Oatmeal is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The dish consists of vegetable fats, proteins and fiber. In 100 g of the product prepared on water, contains only 68 kcal. Due to its properties, oatmeal can be consumed at any time of the day and not be afraid to spoil the shape.

How to cook oatmeal on the water in the microwave
how быстро приготовить овсянку в микроволновке
Ingredients amount
water 50 ml
oatmeal flakes 50 g
butter 1 tbsp. l.
an Apple 0.5 pcs.
Time for preparing: 5 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 102 Kcal

The best breakfast is a breakfast of oatmeal. It is useful and prepared very quickly, especially in the microwave oven. Porridge on the water with the addition of apple has a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive system.


  1. Flakes are poured into deep dishes for the microwave oven and filled with water so that it completely covers the dry mixture and rises 1 cm above it;
  2. The food is put in the microwave for 3 minutes at maximum power;
  3. At the end of this time, butter and finely chopped apple are added to it..

How to cook oatmeal on milk

Milk porridge made from oatmeal is a delicious food cooked in a microwave oven in a matter of minutes. Her love not only adults, but also children. It is much more useful if you add fresh fruit to it..


  • milk – 25 ml;
  • apple – 0.5 pcs .;
  • oatmeal flakes – 30 g;
  • sugar – 25 g.

Cooking time: 3 min.

Caloric content (100 g): 120 kcal.


  1. Flakes are poured into a special bowl for the microwave oven; flakes
  2. They are poured with fresh milk so that they are completely covered; to pour молоком
  3. Then sugar is added, everything is stirred until it dissolves;
  4. First, the food is cooked at maximum power for three minutes, then you can put it for another couple of minutes so that the oatmeal gets a thicker consistency; cook
  5. Shredded apple is added to the finished dish. porridge

How to cook oatmeal on water and milk in a microwave oven

Oatmeal on milk and water with cinnamon and bananas is the perfect morning meal for the whole family. Such food does not require much time and cost..


  • flakes – 100 g;
  • milk – 150 ml;
  • water – 100 ml;
  • banana – 0.5 pcs .;
  • cinnamon – to taste.

Cooking time: 4 min.

Caloric content (100 g): 133 kcal.


  1. Oatmeal is placed in a bowl, filled with water and milk;
  2. All components are thoroughly mixed;
  3. Banana must be cut into slices and add to porridge;
  4. Capacity covered with cling film or a special lid for the oven;
  5. The dish is prepared at a power of 600 W for 4 minutes;
  6. Porridge is poured into a plate and cinnamon is added to it..

The number of products in the recipe is indicated for two persons..

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Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Boiled oatmeal is familiar to everyone since childhood, but only a few have tried it in baked form. For the recipe, you need some simple foods and a microwave..


  • egg – 1 pc .;
  • sugar – 50 g;
  • milk – 100 ml;
  • flakes – 100 g.

Cooking time: 3 min.

Caloric content (100 g): 142 kcal.


  1. Beat with sugar until smooth and smooth until all the sugar has melted;
  2. Milk is added to the egg mixture and thoroughly mixed;
  3. For baked porridge it is better to choose small flakes, so it will turn out softer;
  4. The prepared components are mixed and placed in a special dish for the microwave;
  5. Cooking takes only 3 minutes at maximum power, after which the baked porridge is set aside for cooling..

Useful tips

In order for the oatmeal in the microwave turned out delicious, you need to follow some rules while cooking:

  1. Crushed oatmeal does not contain sugar as compared to instant cereals. Therefore, such a product will be more useful;
  2. You can replace the water in oatmeal with milk and even natural juice;
  3. Fresh fruits, dried fruits, cinnamon, nuts, honey, jam, maple syrup to taste are added to the dish;
  4. If you make a meal of cereal in a microwave, you need to use more water or milk. It should be borne in mind that the cooking time also increases to five to seven minutes..

Oatmeal in the microwave is ideal for busy people who do not have time to cook their own delicious dishes. Just a couple of minutes will need to cook and enjoy easily digestible and healthy food. Breakfast oatmeal will improve the work of the immune, digestive system, which will have a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Enjoy your meal!