Wine-making is the ancient art of making a wonderful and healthy grape drink. And from it you can make a red, white, dry, dessert wine. It’s one thing when it is done at work, and another at home.

Let’s talk about making homemade wine from grapes. Of course, you can make a delicious drink, although the result will not be such a masterpiece as Georgian or French wine, but still it will taste quite pleasant and slightly sparkling.

wine из белого и красного втнограда

So, how to make wine from grapes at home at home? We will tell you everything by providing recipes with photos, but first we will consider the properties of grapes, its benefits, caloric content. And also find out what kind of grape is suitable for making wine.

What you need to know about homemade wine?

Beneficial features

Homemade grape wine drink has a number of useful properties. When used in small quantities, the following positive effects on the body are found..

Among them are:

grapes для вина

  • Recovery of the immune system;
  • Cleansing the body of harmful substances, toxins, slags;
  • Strengthening effect on the state of the heart and blood vessels;
  • Increased rate of exchange reactions;
  • Blood fortification with beneficial ingredients;
  • Good prophylaxis in avitaminosis;
  • Toning effect, relieving fatigue and overwork;
  • Improving cognitive functions – memory, thinking, perception;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Beneficial effect on the brain vessels.


Homemade wine grape drink is not recommended to use:

  1. If there is a history of various pathologies and impaired renal function;
  2. People who have diabetes in severe form;
  3. During pregnancy and lactation.
It is worth remembering that homemade wine from grapes is the same alcoholic drink, although it does not have such a high degree as other alcoholic beverages, but you still need to drink it in moderation. Excessive use of alcohol does not lead to good.

Calorie content

The chemical composition of a home-made grape wine drink includes the following components:

  1. Water;
  2. Organic acids;
  3. Ethanol;
  4. Mineral water.

There are almost 80 Kcal in 100 ml of drink..

What kind of grape is best suited

In order to make a really tasty wine at home, you should choose a grape variety for its preparation. And you need to choose it right.

It is hardly possible to get a tasty wine drink from table-type grapes; these varieties are best suited for consuming them raw or for making compotes..

But such varieties as Isabella, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir will be the most ideal options for preparing a wine drink from them.

These varieties give the drink a tart, but at the same time sweetish taste. For sweet wines, nutmeg should be used, but they grow only in the southern regions with a warm climate..

Preparation for making at home

The first thing to remember is important recommendations on how to prepare for this process:

  • grapesFor making wine from grapes at home, you should use dry clusters. For this reason, it is better to pick the grapes in sunny weather;
  • Brush cut should be from the end of September until the very frost. But do not tighten, otherwise the grapes will begin to rot, and it can no longer be used to make wine;
  • Table wine should be made from slightly unripe berries, because the level of wine strength depends on the duration of the grapes on the vine;
  • If you need to prepare a dessert wine drink, then it is better not to collect the fruits until they start to wilt;
  • Be sure to sort through all the berries. If this is not done, then the spoiled, rotten fruit that will spoil the taste of the wine can get into the drink;
  • White bloom from the fruit should not be washed off. This substance is a natural yeast that will be needed for fermentation;
  • The capacity in which the whole fermentation process will take place must be pre-smoked with sulfur. This will help prevent mold in the bottle..

Important rules

regulations изготовления вина
To get started is to remember a few basic rules for the preparation of a wine drink. Their knowledge will help to make excellent homemade grape wine:

  1. In order to avoid premature fermentation, many winemakers advise not to delay the processing of sorted berries;
  2. Since it will be necessary to prepare pulp from grapes, it will therefore be necessary to prepare a special crusher or rolling pin for crushing the berries;
  3. If white wine is made, the juice from the berries is removed immediately. If red, then the juice is best left in the same container with the pulp;
  4. After the berries are all crushed, they need to be shifted to the enameled container, cover with material and remove for 3 days in a room with a temperature range from 20 to 22 degrees Celsius;
  5. The container should be checked 3 times a day and the contents thoroughly mixed;
  6. Over the entire period of settling, the crushed berries should turn into a wort, and the pulp should float to the surface;
  7. On the 4th day, the juice should be filtered. If you need to get a drink of greater strength, then the wort should be held unaligned up to 6 days;
  8. If you need a sweet drink, then it can be improved. In the first 10 days of fermentation, granulated sugar can be added to the mixture. As soon as the wine drink gets the taste of sweet tea or compote drink, sugar can not be added. At the time of completion of fermentation, it is useless to add granulated sugar;
  9. After the grape juice has been completely filtered, it should be poured into bottles from a glass base and closed with a cap from nylon;
  10. Some experienced winemakers advise you to wear a rubber glove instead of a cap on the neck. To release air, it should be pierced in several places. And so that it does not fly off, it must be firmly fixed;
  11. After that, the container must be removed in a cool place, the temperature in which does not fall below +10 degrees Celsius. If this condition is violated, the fermentation process can be delayed;
  12. While boiling, juice should be periodically filtered. Otherwise, the resulting precipitate may spoil the taste of the wine beverage;
  13. The process of gas formation should stop in 2-3 months. At this time, you can make the first tasting drink. If the drink turned out strong with a sweet taste, without a sensation of sugar, then the wine is completely ready.

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Classic recipe

To prepare a pure home-made wine drink, the following components are required:

  • 10 kilograms of grapes of any variety;
  • 3 kilograms of granulated sugar.

How to cook:

  1. To begin with, the enumerated berries are poured in small portions into a large basin; berries перебрать
  2. With a crusher or kitchen rolling pin, they should be kneaded into a homogeneous mixture; berries размять
  3. Next, the basin is covered with a small piece of gauze so that it completely covers the container;
  4. After that, remove the basin in a dark place and leave it for 5 days to ferment;
  5. Twice a day you need to check the mixture and periodically stir it with a spatula from a wooden base; leave бродить
  6. Fermented berries need to be discarded in a colander and strain the entire juice. Also pulp can be placed in a gauze material and squeezed properly; fall asleep сахар
  7. Strained juice should be poured into bottles from a glass base, we will fall asleep granulated sugar. Everything is thoroughly mixed; to prepare бутли
  8. A glove of a rubber base, punctured in several places, is put on top of the bottle. It must be firmly fixed so that it does not fly off; put on перчатки
  9. During the whole time you should look at the state of the glove. As soon as it stops inflating, the drink must be carefully filtered and poured into bottles;
  10. Drink containers are tightly corked and stowed in a dark, cool place;
  11. After a month, the wine must be filtered again and placed in a cool place to infuse.. wine готово

How to make white wine

What you need to make a white homemade wine from grapes:

  • 10 kilograms of white grapes;
  • Granulated sugar – 3 kilograms.

How to do:

  1. To begin with, white grapes need to be carefully selected, select all the twigs and leaves and place in a container of enamelled bases;
  2. Berry should carefully knead. This process can be done manually, with a grinder, or you can use the kitchen potato masher;
  3. In the process of crushing it is necessary to ensure that each berry was crushed;
  4. After that, the container should be covered with a piece of gauze material and put in a warm place for 5 days;
  5. Every day we look after the mixture. Three times a day, mix all with a spatula from a wooden base;
  6. After this, the gauze material should be folded in two parts and put the grape mixture on it. The contents of the gauze properly squeezed into the container;
  7. The resulting juice should be poured into glass bottles;
  8. Add granulated sugar to grape juice, stir well;
  9. We put a glove from a rubber base on the neck of the bottle; it must be tightly fastened so that it does not fall off. We also pierce it in several places;
  10. Wine must be infused in a warm room for 2-3 weeks;
  11. During this period, be sure to filter the wine from the resulting sediment;
  12. After 3 weeks, the finished wine is poured into clean bottles and tightly closed with corks. We clean in a dark cool place for a month;
  13. After a month, the wine drink needs to be filtered again and bottled. Store in a dark place at room temperature..

Berry Platter Recipe

What we will need:

  • 10 kg of grapes of any variety;
  • Raspberries – a glass;
  • Currants – 250 grams;
  • Granulated sugar – 4 kilograms 200 grams;
  • Water – 10 liters.

We start cooking wine from grapes and berries at home:

wine с ягодами

  1. We shift the raspberries and currants into a large bowl, pour 2.5 kg of sugar into the bowl and carefully rub it into a homogeneous mixture;
  2. Berry mixture should be removed in a warm room for 4 days;
  3. Selected grapes are poured into a basin and kneaded with a mortar or kitchen rolling pin until a homogeneous mixture;
  4. After that, filter the grape mixture. With the resulting grape juice, pour berry starter, close it with a lid and leave to stand for 3 days;
  5. During this time, the mixture should be stirred every day for 3 times;
  6. After 3 days, remove berries on the surface and carefully squeeze them;
  7. In 10 liters of boiled water we part 1 kilogram of sugar;
  8. Pour this syrup together with berry juice into a glass bottle, close the neck with a glove and leave it for 7 days;
  9. On day 8, pour sugar and remove the wine from grapes and berries in a cool place for 2 months.

Final tips

  • To prepare the wine, use only selected berry and always dried;
  • Fermentation should be carried out at a temperature of not less than 18 degrees, but not more than 24 degrees Celsius;
  • For cooking, you can not use dishes from a metal base, otherwise the berries in it oxidize, and the aroma of the wine drink will be spoiled.

Homemade grape wine is a delicious drink, the preparation of which requires a lot of work. The whole process of cooking this drink must be done correctly. Any deviation from the rules can lead to the deterioration of all raw materials..

Cook it only from fresh berries, do not use rotten and spoiled. Otherwise, the wine will be tasteless and lose all its flavor..