The fact that the sausage from the store is useful, and that its composition includes meat, is very doubtful. But what to replace it, making a sandwich for morning tea? A dish that is prepared simply from the list of budget ingredients – chicken roll with gelatin.

Recipe for boiled chicken roll with gelatin in cling film
how сделать куриный рулет с желатином в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
chicken fillet 1000 g
gelatin powder 25-30 g
garlic 10-12 g
salt and spice taste
seasonings for chicken optional
Time for preparing: 75 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 110 Kcal

This simple roll can be considered basic. For it, only the main ingredients of this dish are used: chicken meat, gelatin and spices. Having mastered it, you can already start more complex recipes or create your own version of the dish, playing with your favorite ingredients and their proportions.

Preparation Procedure:

  1. Wash chicken fillet, wipe off excess moisture with a paper towel and cut the meat into small pieces. If desired, you can slightly beat off the pieces of chicken through the film, so that the finished roll was even more tender; slice мясо
  2. Mix pieces of meat, gelatin, chopped garlic, salt and other spices; add специи
  3. The resulting stuffing put on cling film and wrapping it with the filling, to form a sausage. It will be necessary to make 7-10 turns of the film; to make рулет
  4. Sausage meat in the film put in boiling water and cook until ready, about 1 hour; to boil
  5. At the end of cooking, take the roll out of the water and cool it. Serve cold as a separate dish or on a slice of bread, like a sandwich.

Chicken roll with gelatin and vegetables in the oven

The second way to cook chicken roll with gelatin is to bake it in the oven. This way you can cook and sausage according to the basic recipe, and you can make a bright dish of chicken and vegetables. In addition to tomatoes and bell peppers, you can add onions, green peas, carrots and others. Here is where to show your culinary imagination.

The proportions of ingredients used in the preparation process:

  • 1000 g chicken fillet;
  • 80 g red sweet bell pepper;
  • 240 grams of tomatoes with dense pulp (cream or similar variety);
  • 30 g of instant gelatin powder;
  • 60 g of dill (or another to taste);
  • salt and spices.

The cooking time of the roll in the oven is the same as that of the boiled roll – 75-85 minutes.

The finished dish has a caloric content of 89.0 kcal / 100 g.

Sequence of processes:

  1. Chicken meat is separated from the skin and bones, if any, and cut into small cubes or arbitrary pieces;
  2. Peppers cut the seeds and stalks, cut into cubes. In tomatoes, carefully remove the seeds, and cut the flesh into the same slices as the Bulgarian pepper. Wash greens, dry and chop finely;
  3. Mix together the meat, vegetables, herbs, gelatin, salt and add spices. Fold the stuffing in a sleeve for baking and roll tightly into a sausage. Tie the edges of the sleeve tightly so that no water gets inside;
  4. Place the blank sausage in a bowl, pan or other low pot, top with water 1-2 cm above the roll. Put everything in an hour – an hour ten minutes in the oven, bake on the steam bath;
  5. The finished roll is completely cooled for 3-4 hours.

Chicken breast roll in jelly in a slow cooker

roll в мультиварке

An alternative to a saucepan and oven can be a multicooker, in which the roll will warm up evenly, and in the end it will please you with its delicate taste. So you can cook a roll as exclusively from chicken meat, and with the addition of vegetables.

Vegetables for the roll can be used fresh, and if not the season, then the frozen vegetable mixture will help you to taste.

For chicken breast roll with gelatin and frozen vegetable mixture, you should prepare the following list of products:

  • 500 g chicken breast;
  • 300 g of frozen vegetable mix;
  • 30 g of gelatin;
  • 100 ml of drinking water;
  • 20 grams of garlic;
  • salt and spices to taste.

The cooking time of this dish remains standard – 1 hour and 15-20 minutes..

In a hundred gram roll will contain 104.3 kcal.

Working process:

  1. First you need to allow the frozen mixture of vegetables to thaw at room temperature;
  2. Remove skin from chicken breasts, if there are bones, separate them. Meat cut into small pieces;
  3. Mix the meat with vegetables, chopped garlic, spices, gelatin and salt. The resulting stuffing folded in a sleeve for baking, tightly tied on the one hand, pour 100 ml or a little more (for jelly lovers), tie and on the other hand;
  4. Lay the sleeve with minced meat on the bottom of the multicastry pan, cover with a lid and leave to cook for 60-70 minutes in the “Baking” mode;
  5. After the slow cooker finishes its work, take the bag out of it and put it in the appropriate shape, giving it the appearance of sausages. After complete cooling, remove the roll from the sleeve and cut into portions before serving..

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How to make the perfect snack

Chicken roll with gelatin attracts many housewives for its multivariate and inexpensive cost ingredients included in the composition. But to make the dish perfect and unique, you should use the advice of experienced chefs:

  1. Lay stuffing for rolls can be in cling film, foil, baking sleeve or tetrapack from under the juice. The choice of “packaging” depends only on excellent preferences;
  2. Usually chicken fillet is used for rolls, but you can take the thighs, only preparing the dish in this case will take a little longer;
  3. If the meat is cut into slices, then when cutting it will turn out a beautiful marble cutting, and if it is passed through a meat grinder, then the finished dish will turn out to be extraordinarily tender;
  4. In addition to pots, ovens and a multicooker, you can cook chicken roll with gelatin in a ham, then it will turn out with a perfectly cooked middle and dense skin;
  5. When choosing vegetables for the filling, it should be remembered that the chicken will produce a lot of juice, so the pulp of the vegetables must be dense;
  6. In the stuffing you can add not only any vegetables, herbs and spices, but, as some housewives do, liquid smoke. It gives the dish a seductive aroma of smoked meat..

Enjoy your meal!