Imagine a berry that can be used in traditional medicine, in cosmetology, in cooking. She is known to all those involved in gardening, especially hostesses who love to indulge in something tasty with their home in winter..

She is incredibly beautiful, juicy, healthy and very tasty. An important place in the diet of this berry is among those who want to be healthy. What is it? Red currant!

Preform с джемом из смородины

We turn your attention to delicious, healthy red currant jam recipes that we can cook with you at home..

Many hostesses think that it is difficult to cook it, because it will take a lot of time. But you yourself see how everything is possible and easy. And first, let’s find out why the red currant is so useful..

Useful properties of red berries

The presence in our diet of this berry will help improve appetite, good intestinal work. Red currant has a choleretic effect, helps to treat dermatitis, colitis and eczema.

The plant contains the substance oxycoumarin, thanks to which blood clotting is increased. The high content of iron in the currant helps to increase hemoglobin, which has a positive effect on the health of our vessels, and potassium normalizes the work of the heart muscle.

Currant – an excellent tool for the prevention of osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia, as well as heart disease. This wonderful berry helps to strengthen the immune system, has a diaphoretic and antipyretic effect..

In addition to therapeutic properties, the plant has been successfully applied in cosmetology. With many other components of the berries make masks for the face, body and hair.

What is the difference between jam and ordinary jam?

Red currant jam is a jelly-like mass. Jam, where fruits and berries are usually we want to see whole, in jam, on the contrary, everything should be completely boiled soft. Juice boiled with sugar to jelly state.

Treats for boiling should be thick, and when we spread on a loaf, do not spread. You can use red currant jam at your discretion: as a filling in pies, someone will want to fill them with cakes or wafer rolls.

What berries can you make a delicacy?

Berries средней спелостиThere is a wrong opinion that very ripe, trampled berries are used in jam preparation..

But this is not true, such berries have a very low content of pectin and it is impossible to cook a thick and tasty jelly-like dessert..

Therefore, it will be true to use ripe or slightly unripe berries..

We offer to proceed to the consideration of interesting recipes for making red currant jam.

Quick Ripe Currant Jam

Very fragrant, pleasant to the taste quick jam of red currant, useful substances remain maximum, quickly thickens, has a unique pleasant taste of sourness and very beautiful amber color.


  • Red currant – 1.5 kg;
  • Sugar -1 kg;
  • Water – 100 ml. Raw material

Step-by-step recipe with photos:

  1. Rinse the berries well, dry them thoroughly, put them in the dishes for cooking; Flush
  2. Pour in 100 ml of water and heat over low heat. Cook until berries give juice; Cook
  3. Squeeze the currants through a sieve or thick gauze, bring to a boil, the juice should be enough; Wring out
  4. Fill the sugar, mix everything thoroughly and boil for about 3 minutes; Saharim
  5. Strain the resulting mixture through the smallest sieve to make a clear jelly; Boil
  6. Spill on the banks and cork covers. Ready желе

Do not panic if it did not work out. Dump a little sugar and boil again, we get a thick dessert. There are varieties of plants with a low content of pectin. The shops sell pectin or sugar with pectin. Apply these tips, you will get excellent delicacy..

Classic recipe for winter

This beloved recipe will help, without making special efforts to prepare red currant jam for the winter at home. This unusual dish, as a rule, surprised everyone with its unusual taste..

The recipe is very easy, never be afraid to cook something new and start creating, then cooking will be your favorite pastime.


  • Ripe berries of currant – 1 kg;
  • Sugar – 1.5 kg;
  • Water – 2 glasses.

Description of jam preparation:

Bread с желе

  1. Berries thoroughly washed and dried;
  2. When the water boils, drop it for 2 minutes into the water, remove it from the tank, and rub it with a mortar;
  3. Grinded berries put in a container, gradually fill up the sugar and add water. Stir periodically, cook over low heat until cooked;
  4. When the content is reduced by 2 times and thickens, we see that the jelly is ready;
  5. For the winter, prepared currant jam is put into sterile jars, covered with lids and sterilized (1 l. – 15 minutes, 0.5 l. – 10 minutes). This dessert can be stored at home..

Using this simple method, you can make preparations for the winter, such a delicacy will always be loved by your loved ones.

Cooking method in a slow cooker


  • Red currant – 1 kg;
  • Sugar – 500-700 gr.

How to make red currant jam for the winter in a slow cooker:

  1. Remove berries from branches, wash well, boil for 1-2 minutes, peretert well then lay in a multicooker container;
  2. Berries with sugar mix well and pour into a container;
  3. Put the slow cooker in the “Baking” mode, wait until the jam boils, then put the slow cooker in the “Fire” mode, cook for 40 minutes;
  4. After 15 minutes, thoroughly mix the mass.
  5. Pour the delicacy into banks and roll it up..
Jam из лепестков розIn this block, you will find recipes of useful jam for the winter. How to cook jam from rose petals at home.

And here you will learn how to make pine cones jam.

Methods for making white currant jam are described here. Successful sweet preparations!

How to make red currant jelly for the winter without cooking

Properly cooked jelly for the winter without cooking is a source of a variety of vitamin and flavors. This product is a good support in the fall, in the winter, because it is prepared without the use of heat treatment..


  • Currant juice – 1 liter;
  • Sugar – 5 glasses.

How to cook:

  1. We take only ripe and clean berries;
  2. From the berries squeeze the juice using a juicer or meat grinder, then add sugar;
  3. Mix the sugar with the berries, it is important that the sugar melt completely.

Preform без варки

Our jelly of ripe red currant jam for the winter is ready! We shift the cooked jelly into clean, previously prepared sterile jars, preferably small ones, we will sterilize in a water bath for twenty minutes.

Uncooked jelly is good to use for colds. In just a few seconds from our delicacy you can make healthy, vitamin mors..

Hostess note

If you want the red currant berries jam for the winter to look beautiful and have the right consistency, you need to cook it in a special dish. For cooking better fit wide pots or pans, where the moisture will evaporate faster.

It is important to consider: the smaller the portion, the easier it is to boil and mix. At one time we use no more than four kilograms. It is very important to consider the required amount of sugar..

If you add too much sugar, it will ruin the taste of the berries, so the ratio of sugar to fruit should be lower..

So that the jelly does not burn to the bottom, it must be constantly stirred. Make sure that it boils slightly, for this you need to regulate the fire, it is important to monitor the temperature.

Currant jam can be checked for readiness as follows:

  • To hold a wooden spoon on the mass, touching the bottom, and the edges should not close immediately;
  • Fill a spoon with delicacy, cool and turn the top upside down. If it drips from a spoon – boil it again, it is no longer from the spoon – it is ready;
  • Pour into dessert dish, if the jam does not spread – everything turned out.

Enjoy your meal!