How to make thin pancakes with milk

Among the variety of flour products there is a wonderful dish with a mysterious name – chanterelles. Let’s first, let’s see what it is?

Sweepers are the thinnest yeast-free pancakes. They are very elastic and, as a rule, are served to the table with various fillings that are wrapped in these same pancakes. Since the pancakes have a neutral, creamy-sweet taste, they can be combined with any kind of toppings: as sweet, such as cottage cheese, jam, fruit, and salty, such as minced meat, fish, mushrooms, or stewed cabbage.

Classic recipe
how приготовить тонкие налистники на молоке
Ingredients amount
whole cow milk 2 st.
wheat flour 170g
chicken eggs 3 pcs.
salt stone pinch
granulated sugar 1 tbsp.
unsalted butter 50 g
Time for preparing: 150 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 187 Kcal

Cooking Pancakes with Milk:

  1. For the dough, you will need egg yolks and whites separately. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to separate the proteins from the yolks;
  2. Bring the butter to softening in a water bath, and then rub it with sugar sand to form a lush white mass. Next, add the egg yolks to the oil mixture and rub until smooth. Then half of the milk is added to the prepared mixture, a pinch of salt and everything is thoroughly stirred; the eggs взбить
  3. Sift the wheat flour through a sieve and gradually add to the milk-oil mixture. Knead the mixture until homogeneous, carefully rubbing all the lumps that form and, only after that, add the remaining milk. Knead, cover with a cloth towel and leave for 2 hours (recommended at room temperature). This is necessary in order for the dough, as it should “distance”. During this time, gluten, which is in flour, will reveal all its properties and, thereby, will increase the elasticity of the ready lists; add муку
  4. After the specified time, add whipped egg whites to the dough and mix gently;
  5. Grease a pan for baking pancakes with butter and heat it. Next, pour a portion of cooked dough into the pan and distribute it evenly throughout the pan. The pancake should be quite thin, so adjust the amount of poured dough yourself. Bake lists with both sides, until golden; pancakes пожарить
  6. Fill the pancakes with any kind of stuffing, wrap beautifully, put on a dish and serve..

Thin linisters on milk and starch


  • wheat flour – 100 g;
  • potato starch – 100 g;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • cow milk – 500 ml;
  • crystalline white sugar – 1.5 tbsp;
  • rock salt – ½ tsp;
  • refined vegetable oil – 50 ml.

Cooking time: 60 minutes.

Energy value per 100 g: 190 kcal.

Step by step description:

  1. Beat eggs into a deep bowl and whisk lightly with a fork;
  2. Then add salt and sugar to them, pour in the milk and whisk everything again, but with a mixer;
  3. Combine flour with starch and sift through a sieve. After that, start it gradually pour into the milk-egg mixture, without stopping the process of mixing. Knead the mass until you break all the flour lumps. Then, lastly, vegetable oil is added to the dough;
  4. The finished dough should be quite liquid. Cover it with a cloth and send it to the refrigerator for 20-25 minutes;
  5. Pour the dough in a very thin layer onto a well-heated pan (with a non-stick coating) and bake until golden brown. Then, using a spatula, turn the pancake over to the other side and also redden it;
  6. Fill the ready-made leaves with a pre-cooked filling (choice at your discretion), roll into an envelope and serve. Such chandeliers can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, and heated before serving in the microwave or in the oven.

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Recipe for Pancakes from Sour Milk Dough


  • cow sour milk – 2 tbsp .;
  • flour – 1 tbsp .;
  • crystal sugar – 50 g;
  • salt – pinch;
  • egg – 1 pc .;
  • refined oil – 50 ml.

Cooking time: 50 minutes.

The number of kcal per 100 g: 187.

Phased cooking description:

  1. Place an egg, a pinch of salt, milk and sugar in the mixer bowl. Beat everything until a homogeneous mass;
  2. After that, enter the sifted wheat flour and refined oil. Turn on the mixer and knead the homogeneous, semi-liquid dough (at the lowest speed;
  3. Heat the pan for baking pancakes, heat it, pour a small amount of cooked dough on it, and start baking thin rosy pasta sheets. Bake them for several minutes on both sides;
  4. Ready Pancakes can be served at the table, both with sweet filling, and with salty. Enjoy your meal!

How to fill pancakes

Variants of sweet fillings:

  1. Sweet cottage cheese. Combine cottage cheese, raw egg, sugar, a pinch of salt, raisins, vanilla and lemon zest;
  2. Banana Banana mash with a fork, combine with a piece of softened butter, sugar and lemon juice;
  3. Boiled condensed milk.

Options for salty fillings:

  1. Cabbage stew with mushrooms;
  2. Rice with minced meat;
  3. Minced fried liver;
  4. Boiled eggs with green onions;
  5. Salted red fish;
  6. Leaver;
  7. Boiled potatoes with fried onions;
  8. Roasted minced meat;
  9. Processed cheese with chopped garlic and mayonnaise.

Enjoy your meal!