In the summer, in the hot season, you want to drink some kind of cooling drink, and then the classic summer trio comes to mind: kvass, juice, lemonade. Lemonades are good because they not only relieve us of thirst, but also saturate the body with vitamins that lemons are rich in..

lemonade с мятой

In addition, in the creation of homemade lemonade, you can show creative ability, then this refreshing drink is not boring, because its recipes there are so many.

So, each hostess will be able to surprise his family with new culinary masterpieces, which will not contain chemical components that are harmful to the body..

Some interesting facts about lemonade

Today, lemonade is called every carbonated sweet drink, which refreshes and brings coolness in the heat, while lemonade appeared only in the 17th century. Then for its preparation they used a special lemon tincture and freshly squeezed lemon juice..

The very first lemonade in the world was cooked by chance, when the butler of French King Louis I, instead of wine, brought lemon juice into the hall, mixing up the barrels. He decided that he had nothing left to lose, and he took the risk of adding mineral water to lemon juice. Surprisingly, Louis I liked the new and unusual drink..

After that, they began to make lemonade carbonated using a special machine for saturating water with oxygen. This moment became the peak for the popularity of lemonade, because it was produced on an industrial scale..

Recipe for classic lemonade
how правильно сделать лимонад в домашних условиях: рецепты и советы
Ingredients amount
lemons 12 pieces.
clean drinking water 1 liter
Sahara taste
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 10 Kcal

This recipe is recognized not only as a reference and example for any lemon drink, but also as the easiest to prepare. In order to cook about one and a half liters of homemade lemonade you will need about 12 medium lemons..

the juice лимонов

Lemon juice can be obtained using a juicer or peeling lemons and seeds in a blender, and then filter through gauze.

lemonade в блендере

Add the freshly squeezed juice to the water, mix and add sugar (to taste). After the sugar is completely dissolved, you can pour the drink into glasses, adding ice cubes (for freshness) and a lemon slice (for decoration).

Homemade carbonated lemonade

  • 12 lemons;
  • Approximately 1 liter of sparkling water;
  • Sugar to taste.
Sparkling lemonade is nothing but the same drink, only prepared with the addition of soda water..

But there are secrets here too. For example, in order to get a more saturated taste, use a lemon zest, gently brushing it with a knife, without affecting the white skin (otherwise bitterness will appear).

The pulp of lemons and zest need to grind in a blender or several times through a meat grinder, after removing the bones. Put the resulting mass in a saucepan, add sugar to taste and pour 1 cup boiling water.

Boil the mixture for one minute (not more) and then put it in the fridge so that it will cool and infuse..

The resulting syrup must be filtered through cheesecloth (if necessary several times) and diluted to taste with carbonated water. A carbonated soft drink called lemonade is ready.

Ginger lemonade

  • Fresh ginger root;
  • 3 lemons;
  • 2 liters of clean drinking water;
  • Sugar or honey (to taste).

We are used to the fact that the ginger drink is good in the winter time, because it will raise the immunity, warm after frost and once again remind you why winter is beautiful. However, ginger can not only evoke winter memories, but also perfectly quenches thirst in the summer heat.
lemonade с имбирем
It is especially good in combination with lemon, since both of these products complement and enhance the beneficial properties of each other..

A little fresh ginger root should be peeled and grated. Pour water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil..

Add lemons, pre-cleaned and twisted in a meat grinder or chopped in a blender, and grated ginger into boiling water..

Boil the mixture over low heat for about 10 minutes and then add honey or sugar (to taste).

Cool the drink, strain it and serve chilled with ice cubes.

Raspberry lemonade

crimson лимонад

  • 1 cup raspberry;
  • 1-2 lemons;
  • A few leaves of fresh mint;
  • 1 liter of mineral water.

It is especially pleasant to drink such lemonade on a hot day in the country, sitting in a rocking chair in the shade of the trees. Moreover, at any dacha there is a glass of raspberry and a bit of mint.

Lemons must be thoroughly rinsed with a sponge, cut them in half and squeeze the juice out of them. However, if you like lemonade with pulp to taste, then with the help of a knife, you can extract the pulp from lemon halves and put it into action, for me it is much more delicious.

Crush the raspberries using a standard tablespoon and mix with the juice and pulp of lemons. In the glasses at the bottom put a few leaves of fresh mint, slightly crush it with a spoon so that it gives flavor.

Add to the mixture of mineral or ordinary drinking chilled water, ice cubes and pour into glasses with mint. It is best to serve such a drink decorated with raspberry.

yogurtDo you know how to cook yogurt in a slow cooker simply and quickly? although it does not work out quickly, but just for sure.

Try the recipe for homemade kvass from oats, it is a useful and simple drink that you enjoy..

Beyliz liqueur cooked at home with condensed milk will brighten up evening gatherings with friends. Recipe here.

Apple lemonade

  • Apple juice from 2 apples;
  • Mineral water (2 times more than apple juice);
  • 1 lemon;
  • Sugar or honey (to taste).

apple лимонад

We are all accustomed to the phrase “apple juice”, and the fact that there is apple lemonade, most hear for the first time.

The benefits of apples are perfectly combined with the freshness that a lemon brings and it turned out to be an excellent refreshing drink. You can use ready-made apple juice or cook it yourself using a juicer.

Add mineral water to apple juice, keeping proportions: two parts of water to one part of juice, and then squeeze half a lemon there.

The remaining lemon, or rather half of it, is thinly sliced ​​and put in a jug. To taste you can add sugar or honey. Serve the beverage chilled with ice cubes..

Orange lemonade

  • 2 oranges;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 0.5 kg of sugar;
  • 1 liter of regular drinking or mineral water.

The closest relative of a lemon is an orange, so why not add it to a soft drink of lemons, thereby refreshing the familiar taste and adding a touch of summer sun to the lemon mood.

We need two medium oranges, one lemon and half a kilo of sugar. First you need to remove the zest from lemon and orange, and the white skin of the fruit is better to remove immediately and throw away, as it can give bitterness.

Remove peeled fruits from the bones and scroll in a meat grinder along with the peel, then pour boiling water, add sugar, and let it brew until it is completely cooled..

The resulting drink will not be yellow, but rather orange with a pleasant lemon-orange flavor..

And if instead of simple drinking water you use carbonated water, you will not be able to tell the taste from the purchased forfeits..

Only orange lemonade is much safer and healthier, and most importantly, tastier..

Cucumber lemonade

  • 12 lemons;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • 1 liter of drinking water;
  • Sugar or honey (to taste).

This recipe is one of the most exotic lemonade recipes and is characteristic most of all for the Russian side, since it is we who have so many cucumbers that they have nowhere to go.

cucumber лимонадPerhaps that is why the masters and hostesses came up with cucumber lemonade. It turned out a simple, useful and invigorating cooling drink and cucumbers attached.

In order to cook half a liter of this wonderful drink, we need twelve lemons and one cucumber.

The cucumber will need to be peeled, then the lemonade will be more tender, then with the help of a blender you will get a cucumber purée, which you can strain and add to the juice of lemons and water.

Add sugar to taste, you can also add honey. You can decorate the drink before serving with pieces of cucumber and lemon, while not forgetting about ice cubes and a straw.

Useful tips

  1. When cooking any lemonade, try to use only natural ingredients. If the opportunity is there, then give up the use of canned purchased juices. After all, all the benefits of lemonade is in its composition, and the composition, in turn, contains only fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, and purified drinking water;
  2. Water can be any, both carbonated and non-carbonated. After all, water is half the success of any drink. It is important that it is cleaned, fresh and chilled. Lemons and other components will do the rest;
  3. Do not forget about the aesthetic appearance of the prepared drink. The most pleasant thing is to sip lemonade through a straw, from a tall glass decorated with slices of fresh fruit or berries;
  4. Very rarely there is a need to keep homemade lemonade in the refrigerator, because it is drunk in the blink of an eye. However, if it still remains, then do not store it for a long time, because the fruits and berries that you used cannot be stored for a long time, because they do not contain preservatives and chemicals;
  5. In most cases, sugar or honey is used for sweets. These are the sweetest sweeteners, but you can also use fruit flavored syrups. They will make your lemonade more unique, because you can create the taste of lemonade yourself, displaying your creative abilities and succumbing to the flight of thought..

Most recipes use a large amount of lemons and other fruits, which may give you an idea: “But such a drink is expensive”. Feel free to throw it away and think about how much benefit you and your loved ones can get by using a refreshing drink prepared with your own hands, with soul, warmth and love without preservatives or artificial colors..