Zucchini jam is a delicious dessert that almost everyone likes..

Yummy варенье из кабачков с лимоном

You can add various citrus fruits to it – orange, lemon, which will give the jam a pleasant aroma and original taste..

It usually tastes like apple or pineapple jam..

Dessert will appeal even to those who do not like zucchini and other melons and gourds.

In order to make sure of its incredible taste, we suggest making jam from zucchini with lemon and in combination with other components at home. This will help you some of the best recipes..

Classic recipe


  • 2.5 kilograms of zucchini;
  • 4 pieces of lemon;
  • 2 kilograms of granulated sugar.

How to make classic zucchini jam with lemon:

  1. First, we wash the banks. It is better to use a sponge and detergent for kitchen utensils. Thoroughly lather the jar on the inside and outside. Next, all rinsed well with warm or cold water. Rinse several times until all detergent is completely washed off; Flush банки
  2. Next, put the jars on a baking sheet and put them in the oven on the middle shelf, put the lids below;
  3. Set the temperature to 130-140 degrees and leave to be sterilized for 20 minutes; Sterilize
  4. Then turn off the oven, using a pot holder, remove the jars from the oven and set them down on a towel, which is spread on the table. Leave to stand until cool;
  5. Wash squash, clean from the skin;
  6. Cut them into two parts and use a small spoon to clean all the seeds from them;
  7. Then cut the halves of the vegetable in small strips. Strip cut into cubes of 1-1.5 cm; We cut кабачки
  8. Sliced ​​courgettes poured into a cup and set aside;
  9. Rinse the lemons under cool water and place in a bowl;
  10. We pour hot water over citruses so that they do not get bitter in jam;
  11. Remove the peel, clean the flesh from the white film and bones;
  12. Cut the flesh in small pieces and put it in a bowl; Lemons
  13. Next, in a large container we put zucchini, lemon and fall asleep all the sugar. Leave to stand for 2 hours; Cook
  14. After that, put the pan with all the ingredients on the stove and cook for 2 minutes;
  15. Next, remove the splits, let it stand, so that everything is cool, and again put on the stove. Cook 2 more minutes. Repeat about 4-5 times; Puree масса
  16. Cool prepared zucchini jam with lemon. Spill all the banks;
  17. We close the cans with lids and twist them with the sealer key; Roll up банки с вареньем
  18. We remove the jars of jam in a dark place and leave to cool there. Store in a dark, cool place, in a storage room, cellar or refrigerator.. Innings к столу

Cooking option through a meat grinder

What is required:

  • A kilogram of peeled young zucchini;
  • One lemon;
  • 200 grams of dried apricots;
  • 800 grams of sugar.

How to cook jam zucchini with lemon and dried apricots through a meat grinder:

  1. Dried apricots need to fill with hot water and leave to stand for 15-20 minutes. Then all the water is drained;
  2. Zucchini peeled, cut and remove all seeds with pulp;
  3. Rinse lemon, pour boiling water and cut into slices; Unusual лакомство с печеньем
  4. Then all the ingredients – zucchini, lemon, dried apricots, scroll through a meat grinder;
  5. All missing components fall asleep sugar;
  6. Put the mixture on the fire and boil until boiling;
  7. Next, reduce the heat and boil for about 30-40 minutes;
  8. Cook jam until thick;
  9. Cool ready jam and arrange in jars. Pre-jars with lids need to be sterilized;
  10. Close the cans with lids, roll up the key;
  11. We remove the jars in a dark place until the jam is completely cooled;
  12. Jam can be stored in the cellar, pantry or refrigerator.

Zucchini jam with lemon and orange

What will be needed for cooking:

  • Kilogram young peeled zucchini;
  • One orange;
  • Lemon – 1 piece;
  • Granulated sugar – 1 kilogram.

Delicious десерт из кабачка с цитрусами

How to cook:

  1. Young squash, peeled, put on a cutting board and cut into several pieces. Cut them into strips and chop into cubes;
  2. We rinse the orange with warm water, pour it over with hot water and cut it into small squares. All bones are removed;
  3. We also wash the lemon with warm water, pour it over with hot water and cut it into cubes. Remove all the bones;
  4. All components – zucchini, lemon, orange – lay out in a medium capacity, fall asleep with sugar and leave to infuse;
  5. We put the container with the components on the fire, add some water and leave to simmer over low heat. Boil for about 40-50 minutes;
  6. Ready jam of zucchini with lemon and orange, remove from heat and leave to cool;
  7. Cold jam is poured into cans, rolled up with lids and removed in a dark place;
  8. After that, remove to the pantry, cellar or refrigerator for storage.
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How to cook squash jam with orange, lemon and pineapple


  • 800 grams of young zucchini;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 1 orange;
  • A can of canned pineapple or one fresh pineapple;
  • 800 grams of sugar.

How to do:

  1. Squash washed and peeled;
  2. Cut the vegetable flesh into small cubes with a size of 1.5-2 cm;
  3. Rinse a lemon with an orange under warm water. Next, lay them in a cup and pour hot water on all sides;
  4. Citruses need to be cut into small squares, with all the bones need to be removed;
  5. If fresh pineapple is used, it should be peeled and cut into small pieces;
  6. If canned pineapples are used, then pour the syrup from the jar into the pan and put it on the stove. If fresh, then pour 200 ml of water. Add sugar; Delightful кабачковое варенье
  7. After the syrup begins to boil, mix everything until the sugar completely dissolves;
  8. Pour zucchini, orange and lemon slices, and pineapple slices into syrup;
  9. Reduce heat and boil all ingredients for 50 minutes;
  10. In the process of cooking all the components from time to time you need to mix;
  11. After the squash jam with orange, lemon and pineapple is ready, remove it from the stove and leave to cool;
  12. We put everything in sterilized cans and roll up the lids;
  13. We remove them in a dark cool place – in the cellar, pantry or refrigerator.

Delicacy with the addition of ginger in a slow cooker

What you need:

  • A kilogram of zucchini;
  • Ginger root – 100-150 grams;
  • Lemon – 3 pieces;
  • Granulated sugar – 700 grams.

Preform с имбирем

Let’s start cooking zucchini jam with lemon and ginger:

  1. To begin with, wash the jars with detergent from all sides and rinse thoroughly;
  2. Next, put the jars in a double boiler, pour a little water and set to be sterilized with the lids for 20 minutes;
  3. We clean the zucchini from the skin, cut into two parts and clean the seeds;
  4. Next, peeled vegetables shred small squares with dimensions of about 1 cm;
  5. Lemons are rinsed well with warm water. Then douse them with hot water;
  6. Dice lemons, scrub all the bones;
  7. Ginger root cleaned from the skins and rub on a fine grater;
  8. All components are laid out in a container, we fall asleep with sugar and leave to stand for 1 hour;
  9. After that, all the components are laid out in the slow cooker, we turn on the extinguishing mode. We leave to prepare for 40 minutes under the open lid;
  10. In 10 minutes everything starts to boil, periodically we mix everything up;
  11. After that, turn off and leave to stand until cool. You can leave for the night;
  12. Then again put the mode of extinguishing and again cook 40 minutes;
  13. Put the cooled jam on the banks and close the lids;
  14. We remove for storage in a dark cool place..

Diet recipe

What is required:

  • 4 medium lemons;
  • Young zucchini – 2 kilograms;
  • 6 grams of sweetener for stevia.

How to cook diet jam zucchini with lemons without sugar:

  1. Squash rinse, remove the skin. Cut them into 4 pieces and clean the seeds with pulp;
  2. Then cut the vegetable into strips and chop into thin slices;
  3. We wash lemons, pour over boiling water and cut into cubes. Remove all seeds;
  4. Then we put the sliced ​​zucchini and lemon into a container, add the sweetener and leave to stand for 2 hours;
  5. After that, put the container with the ingredients on the stove and boil to a boil over low heat. Boil for 2 minutes and remove from heat. We cool and again put on fire for 2 minutes. This procedure is repeated up to 5 times;
  6. Cool the prepared jam and put it in the jars. All close the lids;
  7. Jars of jam clean in a dark place – cellar, storage room or refrigerator for storage.

Useful tips


  • It is best to use young zucchini. They cook faster and are very tender;
  • If lemon and orange are used together with zest, then citrus should be first boiled over. Otherwise, the jam will be bitter;
  • Ingredients can be cut into small cubes, strips, rubbed on a grater, scrolled with a meat grinder or grind in a blender;
  • Before cooking, all components should be filled with sugar and allowed to stand for 1-2 hours to form a syrup;
  • Additionally, you can put ginger, thyme, cinnamon. These spices will give a pleasant aroma and unusual taste;
  • Be sure to clean the zucchini from the skins and seeds;
  • Lay out the jam should be pre-sterilized banks. In such banks it will be stored for a long time and will not swell..
Preparing jam from zucchini with lemon is not so difficult, the main thing is to keep the recipe. You can add a variety of spices that will give a pleasant aroma..

The result will be a delicious dessert that will brighten up your winter evening and complement any tea drinking..