Since ancient times in Russia for the holiday of Easter, people painted eggs. Previously, these were mostly red or monochromatic variants; today, the hostesses have mastered many interesting recipes..

the eggs

Eggs painted in marble are very unusual. Visually, they create the effect of a marble surface, attracting the eye, and forcing them to look at and study an intricate pattern that always turns out to be unique. And to achieve this result is easier than ever, consider a few recipes for creating Easter masterpieces.

Step-by-step recipe – use food dyes

Before starting work, in addition to the eggs themselves, prepare the following materials:

  • food paint, which can be bought at the grocery store or a special paint for eggs, it is safe and non-toxic;
  • onion peel;
  • pieces of gauze or bandage;
  • small elastic bands or any strings.

Now you can proceed to the process itself, after which you will have pretty marble eggs on Easter on the table. First of all we plant the coloring pigment, following the enclosed instruction. When the solution is ready, it is necessary to chop the onion peel, it is most convenient to do it with scissors.

slice шелуху

Next, carefully wash the eggs with a brush and cook them for 15 minutes. We cool in cold water and, without wiping, we roll in the husk so that its particles stick to the surface..


We cut cheesecloth into squares measuring 15 by 15 cm and wrap eggs in it, we try to do everything carefully so that the husks do not get lost, we fix the finished bags with small rubber bands.


The resulting bundles should be dipped in cold water and set on fire, boil 10 minutes after boiling.


The finished product is immersed in a pre-prepared solution with paint, where it cools to room temperature. After 5-7 minutes, take out the bags and rinse under cold water. Is done!

marble яйца

Marble eggs for Easter with green paint

Also consider the recipe for Easter Easter dye with a marble pattern using ordinary Zelenka. With this method, the pattern is obtained as a natural stone from oval-shaped marble. It takes the whole process just half an hour. So, we will prepare materials:

  • half a liter of red onion peel;
  • half a liter of husks from onions;
  • a sheet of plain paper;
  • a jar of brilliant green;
  • gauze;
  • gloves.

Now we have to cut red onions, onions and paper from the husks, keep the proportion so that the onion skins are 3 times more than the pieces of paper, otherwise the eggs may turn out pale. We mix everything we cut into a convenient bowl and start preparing eggs, as in the first recipe, wash them with a brush in cold water and, without wiping, roll in the prepared mixture.

The rolled eggs are placed in squares made of gauze and we tied the edges with threads, while uniformly distributing the cutting inside the bag. As a result, there should be no empty seats inside the gauze.

We lower the future Krashenki in cold water, add half a jar of green stuff there and cook for 15 minutes on low heat. Carefully drain the boiling water and allow to cool in cold water. Now we wear gloves to remove the gauze and remove particles of paper and husks. Rinse with water and enjoy the result.!

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Useful tips

To create a radiant effect on marble eggs for Easter, it is recommended to lubricate the dried egg shell with sunflower or olive oil..

When boiling eggs in Zelenka, it is better to use unnecessary dishes, because washing it will be a difficult process..

To clean the shell from the green plaque, you can use a solvent for paint.

Doctors do not recommend eating green-painted eggs, so they should be made solely for beauty..