be just that, easy to prepare, but a very tasty addition to the main dish..

Many housewives are very fond of the recipe of salted cucumbers in the package: you do not need pickle, and you can try the result of their labors after 2 hours. It is very convenient! In addition, salted cucumbers are good because they can be used even by people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, because they do not use vinegar.

They do not contain any fermentation products, which means that they can be eaten safely. If you have not prepared this dish or just want to find a new and interesting recipe for you, be sure to read this article..

Recipes salted cucumbers in the package
how быстро приготовить малосольные огурцы в пакете
Ingredients amount
young cucumbers kilogram
garlic small head
salt tablespoon
dill, parsley, a couple of peas allspice taste
Time for preparing: 75 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 15 Kcal

Rinse the cucumbers thoroughly with running water and cut off the tips. Put them in a bag and pour in spices and herbs, as well as finely chopped garlic. Tie the bag tightly and mix well its contents so that the seasonings are evenly distributed over the cucumbers..

Put in another bag for safety and also tie up to avoid leakage. Leave for 1 hour at room temperature..

For a more savory taste, add to the main recipe:

  • Cherry leaves;
  • Currant leaves;
  • Horseradish leaves;
  • A tablespoon of sugar;
  • A few coriander peas;
  • Kinzu;
  • Tarragon;
  • Lemon;
  • Mint;
  • Celery.

Naturally, do not try to mix all these additional ingredients together, but add 1-2 for a new taste of your home cucumbers..

Here is one delicious recipe for the most courageous hostesses who are not afraid to experiment. Believe me, your risk will be justified by requests to tell what you have added to obtain such an unusual taste, and your household will be sure to ask for more..

To prepare such cucumbers, take:

  • A kilogram of fresh cucumbers;
  • Tablespoon of salt;
  • A tablespoon of sugar;
  • Half a lemon;
  • A few sprigs of mint;
  • You can tarragon;
  • Two cellophane bags.

Wash the cucumbers in cool water and leave for half an hour to make them more crispy. If you use fresh, just picked cucumbers, you can skip this item..

wash up огурцы

Cut the tips from the cucumbers and put the vegetables in a plastic bag. There also pour salt, sugar and squeeze half a lemon. Cut the extruded half into small pieces and add to the bag as well..

fall asleep соль

Put greens: mint and, if there is, tarragon. Mix everything thoroughly for a few minutes. Tie the second packet on top and leave the cucumbers to be salted for six hours in the refrigerator..

add зелень

After this time, check if they are sweet, add more salt and leave for another hour.

cucumbers в пакете

In order to cook little savory cucumbers according to the old recipe, prepare:

  • One red hot pepper;
  • Roots and leaves of horseradish;
  • A couple of garlic cloves;
  • A kilogram of cucumbers;
  • Dill and parsley;
  • Tablespoon of salt;
  • A pair of plastic bags.

cucumbers малосольные Everything is the same as in previous recipes: wash cucumbers and soak them in cool water. While they are soaked, finely chop the pepper and garlic (you can skip it through a garlic press), clean the horseradish root, and finely chop it, tear the greens with your hands or put it in a bag..

Now throw cucumbers in the same place and add chopped peppers with garlic. Add salt and tie the bag tightly. Mix everything, and then remove in the second package. If you do not follow this rule, the contents of the package may leak and you will not get the desired effect..

Clean for 5-6 hours and you can eat.

perets-v-multivarkeStuffed pepper in a slow cooker is simple and easy to cook..

Do you think plum is a fruit or berry? Answer here.

Take note of the recipe for chicken, cabbage and corn salad. You will enjoy this unobtrusive and light taste..

Lightly salted instant cucumbers in a plastic bag

If the guests are already “on the threshold” or have no strength to wait 5 hours to crunch delicious cucumbers, then feel free to choose this recipe. Due to the fact that cucumbers are cut into slices, you can taste your lightly salted snack in three minutes..

It is prepared, as in the past recipe with the help of the so-called dry salting, that is, without using water. Also the undoubted advantage of this dish will be that tasteless winter cucumbers will be a delicious addition to your table, because fragrant spices will add flavor to them, and salt will add crunch.

In order to cook salted cucumbers in 3 minutes, you will need:

  • 2 medium cucumbers;
  • 2 bay leaves;
  • Dill;
  • Parsley;
  • Garlic clove;
  • One third teaspoon salt;
  • Tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • 2 plastic bags.

cucumbers с чесночкомCut the cucumbers into slices, and then cut them in half. This is necessary so that in such a short period of time they have time to properly pickle..

You can cut cucumbers into slices, but check them for taste: they can be too salty, so add a little sugar and leave for a couple of minutes. Dill finely chop or tear your hands, do the same with parsley.

Crumble garlic with a knife or crush in a garlic press. Pick cucumbers in a bag and add herbs, bay leaves and salt. Pour in the vegetable oil and mix everything thoroughly through the bag so that the liquid completely covers the cucumbers. Now tie another bag over the top and leave for three to five minutes..

You will be pleasantly surprised that in such a short period of time the cucumbers have acquired a pleasant aroma and unusual taste..

Cooking secrets

  1. Choose for salting fresh, elastic, in any case, not overripe cucumbers;
  2. The most delicious pickles are obtained if pickled them on the same day they were collected;
  3. In order to make the cucumbers crispy, as well as to deprive of bitterness, you can soak them before cooking for a couple of hours in cold water. The optimal time is 3-4 hours;
  4. To make the cucumbers tasty, there should be as little air as possible in the bag, so just put it in a bowl of water while tying;
  5. For pickling in a package, it is best to choose cucumbers 10 centimeters or less: they sall it out much faster than their big “comrades”;
  6. In order for the greens not to emit a large amount of moisture, it must be put in the bag as a whole or crumbled;
  7. Salting cucumbers is good for the night, since the optimal time for pickling is 6 hours and it will not be tempting to eat them before the end of cooking;
  8. During pickling, for a good distribution of spices and cucumber juice, you can mix the contents of the bag thoroughly several times within two minutes;
  9. If the cucumbers are too salty, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to the bag and leave from a few minutes to a few hours;
  10. Store your pickled cucumbers in the fridge;
  11. Choose salt not iodized, but the usual large, stone. Otherwise, the cucumbers may become soft;
  12. You can speed up the cooking time of salted cucumbers by making longitudinal cuts on them before putting them in the bag. In this case, they will be fully ready for use after four hours;
  13. It is very important that for pickling you choose cucumbers of approximately the same size, as they should salt out at the same time. With ordinary salting, this is not required, because the vegetables are in the brine for quite a long time;
  14. A food plastic container with a lid or a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid can be a worthy alternative to a plastic bag;
  15. If you add cumin seeds to cucumbers, then do not be lazy to first crush them with a rolling pin or crush them in a mortar. So they will give more taste and flavor;
  16. Salting time depends on the size of cucumbers, and on the temperature in your kitchen: the hotter it is, the faster the cucumbers will cook.

Enjoy your meal!