Aromatic plum wine is a pleasant way to mistreat guests. It is prepared quite simply, in terms of technology similar to grape. Sometimes even easier. And ripening such a fruit drink quickly. Plum wine has a good effect on the cardiovascular system and has a special taste..

plum вино

What you need to know

For wine it is best to pick dark varieties of plums. They have enough sugar and acid, they are fragrant and quite common. For example, the most commonly used variety “Hungarian”. Its pulp is easily separated from the bone..

White plums do not have a pronounced smell, they have little acid, and the taste is quite simple. Of these plums wine will not be saturated. However, it can be used for sauces and marinades..

Plums should never be washed before use. This only applies to wine, of course. The fact is that when the plums are still ripe in the sun, bacteria and fungi form on their peel – natural yeast. They can be seen on a white bloom on the fruits.

Remove dirt, if any, with a dry cloth. At the same time it is necessary to wipe the dirt, and not the entire drain. If you erase the white bloom, the fermentation process will not start and the drink will just turn sour and moldy.

If the fruits are quite small plaque, they need to spread out in the sun and leave for three days. During this time, the sun forms a new colony of bacteria. In a dark place should not be left, as the mold will start to develop.

It is advisable to separate the plums from the bone before cooking the wine. Although they give an extra flavor, there is some poison in them and they taste bitter. For the preparation of “drunk cherries” you need only plums with a bone, so that they retain their appearance and structure..

Fruits must be sorted out. There should be no rotting or mold marks, no worms inside. Fruits should be as ripe as possible so that they have a lot of sugar and juice. Even one spoiled plum in wine will ruin the whole batch..

To prepare a fortified wine, before the final bottling you need to add some alcohol or vodka. The exact amount can not be said, this is a matter of taste. But do not add more than 15% of the total mass. Sugar during this period is also added for taste, not for the fermentation process..

It should be used only glass or enamelware, no metal will not work. A water lock is necessary, you can buy it in a special store or make it yourself from available tools. Wine should not come into contact with the air, either during the fermentation period, or when it is bottled. For this and use the shutter. And the bottles are filled to the top and tightly closed..

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Classic recipe
how сделать вино из сливы в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
water / pulp 1 l / 1 kg
drain 10 kg
sugar / juice 250 g / 1 l
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 62 Kcal

Steps for making homemade plum wine:

  1. Dark varieties of plums should be left in the sun for two days to dry up a little. They need to sort out, do not wash. If necessary, wipe with a dry cloth;
  2. All the bones should be pulled out, and the flesh transferred to mashed potatoes. You can use a blender;
  3. Dilute puree with cold water, proportion: 1: 1;
  4. Move the container for two days in a dark place, the temperature should not be above 25 degrees;
  5. Stir every seven hours with your hands so that the pulp is down under water. Cover the container with gauze on top;
  6. Strain the mass, discard the pulp, dissolve half of the sugar in the liquid. It must be poured into a glass container and put a water seal;
  7. Every four days add a quarter of the remaining sugar, mix gently. It is best to pour a jar of juice, dissolve the sugar in it and pour the syrup back;
  8. After about two months, when the fermentation process was over and the wine no longer releases carbon dioxide, it must be carefully poured into other containers. Do not touch the precipitate, then it should be thrown out;
  9. To taste add more sugar or pour in some vodka or alcohol, not more than 15% of the total mass. Pour into bottles and put in a dark place for three months;
  10. Every 18 days, filter the drink and pour it into clean containers;
  11. Then pour into bottles, clog them, store no more than five years in the refrigerator or in the cellar.

The easiest recipe

wine из слив

  • 8000 g plums;
  • 1000 g of sugar;
  • 1000 ml of water.

How much time – 2 months.

Nutritional value per 100 g – 73 kcal.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Drain the plums and mash them into mashed potatoes, put them in an enamel or glass dish;
  2. Heat water to 40 degrees and pour plums into it;
  3. Cover the dishes with a cloth and put them in a warm place for fermentation, mix twice a day for five days;
  4. Squeeze the juice from the fruit, mix it with sugar and pour the liquid into the bottle;
  5. Put a water seal and pour out the wine after three weeks, be sure to extend it;
  6. Pour into another bottle, close hermetically;
  7. After a month, the liquid must be filtered and bottled..

Wine “Drunk plum” at home

  • 400 g of sugar;
  • 2000 ml of water;
  • 1000 g plums.

How much time – 1 month.

Nutritional value per 100 g – 59 kcal.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Do not pull out the fruit from the fruit and place it on the bottom of the glass container;
  2. Dissolve sugar in water and bring to a boil. Pour the syrup into the plums; it must be hot;
  3. Close the lid, cover with a blanket and soak in such heat for eight hours;
  4. After that, the syrup must be carefully drained into a saucepan, bring it to a boil again and pour the plums again, close it;
  5. Let stand. The wine is almost no lighter, but it will be transparent;
  6. Strain the drink through cheesecloth, do not throw plums;
  7. Add the desired amount of alcohol, if necessary, add more sugar, stir, pour into bottles. If desired, you can add flavors;
  8. Let it brew for another two weeks;
  9. The remaining plums can be dipped in chocolate icing and eat like candy. But only for adults!

How to make a medicinal wine with plums

  • 1000 g plums;
  • 160 g sugar;
  • 800 ml of water;
  • 180 g of raisins.

How much time – 5 months.

Nutritional value per 100 g – 71 kcal.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Fruits without stones need to be slaughtered and mashed in a glass container; plums очистить
  2. Pour half a liter of water at room temperature to the plums and add 100 g of sugar, stir; add сахар
  3. Clean in a warm place for five days;
  4. Raisin pour the remaining water, it should be warm, but not higher than 30 degrees. Pour the remaining sugar and leave for four days;
  5. In the resulting plum juice you need to add sugar at the rate of 3: 1. Pour raisin liquid here; add воду
  6. Close the jar of juice with a water seal, put it in a dark place for a month and a half; to make затвор
  7. Pour wine into bottles, cork them and leave for another three months to ripen..

Spiced Plum Wine

  • 5 pcs of cloves;
  • 3000 ml of water;
  • 2000 g plums;
  • 3 leaves of laurel;
  • 1000 g of sugar.

How much time – 2 weeks.

Nutritional value per 100 g – 77 kcal.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Pull the bones out of the fruit, fold the flesh into the enamel basin and pour half a liter of water to them, crush the berries;
  2. Add another half liter of water, put a clove and add sugar, add a leaf of laurel;
  3. Put the whole mixture on the fire and cook until foam appears. After that, turn off the fire, remove the foam with a spoon. Wait until the mass has cooled;
  4. Using a press to squeeze the liquid;
  5. Cake pour the remaining liter of water and squeeze again;
  6. Mix both parts of the drink, strain them through cheesecloth or sieve;
  7. Pour into a barrel and leave for four days;
  8. Pour into bottles, close hermetically, let stand for another twelve days. Drink for a month.

Practical advice for novice winemakers

The water lock is not the most expensive purchase, but sometimes it is just hard to find in a small town. Then you can do it yourself. You need to take a thin hose, perfect hose from under the dropper. It should be dipped into wine at one end, and the other into a small jar of water nearby. The neck itself is hermetically sealed with available tools.

Another good way is to use a medical glove. In one of her fingers with a needle you need to make a hole, and then put a glove on the bottle’s throat. Over time, it will inflate. And after a couple of weeks, the air will come out of it – this means that the fermentation process has stopped and it is time to filter the wine..

If fermentation is rather sluggish, you just need to increase the amount of sugar. Stir it in portions over several days. Pouring the drink into the container during this period should not be to the very top. It is better to leave 15 cm to the neck. Foam will form in this part and, so that it does not overflow, she needs to leave a seat..

To improve the taste of wine in it, you can add a variety of spices. For example, add a stick of cinnamon or real vanilla, cloves. It is important to add non-flowing spices, otherwise they may later affect the turbidity of the drink. For example, it concerns nutmeg or ground cinnamon.

Cooking plum wine does not take much time. It turns out very tasty drink with an interesting bouquet. You should not expect a light shade and full transparency from it, but it is excellent for home winemaking. Even an absolute beginner can easily handle it using our tips and proven recipes. From a quality product with the addition of a drop of love and zeal, you’ll get a fragrant way to pamper yourself!