Such cakes are most often prepared not for family tea drinking, but in order to celebrate the children’s birthday in the garden or elementary school. After all, most often in such places are not allowed to bring homemade cakes, and most of the purchased desserts are prohibited. Only barney biscuits and small packaged juices remain..

how сделать оригинальный торт из мишек барни и сока

To prepare such a treat, you do not need an oven and a mixer, but a little glue, cardboard, foam, colored paper and imagination. There are different ways to assemble a cake and fix sweets on tiers. Each of them will be discussed in detail by the example of various variants of such cakes..

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Step-by-step master class

This method of creating a sweet design is suitable if the treat is prepared for a large number of children. In the course of work, packaged juices and barney biscuits by the number of children will be required, in addition:

  • a hollow cardboard core with a diameter of 8 cm (suitable tube from paper towels, parchment, foil or cling film);
  • several circles of very dense packaging carton;
  • polyfoam or foam thickness of 2-3 cm;
  • glue gun and white glue;
  • scissors and construction knife;
  • paints, paper for papier-mâché;
  • satin ribbons and colored corrugated paper for decoration.

How to make a cake out of juice and barney:

  1. The design will consist of two tiers: juices and barney. In order to determine the diameter of each tier, you need to start building around a cardboard tube rod in a circle of juices on a sheet of cardboard. When they are all lined up, measure the diameter of the circle and cut out two cardboard circles;
  2. Repeat the same with biscuits, but it suffices to cut one cardboard circle;
  3. From cardboard circles and a hollow cardboard tube, assemble two tier structures resembling a fruit bowl or a cupcake stand. The height between two large circles is equal to the height of the juice package, between the larger and smaller circle – the height of the barney;
  4. To make the finished product easier to transport, and the cardboard of the lower tier did not bend under the total weight, install everything on a circle of peneplex (foam) of the appropriate size;
  5. The resulting design to paste over paper for papier-mâché and paint it with paints. Suitable gouache or acrylic paints;
  6. Set the juice and barney on tiers and tie with satin ribbons. The colors of the stand and ribbons can be selected in accordance with the favorite colors of the birthday;
  7. From above you can set a number from cardboard and paper by the number of years or a box with a gift for the hero of the occasion, or you can just have a beautiful paper bow.

How to make a cake from barney, juice and kinder surprises with your own hands


This construction will have not three, but two tiers: juices and kinder surprises hidden behind them, barney. The assembly method proposed in this master class is suitable for a cake for a smaller number of children. In addition to sweets, the number of which should correspond to the number of guests at the festival, you need to take:

  • Styrofoam;
  • glue gun;
  • masking tape;
  • scissors;
  • sharp construction knife;
  • paints, satin ribbons and colored paper for decoration.

Cake assembly instruction:

  1. Draw and cut out two circles from foam, on the circumference of which you can install all the bags of juice. Paste both circles with colored paper;
  2. Using hot glue on the edge of the circle to glue the bags with juice. In the center of the circle behind the juices hide the kinder-surprises, from above strengthen the second circle of foam plastic. The first tier of the cake is ready. Such a cake will be a double surprise for children, since the Kinders will not be immediately visible to them;
  3. For the second tier, it is possible to assemble the second tier of the cake glued together among the circles of foam plastic, and attach barney along its perimeter. If you need a lot of biscuits, you can simply assemble them into a cake tier, pasting tape around;
  4. Connect both tiers between each other and decorate with ribbons, paper and paints as fantasy prompts..

Cake from barney bears and other sweets for kindergarten

cake для детского сада

In addition to biscuits, juices and chocolate eggs for such cakes, you can use chupa chups, chocolate bars, small kinder chocolates and even jars of soap bubbles. In the latter case, each guest at the children’s holiday will receive not only treats, but also a small gift from the birthday boy..

For another version of the assembly of cake from sweets you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • hot glue;
  • masking tape;
  • paint, paper, tape for decoration.

Cake assembly workshop:

  1. From a cardboard to glue several cylinders – tiers of the cake. For this, it is necessary to cut two circles and one sidewall on each cylinder. The height of each sidewall is equal to the height of the sweetness, and the length is the length of the circumference of the circle, which will be equal to the width of the required number of sweets;
  2. For those who have forgotten the geometry lessons, to calculate the desired diameter of the circle, you need to divide the circumference, obtained from the total width of sweets, by 3.14;
  3. Glued from cardboard boxes tiers need to additionally glue masking tape and paint paints or paste over with colored paper;
  4. Fasten sweets along the perimeter of each cylinder and fix them with satin ribbons, for example, in the color of candy packaging;
  5. A lush satin or paper ribbon bow can be attached to the top of the cake. If chupa-chups candy is used in the cake, then it is possible to simply make holes for the sticks in the upper tier and insert candies into them.

Useful tips

In the process of working with cardboard and foam, it is often necessary to glue something together. This can be done quickly with the help of adhesive tape, but you need to use not the usual clerical, from which everything will quickly fall off, but the painting one. You can buy it at the hardware store..

So that juices and sweets do not move out from the tiers, they can be fixed in small pieces of double-sided tape, and then tied with a satin ribbon.

Flowers made from paper and candy, satin ribbons can be used as an ornament, and if none of the flower-making techniques of the beginner cake-making company are known, then you can buy beautiful artificial flowers in the floristics shop.

And most importantly, that all work does not go down the drain, you must first agree on a list of sweets that can be brought to kindergarten.