Many people know about lazy dumplings and cabbage rolls, but not everyone is aware of lazy dumplings. Hearing the name of the recipe, you might think: why are they called so? The answer is simple: this dish is much easier to prepare than the traditional one, and it takes less than half the time it takes compared to the more well-known option..

They do not need stuffing, modeling and tweaking each thing separately, because such dumplings are prepared in the form of a meat roll, which is then cut into pieces. Despite their ease of preparation, they taste no worse than traditional dumplings.

Due to the convenience and speed of cooking, the popularity of “sloths” is quite high – not only among busy wives and mothers who always “lack hands”, but also among their households.

There are many ways to build such a kind of homemade “fast food”: in a frying pan, in an oven, in a slow cooker. Let’s present to the court of our dear hostesses several options how to cook lazy dumplings.
“Meat Roses in a Frying Pan”
how быстро и вкусно приготовить ленивые пельмени
Ingredients amount
chopped meat half a kilo
turnip bow two medium heads
tomato sauce, ketchup or pasta a couple of tablespoons
carrot average two pieces
fresh parsley small bunch
chicken egg one joke
salt and spices taste
wheat flour three glasses
water one glass
Time for preparing: 25 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 200 Kcal

The recipe of cooking step by step on the pan:

  1. Peel one onion, grate and mix with minced meat; add лук
  2. Add salt, spices and chopped parsley; minced meat готов
  3. Knead the minced meat well and put it in the fridge;
  4. Beat the egg in a deep bowl, salt and whisk;
  5. Small portions add flour to the egg, kneading thoroughly; add яйцо
  6. Knead the dough with your hands, cover with a clean cloth and put in heat for 20 minutes; dough оставить
  7. Peel the carrots. rubbing it grated;
  8. Cut the remaining onion into cubes;
  9. Mix carrot and onion, sauté them for growing. about 5 minutes;
  10. Add ½ cup water, spices, salt, tom. sauce;
  11. Stir and simmer for another 5 minutes;
  12. Split the dough ball in half and roll each half with a rolling pin as thin as possible so that the dumplings come out gently; dough разделать
  13. Gently lubricate the dough sheets with a thin even layer of minced meat and roll them into a roll;
  14. Cut the roll into slices of 3-5 cm. Spread out the edges of the dough; to make рулеты
  15. Put the pieces in the pan on the steamed vegetables, adding a little water to them, so that vegetable zazharka would cover the dumplings’ columns to about half; put down рулетики тушить
  16. Simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. stew
  17. Put the finished dumplings in a plate, sprinkle with herbs and pour over sour cream or mayonnaise.
In the above recipe dumplings will get quite a lot – enough for two pans. If you do not need so much, put the rest in the freezer of the refrigerator – cook another time..

“Sloths” baked


  • 500 gr. meat twisted in a meat grinder (pork is best mixed with beef, chicken or turkey can be in the original);
  • 400 gr. flour;
  • two chickens eggs;
  • half a glass of water;
  • two onions;
  • large clove of garlic;
  • 1 tsp garlic powder;
  • spices – pepper peas, black pepper, red, pink, fragrant, marjoram, nutmeg, walnut – 1 tsp each;
  • carrot – 1 pc .;
  • stem celery – 1 pc .;
  • sour cream – if you like;
  • greens (onion, parsley, dill) – who loves how much;
  • salt – to taste.

Cooking time – one and a half hours.

Nutritional value – 199 kcal per 100 g.

Baked lazy dumplings in the oven should be prepared according to the following scheme:

lazy пельмешки

  1. The elastic dough is made from flour, water, eggs and salt. If there is a bread maker, you can use it in order not to strain your hands.
  2. Wrap the product in the plastic wrap, let stand for half an hour.
  3. Divide the dough in half, roll into thin layers on a floured table;
  4. Finely chop 1 goal. onion, garlic, parsley, mix with minced meat;
  5. Putting all the spices in the mixture, mix and salt;
  6. Fry grated carrots, onion in half rings, finely chopped celery in a frying pan in oil;
  7. Mince spread on the dough in a thin even layer and roll up a roll;
  8. Cut the roll into pieces and fold them into a greased form;
  9. Top roasted vegetables and pour hot, lightly salted water;
  10. Put the mold in an oven preheated to 180 degrees, bake for 40 minutes..

Sprinkle the finished dish with fresh herbs, pour sour cream and serve hot.

creamCream cake cream – delicate texture, and yet it is very easy to make.

How to cook incredibly delicious liver for pies, read our article..

Note the recipe for Lenten pasta – the secret to making a simple dish.

Dumplings in sauce


  • 350 gr. dumplings dough (how to cook it, we already know);
  • the same amount of meat twisted in a meat grinder (that is, 350 gr.);
  • 200 gr. eggplants;
  • as much bolg. pepper;
  • onion onions – one goal;
  • garlic – 3 teeth;
  • 300 gr. fresh tomatoes, peeled and grated;
  • 200 gr. zucchini, peeled and worn;
  • var. oil – 3 table. spoons;
  • parsley – 3 table. spoons.

Cooking – 40 min.

Calories – 185 per 100 g.

Step-by-step instruction for cooking lazy dumplings in a sauce:

  1. In salted meat filling mixed with greens and seasonings, add a little water to make it easier and put in the refrigerator;
  2. Prepare the sauce:
  3. Cut the eggplants and pour cold salty. by water.
  4. In a deep frying pan, boil onion and garlic in butter until light golden brown, put the eggplants and stew for 3 minutes;
  5. Put zucchini and paprika there, stew as much again;
  6. At the end add the tomatoes and simmer until almost all the liquid has evaporated;
  7. Ready sauce whip on a blender;
  8. Cook and cut roll (see previous recipes);
  9. Place roll slices in a baking dish at a distance from one another;
  10. Pour the sauce between them, adding a little vegetable broth;
  11. Put the form in heated to 190 gr. oven and bake for about half an hour, watching the process.

Ah, dumplings, eating …

Now, besides the traditional saucepans, pans and ovens, the hostesses have at their disposal such a convenient thing as a slow cooker. In it, you can cook literally everything, including dumplings. We need to take:

  • dough for ravioli;
  • a pound of minced meat;
  • 5-6 tubers of potatoes;
  • a couple of carrots;
  • onions;
  • 2-3 sweet bell peppers;
  • ketchup or tom. pasta – 2 spoons;
  • a pair of spoons of sour cream / mayonnaise – who likes what;
  • salt, spices;
  • var. butter.

The time spent on cooking – 1 h. 30 min..

100 gr. fit 190 kcal.

How to cook lazy dumplings in a slow cooker:

  1. Roll out the dough, sandwich with minced meat, roll into a straw and cut into pieces – everything, as in the first two recipes;
  2. Vegetables cut and put on the bottom of the slow cooker;
  3. Pour tomato paste or ketchup;
  4. Add vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) / cream (30 gr.) – depends on preferences;
  5. Lay on the “pillow” pieces of roll, shifting large pieces of potatoes;
  6. Salt, pepper, add water (but so that it does not cover the ravioli) and turn on the slow cooker, putting it in baking mode for 1 hour.

Serve the finished dish hot, watering sour cream or mayonnaise.

So, now we know that not only dumplings or cabbage rolls can be “lazy”, but also our favorite dumplings, and the “laziness” of these dishes makes their taste unique. We are sure that having tried our recipes, both the household and the guests will be satisfied. The main thing – to never lazy hostess.