“Profitrole” was the name for a small prize earlier in French; at the present time, this word means small but very tasty cakes..

They are made from traditional choux pastry, which can be sweet and neutral. But the filling can be all kinds of, and depending on this, profiteroles are served before lunch as a snack or complete it and are used as a dessert..

profiteroles со сливками

Profiteroles may not be filled. Empty inside they are great for soups like small pampushkas.

The filling for profiteroles can be cheese, meat, mushroom, chicken, fish, salad, sweet cream and ice cream. Bonding these sweet balls with caramel or condensed mass, you can get excellent cakes..

No difficulty in cooking. The secret of successful profiteroles is to prepare the dough for them. Products for them are also quite simple, therefore, having learned how to cook these small, mouth-watering cakes, you can delight your family or guests with delicious pastries..

And you can drink tea with colleagues for a pleasant conversation. Observing the step-by-step cooking instructions, the profit rolls will be lush, and the cream will be thick and not flowing out of them when filling..

Profiteroles: step-by-step recipe
how приготовить профитроли и торт из них в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
high-grade flour 1 cup
cream (store or home) butter (you can replace it with margarine) 125 g
water Full glass
eggs 5 pieces.
salt pinch
oil (or fat) and flour for baking
of milk 300 ml
Sahara 200 – 250 g
cream (peasant) butter for cream 400 g
cream eggs 2 pcs.
cognac Little
Time for preparing: 180 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 330 Kcal

All products in store, if something was not at home – to buy. The process of cooking profiteroles with butter cream begins with the preparation of the dough, which will turn out to be unsweetened..

Put water on fire, add oil and salt to it, bring to a boil.

heat up воду

Pour flour into boiling water, continuously and quickly stirring until the lumps completely disappear..

butter разогреть

Then warm the mixture for 1 – 2 minutes..

add воду в масло

The whole procedure should be carried out on a gentle fire until the dough is smooth, smooth and shiny..

add муку

When this happens, remove the mixture from the heat and cool to 60 degrees..


Add one egg to the cooled mixture, but only when the previous one has already been absorbed into the mass..

Then this resulting mass should be stirred until it is completely cooled..

add яйца

The finished dough is a thin, viscous mass..

dough готово

Lightly grease a baking sheet with butter or fat and lightly sprinkle with flour..

lubricate маслом

Dessert spoon put on it small balls are not too close to each other, as they increase in volume.

lay out тесто

Bake in the oven at 190 – 200 degrees, until the buns are dry and become a beautiful rosy-golden color. The baking process will take approximately 27 – 30 minutes.

profiteroles печь

Then fill the buns with cream, which can be prepared while the profiteroles are baked..

take сливки

The cream is best prepared in an aluminum dish to avoid protein coagulability..

add яйца и сахар

Mix the milk, sugar and eggs thoroughly. Then put this mixture on the fire and bring to a boil, stirring all the time.

to beat крем

Remove the boiled mass from the heat and cool it in cold water, and if it is not in a hurry, let it cool so. To soften the oil and in a few steps pour in the cooled milk-protein mixture.

cream в шприце

Beat the cream and add a spoonful of brandy to it..

prick профитроль

It is better to make profiteroles hot, using a pastry bag for the cream.

profiteroles готовы

Profiteroles with various fillings

As it turned out earlier, the fillings for profiteroles can be very different: sweet and salty. Combining various products with each other, profiteroles can be filled in the most unexpectedly variable ways..

But it’s better to start with fillings that are easier to prepare..

Profiteroles with condensed milk filling

Put the choux dough, prepared as described above, in small pieces on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Top each muffin smeared with whipped egg white. You can use an ordinary paint brush or chicken feather.

profiteroles со сгущенкойFilling for these profiteroles, which are baked in the heated to 2000 oven for 25 minutes, will become a cream of condensed milk.

What will it take to make a cream? Bank of condensed milk or a little less – it all depends on the number of profit profiters. But the remnants of the cream can always be used in cooking. Even just smear on a white loaf and serve for tea.

Beat well the condensed milk with butter, 150 g of which must be softened, but not melted. If desired, you can add 2 tablespoons of cocoa to the resulting cream, or you can fill the baked mini-cakes with cream from condensed milk without cocoa..

This variant of the filling can be simplified using boiled condensed milk as a cream. All other procedures remain the same. Cream of condensed milk is placed in a pastry bag and squeezed into ready-made unheated profiteroles.

Profiteroles with curd cream

The curd cream used as a filling for profiteroles can be sweet and savory. In the first case, sugar is added to the low-fat cottage cheese. The proportions depend on the amount of obtained profiteroles and taste..

For 40 servings obtained from the brewed dough specified above, you will need:

  • 200 gram pack of cottage cheese;
  • A glass of sugar;
  • Half a cup of sour cream;
  • Handful of steamed raisins.

profiteroles с творожным кремомAll ingredients are mixed together in a homogeneous mass. Sugar can be added more or less, who like more.

If unsweetened cream is used as a filling, then chopped dill greens, 2 – 3 slices of crushed garlic, a little salt and pepper, 1 grated melted cheese on a fine grater are added to the curd base. Profiteroles with this filling are served as a snack.

Seafood Profiteroles

This option profiter – snack.

For the salad used as a filling, are used:

profiteroles с морепродуктами

  • 300 g of thawed shrimps (or boiled in salted water for a minute and reclined in a colander);
  • Packing crab sticks, grated on a fine grater;
  • 4 small boiled eggs;
  • 200 grams of grated cheese;
  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic;
  • Finely chopped dill;
  • Salt, pepper, mayonnaise for dressing.

Profiteroles are prepared in the usual way from choux pastry, but before filling them with lettuce, cut off their tops. They can then decorate the snack or just eat.

Cooked products mix, season with salt and pepper. Season with mayonnaise. Filled profiteroles with the obtained salad.

khachapuri по грузинскиPuff pastry khachapuri can be prepared either from ready-made dough or you can make it yourself. And the fillings …

Read how to bake cakes for cakes in a frying pan. Step by step photos and recommendations.

The recipe of roasted zucchini with garlic is a simple and tasty snack, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a summer feast..

“Tower” cake from profiteroles

This cake in the shape of a tower can be prepared for various holidays, and even on weekdays it is possible to lighten the mood of family and friends, surprising them with the extraordinary taste of the French dessert..

Products that will be needed for the test:

  • 125 ml of milk;
  • 125 ml of water;
  • 50 g butter (non-spread) butter;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • A little sugar;
  • 150 g of flour;
  • 4 chicken eggs of the first category.

For cream:

  • Whipped cream.

For fudge:

cake с вуалью

  • 120 grams of sugar;
  • 40 ml of water.

To decorate:

  • Sugar Mastic.

To obtain choux pastry, pour milk and water into the pan, add oil, salt and sugar (a teaspoon will be enough). Bring mixture to a boil, and pour sifted flour into it. This should be done quickly and with continuous stirring so that the dough is brewed without lumps..

Boil the dough for a few minutes to evaporate excess moisture. The resulting dough should be well shaped. And before you add eggs to it, the dough should be cooled, constantly beating it with a mixer. If the dough is hot, the eggs just cook in it. Add eggs one by one.

profiteroles с шоколадомThe finished dough should not be liquid or tear. It should hang from a wooden or plastic spatula in a straight triangle, not flowing from it..

On a greased baking tray, put out even small balls from a pastry bag filled with custard dough, not forgetting the distance between them. The bulges formed from above should be pressed with a finger dipped in water..

Heat the oven to a temperature of 250 degrees and turn it off, put a baking tray with profiteroles there. After 10 minutes, turn on the oven at 75 degrees, and bake profiteroles for another 15-20 minutes.

This option of baking profiteroles is French, but you can use the usual one. 30 minutes in an oven heated to 180 – 200 degrees.

While profiteroles are baked, from rolled sugar mastic with metal molds make flowers for decoration. Mastic can be used ready-made or prepared from a mixture of powdered sugar, lemon juice, gelatin and starch. Sugar flowers dried on a plate.

Ready profiteroles stuffed with cream. If you do not use ready-made, then to get the cream you need to beat the chilled cream of high fat.

A part of the filled profiteroles should be glazed in sugar fudge, dipping each into the mixture, which is prepared as follows. Dissolve sugar in water, bring to a boil and boil down in a bowl with the lid closed..

Then the resulting syrup is quickly cooled in a cold water bath. Stir the cooled mass to white color. Ready-made sugar fudge is ready to use if it drags on..

To give a rich yellow or orange color, add carrot juice or food coloring to it..

On a platter, build a tower of profiteroles, using unglazed ones in the center, and dipped in sugar fudge on the sides. To make the design of the future cake stable, lubricate all profiteroles with whipped cream between them. Decorate the cake with sugar flowers and set on the table.

Useful tips cooks

  1. The readiness of profiteroles is determined by touch on their side parts: they must be solid. Profiteroles with soft barrels are not ready and they can settle;
  2. Instead of butter, grease and baking paper, you can use a special silicone mat that is sold in hardware stores;
  3. Before filling the finished profiteroles, they need to be slightly pierced with a knife for better preservation of shape;
  4. Profiteroles can be stored for a while in the refrigerator, and then used for desserts or snacks;
  5. Do not open the oven where profiteroles are baked, otherwise they may lose their shape..

Having learned how to make choux pastry and bake profiteroles, you can experiment with different fillings and decorations, use them in everyday and festive menus..