Goat cheese is a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our body needs all the time. In addition – this type of cheese is low in calories, in comparison with other types.

With the exception of all the beneficial properties, this product has other advantages..

One of the main is its culinary use. It is used in salads and a wide variety of dishes, to which, as an ingredient, it gives a great taste flavor..

The second advantage can be considered the simplicity of his cooking. Goat cheese can be easily prepared at home, and not one recipe..

Homemade goat cheese
how сделать козий сыр в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
goat milk 2 l
vinegar 4 tbsp.
salt 40 g
caraway taste
Time for preparing: 1470 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 290 Kcal

Cooking such a cheese is not too hard, but requires careful attention..

First you need to remove the cream from the milk – the top thick layer. After that, the milk is placed in a saucepan over medium heat..


When the milk boils, you will need to reduce the heat and add vinegar. After that, it is necessary to start interfering with the milk so that it curls faster and better.



After the milk has thickened, you need to strain it through cheesecloth. All clot that remains in the gauze – we need. It is advisable to leave it hanging on the gauze for a day, so that the milk glass is completely.

cheese процедить

The next day you need to take a clot, salt it and knead it thoroughly, like a dough. After mash it in a tortilla and put in a thick griddle, which put on fire. It will be necessary to wait until the cheese has melted..


When it becomes liquid, remove it from the heat so that it can thicken. After all these manipulations – the product is ready, it remains only to cut and sprinkle with cumin.


Homemade cheese “Soft”

Soft сыр

Cooking time 35 min. + 24 hours of infusion. Calorie – 275 kcal.

You need to put the milk on a slow fire and bring it to a boil. When the foam starts to rise – it is necessary to add cottage cheese and start stirring within 3-5 minutes. After the milk is curtailed, it must be drained through gauze and take that clot that will remain in gauze. It is advisable to thoroughly squeeze this clot from excess liquid or leave to hang in gauze for a day..

After that, you need to mix until uniform egg, salt and butter. After that, mix it all up with a clot and put it in a water bath until the mass has melted. Then it needs to be poured into the shape you need and wait until it thickens – it is advisable to put a press on top.

Hard goat cheese

Solid сыр

Cooking time – 30 minutes. + 24 hours of infusion. Calories – 280 kcal.

You need to take sour goat’s milk and add eggs to it, then mix until smooth..

After that, we take fresh milk, add salt to it and set it on fire, starting to stir. Then you need to start slowly pouring into the saucepan a mixture of sour milk and eggs, not forgetting to stir.

Boil is required until a thick mass resembling a curd is formed on the surface. All this must be filtered through cheesecloth and leave only the curd mass. It will need to be carefully squeezed out to get rid of all unnecessary fluid..

After all the manipulations, the resulting mass must be put under the press for the night, or for a day – the more, the better. Well, that’s it – the product is ready.

Useful tips

  1. It is worth saying that it is not recommended to consume goat cheese in case of ulcer and gastritis, or it is necessary to reduce the amount of this product. The fact is that it has a high acidity, which is bad for such disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  2. You can store homemade cheese for 2-3 weeks and preferably in the refrigerator. It is better to put it in a bag, so it will be less susceptible to bacteria and, as a result, will not deteriorate soon;
  3. Of the drinks to this product is very suitable wine, beer and coffee. The combined taste of the drink and the cheese will be great;
  4. Cheese does not have a specific smell, unlike goat milk, which is a good reason to transfer milk into a more delicious and healthy product;
  5. Cooked delicacy can be added to various, even everyday, dishes..

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