Chocolate mousses are used as separate desserts, as well as in various cakes. This article provides recipes for chocolate mousses and cakes with them..

Classic recipe
how приготовить шоколадный мусс для торта
Ingredients amount
chocolate, tile 78% 2 pcs.
mineral water, non carbonated ¼ l
oil class “Extra” 30 g
the eggs 3 yolks
whipped cream, natural 1/3 kg
sugar 0.050 kg
Time for preparing: 45 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 404 Kcal

This mousse is basic. It can be varied by adding different ingredients..

  1. Break the chocolate into small pieces, put in a bowl, pour half a glass of water into it. Melt this mixture, add butter, stir; to rub шоколадку
  2. Beat egg yolks with sugar, then add water to them. Heat over low heat; to beat желтки
  3. Add melted chocolate to this mixture. It is necessary to add in portions, mixing each time; add шоколад
  4. Cool the mixture, leaving it in the cold for 10 minutes. Whip the cream, gently mix them with mousse..

You can use it to decorate the cake, but you can also serve as a separate dessert..

Gelatin Mousse Recipe

This is a thicker chocolate mousse with gelatin for the cake, but it takes more time to cure..

milk 300 ml
dark chocolate from 56% 30 g
cocoa 0.025 kg
crushed nuts 1/4 tsp.
vanillin powder 0,25 bags
gelatin 2 tsp.

This dessert is prepared about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Calorie – 343 calories.

  1. Soak gelatin in a few spoons of milk. Leave until swelling;
  2. In a separate bowl you need to pour the remaining milk, put the chocolate broken into pieces, add all the other ingredients and heat, stirring constantly over low heat. We can not allow this chocolate mixture to boil;
  3. After heating, gently introduce the gelatin dissolved in milk, stir the mousse with a whisk and arrange in portions..

This dessert freezes in the fridge for about 2 hours..

Chocolate Orange Mousse


It is advisable to cook the orange zest yourself, rubbing the top layer of orange peel on a fine grater.

Orange juice 1 tbsp. l.
orange liqueur 2 tbsp. l.
bitter chocolate, 78% 2 tiles
zest from 1 orange
Extra cream butter 1 tbsp. l.
sugar 0.050 kg
chicken eggs 200 g

90 minutes dessert is prepared.

Per 100 g of 257 calories in this mousse.

  1. Put the chocolate in a bowl, add a few spoons of cold water, as well as sugar and butter. Melt all ingredients until smooth;
  2. After cooling the mixture, add liqueur to it;
  3. Beat the eggs, beat the whites in a stable foam. In the yolks add most of the orange peel and juice, stir and add to the chocolate mass;
  4. Whipped whites are gradually added to the mousse, whisk each time..

Arrange the mousse in portioned saucers and leave for one hour in the refrigerator. Sprinkle with the rest of the orange peel before serving..

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Strawberry Mousse Cake Recipe

Strawberries can only be used completely ripe, intense red.

on cakes:
the eggs 0, 200 kg
sugar 0, 150 kg
sifted flour, top grade 0, 100 kg
corn starch 0.075 kg
cocoa powder, dark 0.075 kg
baking powder 1.5 tsp.
in the filling:
gelatin powder 2 tsp.
white chocolate 1 PC.
natural cream 200 ml
cottage cheese, grated 250 g
sugar 0.075kg
lemon rind 2 tsp.
lemon juice, fresh, undiluted 3 tbsp. l.
fresh or fresh frozen strawberries ½ kg
to soak the cake:
whole milk 100 ml
for cake decorating
thick cream 200 l
black chocolate “Extra”, tile 1 PC.

Preparing a chocolate cake with strawberry mousse about 14 hours, taking into account the infusion in the refrigerator.

Calorie – about 300 calories.

  1. Heat-resistant form for baking, preferably detachable, you need to grease and sprinkle with a small amount of crackers;
  2. To prepare the cake, you need to mix all the bulk ingredients. Separately, beat the sugar and eggs until the mixture turns into a thick foam. Pour the mixture of flour and starch into the eggs, constantly stirring with a whisk or mixer;
  3. Pour the dough into a mold and bake for 30 minutes. The baking temperature should be 175 degrees;
  4. Gelatin soak chocolate melt. Whip cream, add white chocolate in small portions and whisk;
  5. After that, enter the cottage cheese, sugar, lemon zest and mix again. Add coarsely chopped strawberries, and stir with a spoon;
  6. Cut the baked cake in three parts, each one needs to be saturated with milk;
  7. Gelatin soaked before swelling in water, and dissolved in pre-heated lemon juice. Add the lemon-gelatin mixture to the cream filling, mix and put half of the filling on the first cake;
  8. Spread the second cake, also soaked in milk, over the previous one, and smear it with the remnants of the filling. The third cake to complete the preparation of the cake, wrap it in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for 12 hours;
  9. For decoration, you need to melt the dark chocolate and put it in pre-whipped heavy cream. Decorate the cake preferably the next day, covering it with a thick layer of cream with chocolate.

Top decorate the cake with cookies, whole or sliced ​​strawberries, and cream from the pastry bag.

Cake with bananas and chocolate mousse

Bananas need to buy ripe, but not over-ripe.

butter 125 g in dough and 50 g in chocolate
sugar 1/10 kg
flour 1/4 kg
ground almonds 0.050 kg
dark chocolate 2 pcs.
the eggs 50 g
fatty cream, about 35% 250 ml in mousse and 50 in chocolate
soft cream cheese 1/4 kg
powdered sugar 1/10 kg
banana not overcame 3 pcs.
rum or brandy 2 tbsp. l.

Preparing a treat about 1 hour 30 minutes, without taking into account the infusion.

Calorie – about 330 calories.

  1. Butter, pre-cooled in the freezer, grate, add flour and grind to a dry crumb;
  2. Add ground almonds, sugar and egg, knead the dough and leave it in the fridge for half an hour;
  3. From this test in a detachable baking form to form a cake and sides to it. Bake in the oven, 200 degrees;
  4. After baking the cake, let it cool completely in the mold, and only then pull it out;
  5. To make chocolate mousse, you need to bring the butter to a boil along with the cream. Then you need to melt chocolate in this mixture;
  6. The remaining cream left for the mousse, beat with icing sugar to a very thick foam. Separately, beat the cheese, and add to it cooked chocolate. Pour brandy, mix the mixture, and then gently enter into the whipped cream. The mixture should be very airy;
  7. Peel bananas. Sandwich cake grease with chocolate mousse, then put bananas, whole or sliced ​​in two, and on top of them put the rest of mousse;
  8. After that, the cake should be left to soak overnight, at least 3 hours..

You can use whipped cream or grated chocolate to decorate this cake. It is advisable to keep it in the refrigerator, because then it will not lose its shape..

Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

For this cake, you can use fresh cherries, the main thing is to clean it from the bones.

in sponge cake:
wholegrain flour 50 g
vanillin ¼ bag
sugar 0.060 kg
the eggs 0, 100 kg
baking powder for the dough ½ tsp.
cherry syrup 80 ml
for mousse:
fresh frozen cherry 300 g
gelatin powder ½ bag of 20 g
sugar 170g
cream 0,300 l
Mascarpone cheese 0.250 kg
on ganache:
whole milk 0,100 l
sugar 0.025 kg
black chocolate 78% 1 tile

Preparing a cake for this recipe 1 hour 45 minutes.

Calorie is 247 calories.

  1. Beat eggs and sugar, add flour, vanillin, baking powder and cocoa powder to them. Knead a smooth dough;
  2. Pour it into a parchment mold, bake for 20 minutes;
  3. Cool this sponge cake in shape and put it on a dry plate;
  4. For the preparation of mousse, pitted cherries on low heat, heat together with sugar until it is completely dissolved. Then this mass must be whipped in a blender;
  5. Cherry juice pour gelatin, after swelling dissolve it in a water bath. Combine with cherry puree and cool. Add cheese to the cherry mixture, blend with a blender until smooth;
  6. Separately, whip the cream, add them to the cherry mousse, gently mix with a whisk;
  7. Using a cherry syrup, soak the sponge cake, put it into a clean and dry baking dish, and put mousse on top of it;
  8. Then make ganache. In milk, dissolve the chocolate, heating in a water bath, then add sugar and stir. Pour over ganache mousse;
  9. Put the cake in the fridge at night.

Before use, the cake must be removed from the mold. Keep it in the refrigerator.


Bavarian chocolate cake with raspberry mousse

Raspberries, like strawberries, can be used fresh, but only in season.

on the cake:
high-grade flour 1/3 cup
corn starch 1/3 cup
cocoa ¼ cup
the eggs 0, 150 kg
egg yolks 3 pcs.
sugar ¾ cup
salt on the tip of a knife
for syrup:
raspberry liqueur ¼ cup
mineral water, non carbonated 1/3 cup
granulated sugar ¼ cup
on ganache:
cream 30-35% ½ cup
bitter chocolate, 78% 1¼ tiles
butter, “Extra” class 2 tbsp. l.
for raspberry mousse:
fresh frozen raspberries 350 g
sugar ¾ cup
gelatin powder 12 g
cream, 30% 2 glasses

Preparing a cake for 1 hour 40 minutes.

Calorie – up to 400 calories.

  1. To make sponge cake mix flour, starch and cocoa. Beat eggs and egg yolks, add sugar and salt, beat this mixture in a water bath. After the sugar has completely dissolved, remove the mixture from the water bath, add flour to the egg mixture. Pour the dough into a baking dish, bake for 30 minutes;
  2. After baking, let the cake cool in the mold, and then leave to cool at room temperature;
  3. To prepare the syrup, heat the water with sugar, and after cooling down, drive the liquor;
  4. To make raspberry mousse, mix raspberry and sugar, boil this mixture over low heat for 10 minutes, and then rub it through a sieve;
  5. In a few tablespoons of water, dissolve the gelatin, dissolve it in a water bath, put it into the boiled raspberry, beat and cool slightly. During this time, whip the cream, put them in a raspberry mass, stirring with a spoon;
  6. To make ganache, boil the cream, put the broken chocolate in it, dissolve it, then add the butter and stir the mixture;
  7. To assemble the cake, you need to cut the biscuit into two equal parts. Soak the first layer of sponge cake with syrup, then put it on the second cake;
  8. Pour half ganache, and then half mousse;
  9. Put the second cake on top, it should also be soaked with syrup, and then put the raspberry mousse on it and pour over the chocolate mixture.

Infuse the cake for at least 2 hours in the fridge. You can decorate it with fresh raspberries..

Useful tips for hostesses

The darker the chocolate, the tastier the cake..

Blends with whipped cream or whites should be prepared immediately before use so that they do not sit down..

Flour must be sifted.

To prepare these cakes, it is desirable to leave more time than specified in the recipes, as the speed of the work of the housewives in the kitchen may differ.