How to quickly and tasty cook potatoes in the microwave

Over the past decade, microwave ovens have acquired, if not all, then many.

It is convenient and fast, and in the workplace in a team it is an irreplaceable thing. At one time, there were disputes about the dangers of using the method of heating products using radiation, while microwaves are popular and few have abandoned them..

potatoes в микроволновке

Potatoes in the microwave: the benefits and harm

There are quite a few recipes by which you can cook potato tubers in the microwave. Undoubtedly, it is convenient and fast, but how useful or harmful it can be.?

Traditionally, potatoes themselves are not considered healthy food, and the use of a microwave oven does not contribute to an increase in the amount of nutrients..

As for cooking, the radiation does not harm the product, it can theoretically harm a person at the moment when the dish is cooked. The cooking time is very limited, the door is tightly closed and the radiation practically does not come out. The damage from the furnace is reduced to zero.

potatoes с розмариномThe use of potatoes, cooked in a microwave oven, is that the product is heated from the inside, not on the frying surface. Even if oil is used, it does not burn and does not emit harmful substances..

In the microwave, you can even cook french fries and give it to children. It is much safer than a deep-fat fryer or a gas stove and children can warm up or cook their own food. In the worst case, spoil the product.

Another advantage is the time and amount of soiled dishes. This is especially important when every minute counts..

Time for preparing

Often, people simply do not have time to stand at the stove and in such a situation, the preparation of favorite potatoes in the microwave is the best solution. Meals are prepared on average from 3 to 25 minutes.

as приготовить картофель фриThe more power placed on the microwave, the faster the potatoes are cooked. However, by setting a maximum power of 800–1000 W, potatoes can be prepared unevenly and partially dry..

Optimally – put the average power and cook for 5-15 minutes. In addition, when cooking, you need to use a roasting sleeve or an ordinary bag..

And you can also cook in plastic or glassware with the addition of a small amount of water, broth, sauce or oil.

How to cook potatoes in the microwave in the package: a very quick recipe

Almost all dishes cooked in a microwave oven, suggest the presence of a package or cover. Without a package on an open plate, the potatoes are dried. Except when the potatoes are prepared with the addition of water or broth.

potatoes в пакетеTo prepare delicious potatoes in a bag, you need to peel potatoes (0.5 kg), cut into small pieces of any shape and put them in a bag. Add seasonings to taste to mix and tie a package.

At the top, make 2-3 small holes in order to allow steam to escape. Put the prepared bag of potatoes in the microwave for 5–9 minutes.

You can also add finely chopped garlic or dill, a little bacon or bacon, or any other additives to taste..

French fries in the microwave

Famous french fries or French chips are loved by both adults and children. Traditionally, this dish is considered very harmful, if not to say dangerous. In fact, all the danger and harm – in oil.

In fast food, butter of unknown quality and it is not clear how often it is changed, cooked potatoes in pure quality butter in moderate quantities do not harm.

French fries can be cooked at home and it is not necessary to use deep-fried or a whole saucepan of butter.

For the preparation of French chips will need:

  • Fresh potatoes;
  • Salt;
  • Any seasoning to taste or you can use special salt with spices;
  • Some vegetable oil;
  • Cellophane bag or baking sleeve;
  • Paper napkins;
  • Knife, board, plate and microwave.

The potato is peeled and cut into small cubes, after which it must be thoroughly rinsed of starch, if this is not done on the surface will remain ugly dark spots.

The washed potatoes are dried with napkins. On a plate you need to pour 3-5 tablespoons of oil, pour the dried potatoes and mix. Each piece must be richly oiled.

The finished bars are stacked on a plate in a single layer so that they do not touch each other. Top loosely cover the package. Potatoes are cooked in 2 stages for 4 minutes, if the potatoes are not prepared, you can put another two or three minutes.

Sprinkle the finished potatoes with salt and spices. Ordinary chips are prepared in the same way with the only difference that they should be cut into thin slices, and salt and seasonings are mixed immediately with butter.

The disadvantage of this method is only one – the potatoes are not so beautiful, but tasty, safe and relatively low-calorie..

Microwave Cooked Potatoes

You can cook fragrant potatoes in their uniforms (in her own skin – for those who do not know) in a microwave in just a few minutes..

To start, the tubers of potatoes must be washed and dried, then wipe with vegetable oil and spices.

potatoes в мундирахIt is necessary to make several punctures with a toothpick and put the potatoes in the microwave for 5–7 minutes, then check the readiness and, if necessary, put them for a while. Serve potatoes with finely chopped dill, butter or garlic sauce.

In addition, in the microwave and you can cook potatoes. Just classically in water (several potatoes) in plastic or glassware, or moistened in a bag to put several potatoes in a microwave oven for 3–7 minutes depending on the set power.

If you hold the potatoes in the package for a minute or two longer, you get an interesting snack, “dried potatoes”, and the aroma will be like that of potatoes baked in the coals of a fire.

Microwave Potato Dishes

What is interesting and tasty can be cooked in the microwave of potatoes – this question has always worried hostesses. And it’s not for nothing! The microwave oven is designed not only to heat food.

In it you can cook interesting and complex dishes, for example, an aromatic potato with mushrooms, vegetables or even meat. Let’s try?

Potatoes with mushrooms

This dish is very fast, tasty, satisfying and, most importantly, dietary..

For cooking you will need:

  • Fresh potatoes – 4–5 pcs;
  • Champignons (fresh) – 4–5 pcs;
  • Onion – 1 piece;
  • Garlic – 1 clove;
  • Fresh carrot – 1 pc;
  • Salt, black pepper;
  • Greens or green onions;
  • Vegetable oil several (4-5) Art. spoons.

Onions and carrots are peeled and cut into strips. Chopped vegetables and a clove of garlic are laid out in a microwave-suitable vessel, poured with oil and put in a microwave oven for 4 minutes at an average power.

Mushrooms and potatoes can be cleaned and cut into small pieces can be sliced ​​as convenient, but not too large.

potatoes с грибами

After that, mushrooms and potatoes are added to the frying, salt, pepper and a small and half cup of water are added. You can add bay leaf if desired and paprika.

potatoes нарезать

The dishes are covered with a lid; if there is no suitable lid, then a plastic bag will do. You just need to make a few holes in it so that the steam can go out.

roast готово

Preparing a dish with an average power for 20-25 minutes. The finished dish is decorated with greens..

Potato and meat pie

A real festive meal, quick and tasty.

For cooking you will need:

  • Fresh potatoes – 4 pcs;
  • Minced meat, any – 400 gr;
  • Carrot – 1 pc;
  • Sour cream – 2 tablespoons;
  • Onion-1 pc;
  • Greens (preferably just picked);
  • Hard cheese – 60 g;
  • Salt, black pepper.

potato пирожкиSour cream, salt, pepper and onion and greens cut into thin straws are added to the prepared mincemeat..

Stuffing is thoroughly mixed. Carrots grated. Potatoes are peeled and cut into thin circles, half a centimeter thick.

Prepared dishes are greased with vegetable oil, after which potatoes are sprinkled on the bottom of the bed with grated carrots and even stuffing is spread on them, after which you need to add a few tablespoons of water or broth.

On top, the dishes are closed with a lid or cellophane and sent to the microwave oven at a power of 500-600 for 15 minutes..

After that, the dish is sprinkled with cheese on top and is placed to be prepared for another 7–8 minutes without a lid. If the cheese does not brown, you can increase the capacity of the oven for a couple of minutes..

After cooking, the cake should cool slightly then it will be easier to remove it from the plate..

The cake can be served as warm as a main dish, or cold as a snack..

stewed капуста мяснаяHow to stew cabbage with potatoes and meat is tasty and fast.

Read how to make mashed potatoes, what to add to make the dish tastier..

Baked veal with potatoes in the oven – a dish that will conquer gourmets. Read the step-by-step recipe with photos and useful recommendations from chefs.

Some useful tips

Cooking in the microwave has its own characteristics.

For example, you can not use dishes with metal elements or shiny decor. Brilliant dishes in the microwave sparkles, shine on the dishes burn out, in addition, it harms the microwave.

If the dish needs to be covered with a lid, then even a glass lid trimmed with a metal side or having a screw with which the handle is screwed for such purposes will not work.

It is better to use food wrap by making several holes..

Cooking utensils should be glass, ceramic or from good heat-resistant plastic..

The cooking time of each microwave oven is individual, the indicated power is quite conditional, and each oven works in its own way, so the dish must be checked every few minutes and, if necessary, set for a few more minutes..

After each use, the microwave must be cleaned. Even if it seems clean. This will prevent unpleasant odors. In any case, steam and oil particles settle on the furnace walls..

You can only cook a few potatoes at a time or 1-3 servings of a dish. When cooking french fries or chips, the pieces should not touch each other, as they stick together.

Enjoy your meal!