Georgian national cuisine is famous for its numerous national dishes, the mention of which already arouses appetite among true gourmets. Suluguni is one of them. This cheese was tried by many. It is available for sale in the form of thin stripes or braids. But in fact, its true appearance is not at all smoked sticks, but a soft, round, slightly flattened piece of cheese..

how делать сыр сулугуни в домашних условиях

What kind of cheese is it and what is it to combine with??

Suluguni is Georgian cheese. It is prepared in a special brine or grape juice, from which it acquires an elastic, but at the same time, soft structure. Its unique taste allows it to be used as a standalone product, as well as adding it to various dishes, for example, in khachapuri. He will give special emphasis to meat and fish dishes. In addition, suluguni is often used as a filling for pies, corn tortillas, or as one of the components of salads..

Like any cheese, suluguni perfectly combine with wine. The perfect complement it will make olives, beans, cucumbers.

Practically all types of milk are suitable for making Georgian cheese: cow, goat, sheep, but the traditional recipe implies the use of sheep’s milk. However, to create suluguni on an industrial scale still use the more popular types of milk, and this does not detract from its taste. But for the delicacy of the cheese, with a more intense and refined taste, use buffalo milk.

Cooking details

In order to taste the truly traditional suluguni, you must go to his homeland, where his preparation takes into account all the details and requirements of the cooking process..

The main requirement for creating Suluguni is the addition of the enzyme pepsin, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. In addition, pay attention to the choice of milk: it should be homemade, used only in raw form. Purchased pasteurized milk, and especially skimmed milk, can cause the cheese to fail..

From scrap materials, gauze fabric will definitely come in handy, with which you will need to squeeze the resulting curd from the whey.

It is also possible to prepare suluguni at home, and proper observance of all prescription recommendations ensures that you get unique, tender cheese..

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The classic recipe for making Suluguni at home
how делать сыр сулугуни в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
cow’s milk 8 liters
pepsin liquid 3 ml
salt 300 g
Time for preparing: 900 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 285 Kcal

For lovers of Suluguni cheese, who decided to recreate this version of the Georgian dish, it is worth patience, because the process is very laborious..

How to cook:

  1. Milk is poured into a deep prepared container (pan) and heated to a temperature of 35; heat up молоко
  2. After that, pepsin is added to the heated milk, mixed and left in a warm place for 1 hour;
  3. As soon as the milk is curled and turned into tight lumps, they need to be collected and put into gauze, and then suspended for 1 hour to drain excess liquid. It is not necessary to pour out the whey left in the pan, it is still useful; heat up
  4. After an hour, the cheese is tested for readiness: to do this, a small piece of it is broken off and dipped in hot water for a few minutes. If the cheese is then pulled, then it is ready; if it crumbles, it is left for some time;
  5. As soon as the cheese becomes elastic, it is cut into large layers and placed in a container with cold water for 20 minutes to stop the fermentation process; slice сыр
  6. Now suluguni needs to be cut into small cubes, put them in an aluminum dish and pour hot water at a temperature no higher than 65⁰; warm up молоко
  7. As soon as the cheese begins to melt a little – pour out the water and pour a new one. It is necessary to repeat this procedure until a homogeneous elastic curd appears in the bowl;
  8. Next, the brine is prepared: for this, the whey from the pan is mixed with salt;
  9. Suluguni is placed in brine and left for 12 hours; suluguni
  10. As soon as the specified time passes, the cheese is sent to the refrigerator for several hours, and then it can be eaten..

 Suluguni cheese on sour cream at home

To prepare suluguni according to this recipe, you need sour cream of high fat content (more than 30%).


  • sour cream – 230 ml;
  • milk – 2.2 liters;
  • chicken egg – 4 pieces;
  • fresh dill – 1 bunch;
  • salt – 40 g;
  • seasoning is at the discretion.

Cooking time – 7–8 hours.

The caloric content of the product per 100 g will be 290 kcal.

The recipe for making suluguni cheese on sour cream in steps:

  1. Milk is poured into a deep saucepan and heated over moderate heat until the first bubbles appear. After the fire is weakened and, stirring, pour salt;
  2. Sour cream is poured into another container, eggs are hammered into it, and everything is thoroughly mixed, bringing to a uniform consistency;
  3. The resulting mixture is slowly added to the milk;
  4. Dill washed, chopped finely and sent to milk, you can add seasonings;
  5. As soon as the milk begins to curl, turning into cottage cheese, it is languished for a few more minutes (5–6) over low heat;
  6. The resulting cottage cheese spread on the gauze, spread out in a colander. For 25 minutes, the product is left to glass all the liquid;
  7. Further, the gauze is rolled up in the form of a bag, the remaining liquid is squeezed out manually, and then placed in a deep container, covered with a plate, over which a bottle of water is placed (5 liters);
  8. Leave the cheese in this position for 3-5 hours, periodically draining the accumulated liquid;
  9. Ready serving Suluguni, before serving, it is worth some time to hold in the refrigerator.

Fused suluguni at home


To prepare this type of suluguni you need the following:

  • milk – 2.8–3 liters;
  • pepsin – at the tip of a knife;
  • plain water – 1.9 liters;
  • salt – 70 g.

Preparation will take 15-16 hours.

100 grams of melted suluguni contains 290 kcal.

How to make Suluguni cream cheese at home:

  1. Milk poured into a saucepan is brought yes 45⁰;
  2. Pepsin is dissolved in 25 ml of cold water;
  3. Further, the dissolved pepsin is poured into the milk, mixed. The fire is turned off, the pan is covered with a lid and left for half an hour;
  4. After 30 minutes, try the cheese for elasticity: hold with a knife or spoon on its surface; if it is “springy”, then the cheese is cut and left for another 25 minutes, and then mixed;
  5. Next, the cheese spread on the gauze, squeeze the liquid and leave in limbo for 1.5 hours;
  6. Meanwhile, salt is dissolved in water, and then, the cheese is dipped into this brine. Leave it for 5 hours at room temperature;
  7. After a while, the cheese is cut and poured boiling water, until it is fully immersed;
  8. In boiling water, the cheese will begin to melt, so it must be stirred to achieve homogeneity of the product;
  9. Then, the cheese must be hung again in cheesecloth for 1.5 hours;
  10. After that, a new brine is prepared and Suluguni is placed in it for 6 hours. After which it is completely ready for use.

Suluguni with lemon juice

Adding lemon juice in the preparation of Georgian suluguni contributes to the rapid separation of whey from the curd.

To prepare suluguni based on it, you will need the following components:

  • milk – 2 liters;
  • lemon juice – 60 ml;
  • iodized salt – 75 g.

Cooking will take – 8 hours.

270 kcal per 100 g of cheese.

The recipe for homemade suluguni with lemon juice is step by step:

  1. Milk is heated in a saucepan to 40⁰;
  2. As soon as the first bubbles appear, lemon juice and 15 g of salt are poured into the milk (this will speed up the separation of the curd from the whey);
  3. With the formation of the first cottage cheese flakes on the surface of the milk, the fire is turned off, the pan is covered with a lid and cooked for 5 minutes;
  4. Cottage cheese is harvested and spread on the gauze prepared in advance. Cottage cheese is wrapped in it and left suspended for 1.5 hours;
  5. While the remaining whey is draining from the curd, a new portion of brine is prepared from the remaining 60 g of salt and 2 liters of water. It is better to start its production as soon as the serum begins to drain less and less;
  6. After the allotted 1.5 hours, the cottage cheese is taken out of gauze and placed in a pickle. Leave it there for 6 hours. After that, the finished cheese is completely ready.

Useful tips

  1. For those who do not like to wait a long time or simply prefer to enjoy young suluguni cheese, the cooking process can be completed as soon as the milk forms a curd mass. It is collected and thrown back on the gauze, the method of squeezing remove the remaining serum. The cheese is ready to eat and does not require further aging in brine;
  2. But the brine will be required to obtain this Suluguni. So in order to taste the true taste of cheese, you will have to be patient;
  3. If suluguni is required as a filling for various baking, then it can be crushed and left for some time in a warm environment. It will begin to melt, which is necessary for using it as a filling;
  4. Suluguni is tasty not only in its original form, but also as a fried dish. To do this, put a piece of butter in a heat-resistant dish (a griddle with a thick bottom) and melt it on the fire. The cheese, meanwhile, is cut, rolled in flour and sent to the pan. Covering with a strong plate, fry it for 3 minutes on one side, adding a little flour, and then 2 minutes on the other side, also sprinkling flour. Roasted suluguni served with finely chopped greens and seasoned with a small amount of lemon juice.

As you can see, you can taste Georgian cheese without leaving the walls of your home. Cooking Suluguni will add variety to the diet, complement various dishes and will be an excellent self-made snack..

The only negative – will require a large amount of milk. But Suluguni truly justifies these costs. Besides, it is not only tasty, but also very healthy..

Cheese is saturated with various vitamins, it is recommended as a rehabilitation product after a viral illness, it will accelerate the recovery of strength..

But people leading regular calorie counting should not abuse Suluguni, since it is very high in calories..