Gravy today are widespread in cooking, they play an important role in the original taste of the dish, make the side dishes juicy and tender, give them a special taste and aroma.

All existing types of gravy are impossible to list, but one of the most amazing and tasty, of course, is the meat gravy..

Pork подлива к гарниру

This type of gravy is prepared using a variety of meat components and products, such as beef, lamb, chicken and others. Today we will talk in detail about pork gravy.

A simple pork gravy recipe

To begin with, we will consider a simple and quick recipe for cooking pork gravy, any hostess can cook it and give ordinary dishes a new unique taste..

The following ingredients are required for cooking:

  • Pork – 500 gr;
  • White onion – 2 heads;
  • Tomato (pasta) – 2 tablespoons;
  • Flour – 1 small spoon;
  • Sugar – 1 small spoon;
  • Sunflower oil;
  • Spices (salt, pepper, bay leaf);
  • Greens (you can use dry or fresh dill, parsley).

For convenience, you should prepare all the ingredients:

  1. Pork should be thoroughly washed and cut into small cubes; We cut на кубики
  2. Remove the husks from the onion, wash it and chop it; it is best to chop it into rings or half rings; Bow полукольцами
  3. Tomato paste should be diluted in a glass of boiling water, thereby getting a dressing for gravy. In the dressing you need to add sugar to reduce the acid of the future meat gravy.. Tomato паста и вода

All the ingredients we have prepared, now we boldly proceed to the direct process of how to make gravy with pork:

  1. Sliced ​​meat should be laid out in a pan (should be heated to the limit) with previously poured sunflower oil. You need to fry it to the extent that it becomes golden and beautiful; Fry на сковороде
  2. After lightly roasting the pork, add boiled water to the pan so that it covers the meat completely. In the pan should put laurel and bring water to a boiling state; Pouring воду
  3. After the water boils, you need to close the pan with a lid and simmer the meat in a barely visible fire for about half an hour; Stew мясо под крышкой
  4. Next, you should prepare the second pan and heat it with vegetable oil. Put onions on a hot surface and add flour, stir the whole mass and fry until golden brown, then turn off the heat; Bow с мукой жарим
  5. Stewed pork meat should be checked for softness, if it is sufficient, then add fried onion and tomato paste dressing to the pan; Add лук и томат
  6. In the resulting sauce add spices to your liking and keep on low heat for 5-7 minutes without a lid; We set aside с плиты
  7. Before turning off the fire, add greens to the gravy;
  8. After turning off the fire, the gravy needs to be closed with a lid and let it brew for 10 minutes..

This sauce can be filled with any side dish and served on the table..

All stages of cooking can be viewed in the video below:

Pork gravy with sour cream

Sour cream gives the meat a delicate flavor and unique softness, so the recipe for pork gravy with sour cream is very popular among the culinary masterpieces of housewives.

For the preparation of this tender meat filling with sour cream you will need:

  • Pork – 400 gr;
  • Fat sour cream (20%) – 200 gr;
  • White onion – 1 piece;
  • Flour – 2 tablespoons;
  • Vegetable oil – 100 gr;
  • Spice.

Gravy со сметаной

The cooking method is quite simple:

  1. Pork should be well washed and cut into small pieces, it is better to choose pork chop for cooking;
  2. Onions should be washed, peeled and chopped into thin rings;
  3. Sour cream will be used for the dressing, for this it is necessary to dilute in boiling water and add flour.

Preparation of tender gravy with sour cream:

  1. Preheat the pan and put the meat in there, adding a little vegetable oil. Fry until it has a golden shining shade;
  2. After roasting the meat, add onion rings and fry for about 7 minutes;
  3. In the meat add 2 cups of boiled water and spices to your liking, such as pepper, salt, herbs, cloves and others. Simmer the whole mass under the lid on low heat for 15 minutes;
  4. Stew need to fill with dressing from sour cream and stew without a lid for another 10 minutes;
  5. Then you can complete the cooking process by turning off the gas or stove, close the sauce with a lid, let it brew for at least 5-7 minutes (preferably a little more) and then serve to any side dish.
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Cooking recipe in a slow cooker

Progress does not stand still, more and more often housewives resort to cooking various dishes in a slow cooker. Cooking in a slow cooker takes much less time and does not require constant monitoring, the equipment will do everything for you.

So, for cooking gravy from pork in a slow cooker you will need:

  • Pork;
  • Bow;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Tomato paste;
  • Flour;
  • Spices (bay leaf, greens, salt, pepper).
The weight of the ingredients depends on the number of servings and on the capacity of your multicooker. There is no single recipe for cooking gravy in a slow cooker; each housewife makes her own additions and comes up with individual recipes..

Cooking method:

  1. Pork should be cut into small pieces;
  2. Carefully fluff them with a mixture of spices (salt, pepper, cloves);
  3. Put the pieces of pork meat in a ceramic bowl for the slow cooker and pour vegetable oil;
  4. Put the onion shredded into rings in the bowl and place the slow cooker on the frying program. Meat with onions should be roasted for 10 minutes;
  5. While the meat is fried, dilute the tomato paste in boiling water and add flour to it;
  6. Meat should be poured with tomato paste dressing and cooked in the “Quenching” program for 30-40 minutes;
  7. Before the end of the fire, add greens to the gravy and let it brew for about 5 minutes..

We offer to view a video story, which clearly shows the process of cooking this dish in the slow cooker:

Experienced Culinary Tips

To improve the quality of your gravy, you should consider some culinary notes:

  1. Many housewives try to avoid cooking pork, as it is very fat and high-calorie, but you can keep the shape, if you know how to properly reduce the calorie content of pork. To do this, it is enough to remove all veinlets and fatty layers from pork meat, thanks to which the caloric content of the product will be halved;
  2. When cutting the meat into pieces, you should try to make them the same size for more thorough and uniform roasting the meat;
  3. Sometimes the gravy is very liquid, which is easy to fix. For the density in the gravy, you should add more flour and then on a small fire an additional 10 minutes;
  4. Many housewives overcook the meat at the initial stage of cooking, which makes it tough. Pork when frying should be slightly golden, then it will reach half-ready.
Delicious gravy of pork will not leave anyone indifferent, recipes can be varied with the help of mushrooms, beans, corn, pickled cucumbers and other ingredients.