Sometimes in the home cellars such a large amount of cooked jam accumulates that it is not always used. Every year, the hostess can roll it in tens of liters, but it does not have time to be spent. What to do in this case? Tasty homemade wine can be made from the remaining jam.

Simple recipe
how правильно делать вино из варенья в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
Jam 3 l
Warm water (boiled) 3 l
Granulated sugar 250 g + 200 g for wort
Unwashed raisins (or grapes) 250 g
Time for preparing: 87600 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 247 Kcal

In order to make wine at home, you can take any jam, and you can even mix jam from different fruits and berries.

Step by step preparation:

  1. The jam is mixed with water, 250 g of sugar is added to the same place, the whole mass is thoroughly mixed;
  2. Add to the resulting solution raisins (or grapes), it will act as a kind of wine yeast, which will start fermentation;
  3. The container with the resulting sweet mass must be removed in a warm dark place;
  4. After the pulp rises to the surface, it will need to be carefully removed, and the wort must be drained into a separate clean dish (preferably a glass bottle);
  5. In the resulting wort, you must pour 200 grams of sugar;
  6. The bottle must be tightly closed with a special water seal;
  7. The resulting mash must be placed in a dark warm place (25 ° -27 °), where the fermentation process will take place;
  8. As soon as the gas bubbles inside the bottle cease to stand out, the resulting product can be poured into separate bottles, being careful not to agitate the sediment;
  9. All bottles must be sealed with dense corks, after which the wine should be suitable for another 2 months in a dark place, but this time it’s already cool..

How to quickly make a homemade wine from cherry jam

Homemade wine made from high-quality and fresh cherry jam is prepared very quickly and simply, and here you need the following:

What is necessary How much to take
Cherry jam 1 l
Pure boiled water 1 l
Raisins 100 gr
Cinnamon 1 tsp.

The process of mixing the ingredients will take no more than 10 minutes, the wine itself should be suitable for 2.5 months. Calorie per 100 grams of the drink will be 256 calories.

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. First of all, the mash is prepared: a can of 3 liters is taken, jam is placed there, filled with warm water, raisins and cinnamon are poured, all the sweet mass is thoroughly mixed; to make сусло
  2. A rubber glove should be worn on the neck of the container (a surgical glove is best suited, it can be purchased at any pharmacy); put on перчатку
  3. The can with the future wort is placed in a dark and heated place for about 10 days;
  4. After 10 days, the mixture must be drained through gauze, the wort must be poured into a new jar (the cake and other sediment must be discarded), and a new thin glove is put on the neck of the container, but this time one finger of the glove should have a puncture; strain
  5. The finished wort needs to be put back in a dark and warm place, this time it will be necessary to wait 40 days; to put в темное место
  6. After a specified period, the finished wine can be poured into individual containers. To do this, take a few bottles and a tube for the dropper (also purchased in a pharmacy). Bottles are placed just below the can itself, their necks are connected by a tube in such a way that it does not touch the sediment at the bottom;
  7. Gradually, the wine is poured into the container, after which it can be sealed with sealed lids. wine готово

Wine of plum jam on rice at home

The recipes for such a homemade drink differ in their diversity, and one of them includes rice:

Ingredients Required Their proportions
Purified, boiled water 4.5 liters
Plum Jam 1.5 l
Pic 400 gr

This wine will be prepared in just 10 minutes, the fermentation process will take 31 days. Calories 100 grams – 288 kcal.

How to make a drink:

  1. It is necessary to put jam in a special glass container, add rice to it (it is not necessary to wash it), pour all this with warm water;
  2. The whole mass is thoroughly mixed, after which it is poured into a large glass bottle, the neck of which is covered with a thin rubber glove;
  3. The container with the must must be put in a dark and sufficiently heated place; there it will wander. It is important to periodically monitor this process, as sometimes it can flow too intensively, tearing the glove and throwing the contents out;
  4. After 30 days, the wort can be filtered, the wine poured into glass jars and left to fit for another day, while their neck no longer need to clog anything;
  5. At the last stage, the wine can be closed and placed in the refrigerator.

Strawberry Jam Sugar Free Recipe

recipe варенья

An excellent alcoholic drink made at home can come from strawberry jam:

What to take How much do you need
Strawberry jam 1 l
Boiled water 2.5 l
Raisins 150 gr

The whole cooking process will take a little over a month. This drink will contain 270 kcal..

How to make a drink:

  1. In a separate glass container mix the jam and warm water, the whole mass is very thoroughly mixed (at least 7 minutes);
  2. In the sweet strawberry mix you need to pour unwashed raisins, after which the container is placed in a warm and dark place for subsequent fermentation;
  3. When fermentation stops, the wort will need to be drained, after which it is again bottled in several cans or bottles;
  4. This time the bottles will definitely need to be corked, after which they are not placed in a cool place for 3 days;
  5. After this time, the drink is ready to drink..

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Homemade apricot jam wine with honey and spices

In particular, a delicious drink will be the one in the recipe which uses additional ingredients in the form of spices. Thanks to them, the wine will acquire a rich taste and aroma, highlighting the skill of a skilled winemaker:

Required Products Their proportions
Apricot jam 1.5 l
Purified water 1.5 l
Granulated sugar 500 gr
Cinnamon  5 gr
Carnation 5 gr
Honey 50 gr
Raisins 300 gr

The complete process of making such a wine will take 2 months. Caloric value in 100 grams of a product – about 370 kcal.

Phased cooking method:

  1. Jam and water are mixed in a large glass container, and sugar is poured into it;
  2. All ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass, after which the container is closed and placed in a dark and cool place for subsequent fermentation;
  3. After 1 month, you can get half the finished wine, remove the pulp from its surface, and then strain the wort;
  4. In the strained liquid, you need to add honey, cinnamon, cloves and raisins, mix everything slightly again and leave to ferment for exactly 1 month again;
  5. When the time comes, the wine can be filtered through cheesecloth, remove all the remnants of food from it, after which the apricot wine with spices is ready for tasting.

Recipe for homemade wine from old fermented apple jam

If a jar of old apple jam was discovered in a cellar or a pantry, which has already managed to ferment, there is no need to get rid of it. From this product you can make excellent homemade wine, which does not require a large number of components:

Wine Products In what proportions to take
Apple jam (fermented) 1 l
Water is clean 1 l
Raisins 100 gr

This cooking process will be the longest – about 4.5 months, but in the end it should make an excellent homemade wine. Calorie per 100 grams of drink will be no more than 250 kcal.

Cooking process:

  1. You will need a clean 3-liter jar, into which you must put the fermented apple jam, raisins, pour all the ingredients with boiled warm water;
  2. The whole mixture is thoroughly stirred, after which it is closed with a tight lid and left in a dark place, where the temperature should be between 18 ° -25 °;
  3. After 10 days the wort is filtered through the cake and poured into another clean glass jar;
  4. A thin latex glove is put on the neck of the can with a small hole previously made in one finger;
  5. Put the jar back in place for the next fermentation. The fermentation process is considered complete when a sediment falls to the bottom of the tank, the liquid stops producing bubbles, and the glove is deflated. All this will take about 40 days;
  6. Then the wine is filtered from the sediment, poured into suitable containers and placed in a cool place for about 2.5 months;
  7. After this time, the finished wine can be consumed..

Important tips for making a drink

To make the wine really high-quality and tasty, you cannot use ordinary yeast. The maximum that can be resorted to is wine yeast, but since they are rarely available for sale, ordinary raisins are used in the manufacturing process..

Raisins are not recommended to be washed, as special bacteria live on its surface, which allow starting fermentation. It is also important to choose the right raisins, which will have a matte surface with a slightly bluish tint..

It is recommended to use bottles with dark glass as a container for fermenting homemade wine, as it will protect the wort from unwanted light..

You can use a thin surgical glove to seal the container, or you can purchase a special closure. It is also important to know that the glove can be used only once, that is, each time, changing the container, it will be necessary to change and gloves.

Special wooden barrels with cork stoppers are perfect for storing wine. Thanks to such a container, wine, as they say, will “breathe”.

It is important to remember that the raw material for wine, namely jam, must be free from mold. Otherwise, the drink will get an unpleasant taste or not at all..

Some home winemakers mix jams from different berries and fruits to achieve an unusual taste, however, experienced experts in this business recommend to refrain from such experiments, as the wine simply loses both taste and flavor..

Those who love sweet dessert wines can add a little sweet syrup to the wort, but not more than 250 grams.