Despite the fact that in the culinary industry you can find a large number of cakes in a hurry, each of them takes some time to bake in the oven or multi-cooker..

However, recently among the hostesses the cake made on the basis of ordinary gingerbread has gained popularity. Its distinguishing feature from many similar desserts is the lack of need for baking..

After cooking, the dessert comes out very delicate in taste. Moreover, this dish may well become a favorite for the inveterate sweets..

Of course, the cake has an increased number of calories, but it also has beneficial properties for the body. After all, the gingerbread, which is its basis, is a valuable source of carbohydrates..

As for fruits, which also take their place in cooking, everyone knows about their usefulness..

Gingerbread cake recipe without baking
how быстро и вкусно приготовить торт из пряников
Ingredients amount
Oat gingerbread ½ kg
Sour cream ½ liter
Granulated sugar 125 g
Vanillin 1 pinch
Time for preparing: 80 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 228 Kcal

The basic recipe for this cake, as a rule, contains such basic ingredients as gingerbread and sour cream.

Choosing gingerbread, you can pay attention to their various varieties. For example, rye, oatmeal, ginger and chocolate.

As for sour cream, low-fat sour cream (10-15%) is preferable..

Cooking a cake begins with the preparation of crunchy ingredients. So, it is necessary to cut the gingerbread squeezed in order to get three formations of equal size.


In sour cream, you must add sugar and vanilla, mix. After thorough mixing with a spoon, it is advisable to arm yourself with a mixer and beat the mass thoroughly. But you should not get involved in, beating enough half a minute.


Now you can proceed to the formation of the cake. Having laid out layers of gingerbread on a wide saucer, spread over a layer of sour cream. Next, you need to alternate a layer of sour cream with cookies, until all the ingredients run out.

The first слой

If only one layer remains, you can crush it with your hands and decorate the surface of the dessert with crumb..

We cover верх десерта

Before you treat guests with a cake of gingerbread, it is better to send it in the fridge for 1 hour soak.

Banana gingerbread dessert with sour cream

As noted earlier, various fruits will be an excellent and useful addition to the dessert. The most commonly used bananas, as their delicate flavor is similar to the basic taste of gingerbread cake.

But as an experiment it is quite possible to take other fruits with a pronounced aftertaste. For example, kiwi. To make a cake of gingerbread with bananas and sour cream will require components such as:

  1. Oat spice cakes – ½ kg;
  2. Sour cream – ½ l;
  3. Sugar – 4 tbsp. spoons;
  4. Large bananas – 2 pieces;
  5. Walnuts – 1 handful.

Cooking time, taking into account the cooling of the dessert, will be 1 hour 20 minutes, and its caloric content is 2400 kcal..

First, cut the gingerbread lengthwise so that it forms 2 plates each. As for bananas, they should be cut into circles or ovals. That is what will lay out a neat even layer..

Gingerbread десерт с бананамиMixing sour cream with sugar, you can take a mixer and how to beat these components.

It remains the most creative and interesting part of the preparation – the formation of dessert. This should be done in a deep container, for example, a saucepan. As the first layer are layers of gingerbread dipped in sour cream..

Next, you need to alternate them with the heels of fruit. So, it remains only to leave the dessert in the refrigerator for 1 hour, and then turn it over on a wide saucer. To decorate the cake of gingerbread for the arrival of guests, you can sprinkle it with chopped walnut.

Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

Although the classic recipe for this cake will delight the sweet tooth, it can be even more diversified by making chocolate.

To do this, you will need to use in the preparation of gingerbread from chocolate, as well as a chocolate bar and cocoa powder. In addition, such a dessert can be originally decorated and served on a festive table. It will require:

  1. Chocolate gingerbread – ½ kg;
  2. Sour cream – 2 glasses;
  3. Large bananas – 2 pieces;
  4. Powdered sugar – 125 g;
  5. Chocolate – ½ tile;
  6. Walnuts – 1 handful;
  7. Cocoa powder – a small amount (for decoration).

Cooking time, taking into account the cooling of the cake will be 2 hours and 20 minutes, and its calorific value is 2500 kcal..

Initially, it is necessary to prepare the gingerbread, cutting them along into two equal parts. Peeled bananas should be cut either in circles or ovals, keeping them the same size and thickness..

Sour cream must first be whipped with powdered sugar, and only then add to it in advance peeled and chopped walnuts in a blender. The pot necessary for the formation of the dessert should be covered with food film in such a way that, as a result, its edges hang out. This will then help to easily extract the cake..

Forming a gingerbread cake, you should first dip each of the layers in sour cream, and then distribute them along the bottom of the pan. If gaps are formed during this, they will need to be filled with shredded chocolate gingerbread..

After the first layer, there should be circles of bananas, and after these two layers it is necessary to alternate between themselves until the last layer of gingerbread has completed cooking.

It is better to leave the finished cake soaked for a couple of hours, and then turn it over on a flat, wide saucer..

Grated chocolate and cocoa powder can make a wonderful decoration for the surface of the dessert..

Delicacy with marshmallow and sour cream

If even the chocolate cake made from gingerbread did not give the homemade sweets proper saturation, then you can later experiment with the addition of one more interesting ingredients. For example, eastern sweets.

The most affordable today is marshmallow, on the basis of which the next dessert will be prepared. To do this, prepare the following components:

  1. Any gingerbread – ½ kg;
  2. Sugar – 4 tbsp. spoons;
  3. Chocolate – ½ tile;
  4. Dressing;
  5. Marshmallow – 2 pieces;
  6. Sour cream – ½ l.

The cooking time, taking into account the cooling of the delicacy, will be 24 hours and 20 minutes, and its caloric content is 2400 kcal..

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Two of the total number of gingerbread should be cut along the layers, and all the rest to break hands into small crumbs. Eastern sweetness should also be cut into pieces, preferably – cubes.

After mixing the sour cream with sugar, you can equip with a blender and carefully beat the mass together. As a result, the sand must necessarily dissolve..

Those cookies that were originally crushed, as well as marshmallows should be added to sour cream.

Before proceeding to the formation of a cake of gingerbread, marshmallow and sour cream, you must take a deep rounded container and cover it so that the edges of the film sticking out.

Next you need to fill it with smetannoy mass, and put gingerbread on top. They should be laid tightly to each other, as they will later act as the bottom of the cake..

It is better to put it in the fridge for the whole day, so that the top should freeze..

Then, turning the cake to the bottom on a wide saucer, it remains to decorate it with the help of grated chocolate.

So you can conclude that the gingerbread cake is an excellent culinary alternative for the arrival of guests:

  • Dessert does not require baking in the oven or multi-cooker;
  • All components are quite budget;
  • Despite the increased caloric content, the cake is useful, thanks to its constituents;
  • Cooking time without cooling is 20 minutes, the main part of which goes to the formation of dessert.