Salted milk mushrooms are especially appetizing. With the help of a good recipe for salting salmon in a hot way you can provide yourself with stocks for the winter.

Salty грузди с луком

In ancient times, wooden pots were usually used for pickling..

Today most commonly used glass packaging, which is environmentally friendly and preserves all the qualities of the dish..

Preparation of mushrooms for salting

Milk mushrooms that were only collected in the forest or purchased in a store require thorough cleaning. The bank should not get anything extra.

Usually the preparation is carried out in the following way:

  1. Thoroughly clean the mushrooms from dirt, dust and foreign particles;
  2. Be sure to remove the basal part of the legs, it is better to cut the legs completely – to the caps;
  3. Mushrooms are washed thoroughly under cold running to make them perfectly clean;
  4. They are soaked in water for a long time (only in cold), for about half a day (this is necessary to exclude bitterness);
  5. Cold water in which mushrooms are soaked should be changed after a few hours..

Salting gruzdy in a hot way at home

There are certain methods of salting this type of mushroom in cans, which can be used by any hostess. They are quite simple and accessible, and it will take a little time to complete such work. So, we present you recipes for salting hot milk.

Salt white milk mushrooms

The hot pickling method will provide raw mushrooms with an amazing taste. At the same time, there is nothing difficult in it. This method will require the following ingredients:

Raw грузди

  • Milk whites white (raw) – 5 kg;
  • Cooking salt – 250 g;
  • Allspice – 25 g;
  • Bay leaf – 10 pieces;
  • Garlic – 1 head;
  • Black currant leaves – 4 pieces.

These items are also needed:

  • Spacious saucepan;
  • Wooden cover (plastic and suitable);
  • Wide gauze;
  • Oppression (you can use a regular brick);
  • Glass jars with lids for winter harvesting;
  • Sieve.

Step-by-step actions when salting white mushrooms in a hot way:

  1. Prepared in the usual way and soaked mushrooms should be thrown into a boiling pot, submerged currant leaves, pepper and peas into it and cook for about 13 minutes; Cook грибы
  2. While the mushrooms are boiling, you need to peel the garlic, wash it and chop it; Garlic
  3. When milk mushrooms boil down, the broth must be poured with a sieve into another container;
  4. Strained mushrooms will need to lay out in another dish (glass containers or enameled);
  5. Garlic, salt, bay leaf, currant leaves, pepper-peas are also placed in a container with mushrooms; Fill отваром
  6. Mushrooms are poured with the decoction obtained after boiling; Add чеснок в кастрюлю
  7. The container is covered with a lid on which a brick or other weight is placed; Cargo
  8. Milk mushrooms should brew for 24 hours (only in a cold room, you can use a refrigerator).

After the mushrooms are ready to eat, you can cook any dish or use them with other products..

In the event that salting has been planned for the winter, it is necessary to boil them before boiling up the mushrooms..

Usually follow this algorithm of action when salting raw wetlands in a hot way to banks:

  1. Carefully sterilize glass jars;
  2. Mushrooms in brine are brought to a boil;
  3. In the banks put milk mushrooms;
  4. Pour them with the resulting decoction;
  5. Make seaming lids. Salt в банке на зиму

After that, the mushrooms will be really ready for long-term storage. Banks need to be put in a dark cool room (storeroom or cellar).

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Black mushrooms pickle recipe

This type of mushrooms is usually advised by experts to salt, using the method of processing boiling water. In this case, they are especially soft and pleasant to the taste. What you need to prepare salting mushrooms in this way:

  • Milk blacks – 3 kg;
  • Large cabbage leaves – a few pieces (to cover the surface of the container);
  • Salt – 1 tablespoon;
  • Water – 1300 ml;
  • Dill seed – 1/2 tsp;
  • Black pepper-peas – 15 pcs .;
  • Sweet Pepper-Peas – 15 pcs .;
  • Cherry leaves – a few;
  • Horseradish – to taste;
  • Garlic – 5-6 cloves;
  • Clove kernels – ½ tsp.

Additional means: enameled pan, sieve, cargo (opp), glass jars and lids (for clogging).

Step by Step Actions:

Salty черные грузди на тарелке

  1. Before salting black salads, clean, prepared mushrooms are boiled in a saucepan for six minutes;
  2. Brine is separately prepared: dill seeds, cloves, cherry leaves, pepper-peas (of both species), cloves and salt are put into the water. After that, everything is brought to the boiling point;
  3. Milk thrown back on the sieve;
  4. Then they are put in a container with brine and cooked for half an hour;
  5. At the end of cooking, horseradish and garlic are thrown into a pot of mushrooms, removed from the heat;
  6. The surface of the container with the milk grains is covered with cabbage leaves, a cover and a load are placed on top. It is important that the mushrooms are completely covered with liquid;
  7. A pot of milk mushrooms is placed in a room with a low temperature for several days;
  8. After they are well insisted, it is necessary to prepare sterile jars, put mushrooms in them, pour brine in water and roll up the lids.

With proper sterilization of cans and their full blockage, such a product can be left for the winter.

Housekeeping Tips

The hot method of processing of the milk products guarantees a special taste and usefulness of the product. Milk will melt in your mouth. To make them especially tasty, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before you leave the mushrooms for infusion after boiling, you should make sure that they are well covered with liquid. Otherwise such milk mushrooms will stick together and lose their taste qualities;
  2. Finally, the mushrooms will be ready only 30 days after their preparation;
  3. Additional ingredients like cloves, currant leaves, give the mushrooms a particularly savory taste, but it is not recommended to abuse them – everything should be in moderation..

If you follow all the rules for making salted pickles in a hot way, you can get a tasty and healthy product that will allow you to create new dishes. Properly salted mushrooms can be stored for a long time, without fear of reducing their quality..