It is easy to conclude by name that Hungarian goulash hails from Hungary. “Goulash” in translation from the Hungarian language means “shepherd”. The fact is that originally the goulash was cooked by the shepherds of the products available to them in the open.

But this dish was not disdained and titled personages, so goulash is sometimes called “royal” soup. Hungarian goulash has a red hue and the consistency of a thick soup. It got its color with the help of paprika, which was discovered in the XVIII century..

Traditionally Hungarian goulash is made in a cauldron. It is believed that cooked there, it comes out the most delicious and fragrant.

You can repeat this delicious Hungarian dish at home using the recipes below..

Detailed instructions for cooking Hungarian goulash from beef
how приготовить гуляш по-венгерски из говядины: пошаговый рецепт
Ingredients amount
Beef 600 g
Potatoes 1 kg
Sweet pepper 1 PC.
Onion 3 pcs.
Tomatoes 5 pieces.
Tomato Paste 2 tbsp. l
Vegetable oil 4 tbsp. l
Paprika 2 tsp
Garlic optional
Salt, greens optional
Time for preparing: 150 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 99 Kcal


Preparing products. Rinse the meat under running water and dry it. Crumble the beef into cubes with a side length of about 2 cm.

slice мясо

Vegetables need to be washed, peeled and chopped: onions – chop, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes – into large cubes. Peel and crush garlic;

slice овощи

Fry the onions in hot oil until transparent (you can use lard) and lightly salt them.

use топленое сало

Wait a while for the onions to cool, add the paprika and mix;

bow обжрьте

In a saucepan with thick walls or a cauldron you need to fry the meat in sunflower oil until the juice is extracted;

meat сложите в кастрюльку

Combine beef with onions and stir. Pour the garlic and water into the pot. Water should barely cover the meat. Stir, cover the lid and leave to simmer on low heat for an hour and a half, stirring occasionally;

After this time, put the potatoes and add the fire. Fry for about five minutes;

add картофель

Put pepper, tomatoes and greens in the container. Enter the tomato paste, salt, stir;

When the tomatoes make juice, if necessary, add water so that it covers the vegetables. If you want a thinner soup, do not regret water;

add овощи

Wait until the goulash begins to boil, reduce the heat and leave it until the potatoes are ready;

Turn off the stove and let the cooked dish stand for another quarter of an hour..

goulash готов

It is recommended to serve Hungarian goulash with chipetki dumplings. They prepare quickly: add salt to one egg, add flour and knead a thick dough. Put the dough in a plastic bag for a quarter of an hour in the refrigerator. Then boil the water, throw the dumplings there, manually removing them from the dough. Boil a few minutes.

Another interesting version of Hungarian goulash cooking is in pots

Ingredients for 5–6 servings:

  • Beef – 750 g .;
  • Potatoes – 1 kg;
  • Vegetable oil or fat – 100 g;
  • Onion – 2 pcs .;
  • Sweet pepper – 4 pcs .;
  • Tomatoes – 4 pcs .;
  • Paprika – 1 tsp;
  • Pepper black, red – at will;
  • Salt – at will;
  • Garlic – 5–6 cloves;
  • Greens – at will.


  1. Wash beef, dry, cut into 2 cm cubes;
  2. Heat the oil (or fat) in a frying pan and fry the meat there before extracting the juice. Arrange the meat in pots;
  3. In the fat from the meat, fry the onion and also spread out in pots;
  4. Wash potatoes, peel, chop and fry. Spread in pots over the bow;
  5. Wash the Bulgarian pepper, clean from the middle and seeds, and cut. Lay on top of the potatoes;
  6. Tomatoes wash and chop. Put on pepper;
  7. Salt the contents of the pots and add spices. Pour half of the water, cook at 180 ° 40-50 minutes. Sprinkle with herbs and crushed garlic before eating..

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Useful Tips for Cooking Hungarian Goulash

  1. For this dish it is advisable to take a pot with massive walls or a cauldron..
  2. Cast iron dishes have great advantages when cooking goulash, providing uniform heating, rather than thin-walled dishes.
  3. Enamel utensils should be completely discarded when cooking.
  4. Pay special attention to the choice of paprika. Sweet or red delicacy paprika is in harmony with Hungarian goulash.
  5. High-quality paprika has a rich red color, and also it sticks slightly to the fingers. The darker the color of the paprika, the sweeter it is..
  6. A great option is to use smoked paprika, your dish will acquire the pleasant aroma of a fire..
  7. The fat in young beef will be a light, milky color. A good part for extinguishing is considered a boneless cut, shin, scapula..
  8. Meat for dishes choose carefully. The success of the dish depends largely on him. It is best to use veal.

How to cook a real Hungarian goulash on the wood. Master class from the chef:

Enjoy your meal!