An excellent decoration for any festive or casual table can be a hearty, but light and fairly simple roll made with pita bread. Most often when creating a dish is the basis of chicken and various vegetables.

Lavash roll with chicken
how приготовить рулет из лаваша с курицей
Ingredients amount
the eggs 2 pcs.
chicken white meat (from the breast) 0.4 g
salt ½ tsp.
cheese (semi-hard) 150 g
green onion feathers 50 g
Bell pepper 150 g
mayonnaise 150 g
Armenian lavash (thin sheet) 1 PC
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 188 Kcal
Very few people know that with proper preparation of pita from homemade pita bread, it can be served equally tasty – both hot and cold. The simplicity of the dish is caused by the use of very low-calorie, but nourishing and tasty foods that are usually found in the kitchen of every housewife..

At the heart of the classic recipe is chicken fillet, but you can harmoniously combine this type of meat with any vegetables, cheeses and sauces for the stuffing roll.

In lightly salted water, boil the chicken until tender, not cutting into too small pieces so as not to lose the juice.

to cut мясо

You should also put boiled eggs. Cheese at this time, you can grate finely grated, chopped onion feathers and pepper.

slice перец

Chop the boiled fillets with a blender or tear them into small pieces with your hands. Peel the eggs and grate them. In one deep container mix the onion, pepper, eggs, cheese, chicken, mayonnaise.

to mix начинку

Spread a sheet of pita bread and evenly lay out the meat stuffing on it. Turning it into a roll, wrap in foil and set aside in a cool place for two hours..

to smear начинку

The dish can not be set soaked, and cut immediately, but, having stood a little rolled up, all products will be soaked, the roll will become noticeably softer and softer in taste..

How to make a roll of Armenian pita bread with smoked chicken

It’s no secret that the most juicy chicken is usually cooked in smoked form. It goes well with many canned, fresh and pickled vegetables. A wonderful addition to the table for the arrival of unexpected guests or for a hearty snack at a picnic will be a roll of pita with smoked chicken stuffing.

To create a delicious and delicate dishes will be needed:

  • thin pita bread – 2 pcs .;
  • processed cheese – 200 g;
  • smoked chicken breast – 250 g;
  • mayonnaise – 100 g;
  • Korean carrot – 150 g.

Half an hour will be spent on cooking the roll. Caloric content of 100 grams of dish is equal to 193 kcal.

To make a roll with lavash, you first need to prepare products for the filling. Melted cheese is rubbed on a fine grater, chicken is cut into thin slices, and too long a Korean carrot is cut into pieces an average of three centimeters long.

Spread the first pita bread and grease it with half of the mayonnaise taken along the entire perimeter. Top with grated cheese, and then cover with another sheet of pita. Tightly press layers of them together for “gluing”. Next, put the rest of the mayonnaise, evenly miss the entire surface, then sprinkle the carrot and put the smoked chicken. Carefully and tightly roll the roll, trying not to tear the pita bread.

If the dish needs to be stored for some time before the arrival of guests, it should be wrapped with cling film, and if not, you can cut it into pieces two centimeters wide, decorate with greens, serve.

Chicken Breast and Mushroom Recipe

Very simple foods in perfect combination with each other can quickly and easily turn into a rich breakfast, a hearty lunch or a light dinner. Lavash roll can be made from a small amount of ingredients and served to the table in a very short time. To create a soft and juicy dishes will be needed:

pita с мясом

  • Armenian lavash – 2 pcs .;
  • hard cheese – 100 g;
  • chicken breast – 400 g;
  • marinated mushrooms – 300 g;
  • onion – 100 g;
  • mayonnaise – 150 g.

The time it takes to prepare is half an hour, and the energy value is only 162 kcal per 100 grams of roll.

For the filling of the roll should prepare the products. Boil the whole meat in a little salted water, and then grind. Finely chop the mushrooms, grate the cheese, peel the onions and chop finely.

Pita bread one over the other, evenly grease with mayonnaise and layered – chicken, onion, mushrooms. Leave dry, without filling, only a few centimeters around the edge of the pita. Cheese is sprinkled on top, pita is rolled into roll.

The resulting roll will be much tastier if you send it in a microwave for a couple of minutes, so that the cheese melts a little, and then only cut into pieces. You can serve with greens, fresh vegetables, sour cream or tomato sauce.

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How to bake roll in the oven

Baked roll, which is made with the help of pita, will help to decorate the table of any festive event. Its production will not take much time, and the delicious and healthy products selected for the filling will add sophistication to the dish..

This may be fresh vegetables and seafood, but since the classic recipe involves the use of chicken, cheese and greens, you will need to create a roll:

  • chicken fillet – 400 g;
  • mayonnaise – 300 g;
  • fresh mushrooms – 300 g;
  • pita bread (thin sheet) – 1 pc. (180g);
  • onions – 100 g;
  • butter – 30 g;
  • egg – 1 pc .;
  • cheese (solid variety) – 250 g;

It will take no more than one hour to cook, and as many as 226 kcal will be in a hundred grams of a tasty and satisfying dish..

For the preparation of the filling should be selected mushrooms, onions cut into cubes of the same size approximately the size of half a centimeter. Then fry them in butter until cooked and cool. Boil chicken, finely chop or tear into strings, grind in a blender. Chopped cheese on a fine grater.

Spread the pita bread on a flat work surface, smear with a thin layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle evenly with chicken meat. Then make a grid of mayonnaise on the surface of the meat, put the fried mushrooms and onions, and the next layer will be cheese.

After pita bread, roll into a roll preferably very carefully, so as not to tear the sheet, but as closely as possible. Beat the egg, mix with one spoon of mayonnaise, brush with this mixture the surface of the roll, which should be laid out on a baking tray laid with baking paper.

In the oven, roll the pita bread with chicken at 120 ° C for only fifteen minutes until it acquires a beautiful crispy color. Serve hot with greens and tomato sauce, cold for tea and other drinks..

Useful tips

The calorie content of the dish depends on the selected products, so in order to reduce it, you can choose dietary mayonnaise, add fresh vegetables. And no matter how I would like not to resort to tips on making a roll, you should still remember that:

  1. Any products need to be finely crushed – there will not be tearing of the sheet of pita, which should be chosen thin for quick soaking;
  2. Cheese for a dish to take a solid or semi-solid variety – will melt faster when served hot, but for “gluing” several layers of pita bread you should choose melted or cream cheese;
  3. You do not need to lay out a large number of cucumbers and tomatoes when stuffing – they will let the juice, and the roll will burst, disintegrate;
  4. It is not necessary to use mayonnaise for a real roll – it is better to quickly prepare sour cream sauce (buy Bechamel sauce), which will well soak the dish with its flavor.

The roll can be stored in the refrigerator for a very short time, but the products for it are stored separately for much longer. Just put them and twist the pita bread – a tasty and very filling dish will be ready in a few minutes..