It seems that quite recently there was a time when the cake, decorated with oil flowers and figurines, caused delight in almost any person. But times are changing, and pastry with banal decorations will not surprise anyone..

mirror глазурь

Today, professional chefs have learned to do really amazing things. Real copies of figures of people and animals, intricate designs, whole pictures and even photos are now often decorated with cakes and pastries..

But it is not necessary to be a super professional to hit your friends or relatives. Enough to learn how to make a mirror glaze, and then a simple cake will turn into a real work of art..

Highlights of the preparation and use of mirror glaze

Mirror glaze, or as they call it glacier, is made from products that can be bought at almost any store. Usually its main components are water, sugar, gelatin, glucose syrup and chocolate. Depending on the type of glaze, dyes, cocoa, vanilla, condensed milk, molasses and other ingredients are added..

After mixing and heating of all components, the future icing should be whipped with a blender. In this case, be sure to monitor the temperature. Depending on the type of glaze, the working temperature is from 29 ° C to 39 ° C. If the icing is colder than the set temperature, it will begin to roll and the mirror effect will not work. If the glacier is too hot, then drips form on the cake, or the icing will completely flow down..

When glazing it is necessary to ensure that no condensation forms. Otherwise the frosting will wrinkle and the appearance will be spoiled..

You can work with the glaze immediately after cooking or after a day. Store it should be in the refrigerator, previously covered with cling film. It is possible to use also the remains of glaze, only the structure has to be identical.

Most of the time, mousse cakes or pastries are covered with mirror glaze, as well as soufflés, since they require freezing. This will ensure an even and smooth distribution of the glaze over the surface of the confection..

Recipes shining glossy glaze for cake

Chocolate glaze
how приготовить зеркальную глазурь для торта
Ingredients amount
Water 95 ml
Sugar 240 g
Syrup 80g
Gelatin 1 bag
Cream (fat content not less than 30%) 160g
Cocoa 80g
Time for preparing: 35 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 374 Kcal

The first step is to soak the gelatin. If the gelatin powder, it will be enough 30 ml of water, if the sheet – water you need about 200 ml.

Boil water with sugar and molasses. Remove the mixture from the heat and add the boiled cream..

While stirring the resulting mass, pour the cocoa or chocolate bar and mix well again..

chocolate растопить

During this time, the gelatin will have time to swell and it can be added to the icing. Powder gelatin must be slightly heated before use. If the gelatin is a sheet – it is squeezed and added to the mixture.

add желатин

Frosting is almost ready. It remains to pour it into a special tall glass, lower the immersion blender and beat a little.

to beat глазурь

The glaze temperature should be 37 ° C..

Color glassazh

Necessary components:

  • Gelatin – 1 pack;
  • 75 ml of water;
  • 150g of sugar;
  • 150 ml of molasses;
  • 1.5 bars of white chocolate;
  • 100 g of condensed milk;
  • 5 g water soluble dye.

Approximate cooking time – 15 minutes.

Calorie colored glaze – 342 kcal per 100 g.

Combine sugar, molasses and water, put on fire. After the sugar has dissolved, you can add gelatin (soak it in advance).

Melt white chocolate in a separate bowl. Chocolate should be of the best quality that you can find. The taste and quality of the glaze depends on it..

Pour the condensed milk into the melted chocolate first, and then the syrup, then mix, add food coloring and whip with an immersion blender..

When whisking it is important that the bubbles form as little as possible, otherwise you can spoil the appearance of the glaze. Therefore, the blender should be slightly tilted and touch the bottom of the dish..

You can pour the cake.

Caramel mirror glaze

caramel глазурь

  • Gelatin – 15 g;
  • Sugar – 260 g;
  • Molasses – 1 faceted glass;
  • Cream (fat content of 35%) – 300 ml;
  • Milk chocolate – 75 g.

Cooking time – 20 minutes.

Calories in 100 g – 365 kcal.

Combine sugar with molasses and cook caramel. Sugar is not stirred, so that the mixture is not hardened..

After a while, the syrup will become a caramel color. This means that it is time to remove the mixture from the heat and add boiled cream. It is necessary to pour them in gradually, constantly mixing the resulting mass..

In the grated chocolate pour the resulting caramel. Enter the diluted gelatin and mix.

The final stage, as always, is necessary for the blender to “punch” the icing.

To obtain a pearly shade, golden candarin (approximately 5 g) is added at the stage of introduction of gelatin..

Recipe for a mousse cake with icing decor

Strawberry confit:

  • Fresh strawberries – 260 g;
  • Sugar – 80 g;
  • Water – 35 ml;
  • Rum – 4 tsp;
  • Gelatin – ½ pack;
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp.

Chocolate mousse:

  • Egg yolk – 2 pcs.
  • Gelatin – 10 g;
  • Sugar – 4 tsp;
  • Vanilla sugar – 1 package;
  • Cream (1) – 150 ml;
  • Cream (2) – 250 ml;
  • White chocolate – 85 g;
  • Water – 60 ml.


  • Gelatin – 1 package;
  • Sugar – 150 g;
  • Invert syrup – 150 ml;
  • Condensed milk – 100 ml;
  • White chocolate – 150 g;
  • Water soluble dye – 1.5 g.

Almond Brownie:

glaze цветная

  • Dark chocolate – 90g;
  • Butter – 90g;
  • Wheat flour – 50g;
  • Ground almonds – 30g;
  • Sugar – 90g;
  • Eggs – 2 pcs.
  • Dark and white chocolate for decoration – 50 g.

Cooking time – 3.5 hours.

Caloric content of 100 g – 348 kcal.

Cooking Brownies

Mix melted butter and chocolate with sugar and beat a little with a mixer, add eggs. Turn off the mixer, add almonds with flour and mix well.

Cake bake in silicone form for half an hour (160 ⁰C). Ready cake to be cooled.

Cooking strawberry confit

Combine strawberries with sugar, boil. Dissolve in the strawberry mixture gelatin (previously soaked), pour in lemon juice and rum. Components to mix and freeze in silicone form..

Cooking Chocolate Mousse

Yolks, rubbed with two types of sugar, pour two tablespoons of hot cream, mix. Pour in 150 ml of cream and thicken everything on low heat.

Slightly cool the resulting mass, add gelatin (swollen), pieces of white chocolate and whip with a blender. In a separate bowl, whip the cream (250 ml) and add them in parts to the previously prepared mixture. Fill the form with half of the chocolate mousse and put in the freezer to set. Shape should be larger than strawberry confit and almond brownie..

Cake assembly

On the frozen chocolate mousse put strawberry confit, pour a lot of mousse and put a brownie. Free space of the form pour remains of mousse, and cool the cake in the freezer for 14 hours.

Cooking glaze

mus тортCombine water, sugar and glucose syrup and boil the mixture. Mix grated chocolate and condensed milk, pour hot syrup, constantly mixing it. Add previously dissolved gelatin and dye, whip with a blender, avoiding the formation of bubbles.

After the cake hardens, you can begin to restore the beauty. To do this, remove the cake from the mold and place it on a stand or wire rack (at the bottom place a paper tray covered with paper). Bring glaze to a temperature of 33 ° C and pour the cake. As soon as the icing is a little “grabbed”, you can decorate the cake with sheets of white and dark chocolate.

Stendal mousse cake with two-color glossy icing

Ingredients for Cherry Mousse:

  • Cream (fat content of 33%) – 150 ml;
  • Puree cherry – 80 g;
  • Egg yolk – 2 pcs .;
  • Sugar – ¼ cup;
  • Corn starch – 3 tsp;
  • Gelatin – 1 hl.

For vanilla mousse:

  • Cream (fat content of 33%) – 250 ml;
  • Egg yolk – 2 pcs .;
  • Sugar powder – 60 g;
  • Milk – 250 ml;
  • Gelatin – 3 tsp.

Colored glaze (red):

colored глазурь

  • Gelatin – 7 g;
  • Sugar – 75 g;
  • Molasses – 75 ml;
  • White chocolate – 75 g;
  • Water – 500 ml;
  • Condensed milk – 50 ml;
  • Red food coloring.

Chocolate glaze:

  • Gelatin – 4 g;
  • Dark chocolate – 25 g;
  • Water – 40 ml;
  • Cream (fat 33%) – 40 ml;
  • Cocoa – 40 g;
  • Sugar – 125 g.

To decorate:

  • Grated chocolate;
  • Fresh cherry.

Cooking time – 2.5 hours.

Caloric content of 100 g – 299 kcal.

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Snacks from pita with crab sticks will help you out when you need to quickly cook something for a feast. Step by step photos and recommendations.

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Cooking Cherry Mousse

Slightly less than half of the cream pour into a saucepan and heat a little. Then add a thin stream of whipped separately a mixture of yolks, sugar and starch, while constantly stirring. The resulting mixture to bring to the state of thick sour cream over low heat (apparently still looks like custard).

When the cream has cooled down a little, add gelatin soaked in advance and let cool. Then whip the remaining cream with cherry puree and cream..

Put one chocolate cake in a detachable form, then the resulting mousse. Put the second biscuit on top and put in the freezer for 3-4 hours.

Cooking Vanilla Mousse

Mix the powdered sugar with yolks and beat well. Continuing to beat, add boiled milk (thin stream). Bring mixture to a boil and boil a thick cream..

Beat in strong foam cream and gently mix with the cooled cream. Pre-mix in the cream soaked gelatin.

Cooking glaze

7049582To make a red glaze, boil a mixture of water, molasses and sugar, add condensed milk, chocolate (pre-melt), gelatin diluted in water and red food coloring. Mix thoroughly with a blender, avoiding bubbles..

For chocolate icing in a metal bowl, mix cocoa with sugar, add water and cream, and stir again. Bring the chocolate mass to a boil, stirring with a whisk or spatula. Cool slightly and dissolve pre-cooked gelatin. Frosting whip blender or whisk.

Cake assembly

Cover the baking sheet with a thick film, put a 24 cm diameter pastry ring on it. Pour the third part of the vanilla mousse into the ring, and cool the cake blank in the freezer..

After a few hours, put biscuits with a cherry layer in a form with vanilla mousse and pour the remaining vanilla mousse. Put the cake in the cold for 14 hours.

After full curing, pull the cake out of the mold and, turning it over, set it on a stand. Part of the cake pour chocolate icing and wait for a while. The second half pour red icing. Butt colors can be decorated with fresh cherries and grated chocolate.

Useful tips

To minimize the formation of bubbles, the blender should be kept under a slight slope to “pull” the mass in one stream. If, however, it was not possible to avoid the ingress of air into the glaze, then the bubbles can be removed with a spoon or the mixture passed through a sieve. There is also a special emulsion nozzle for the blender..

When cutting the cake is often a problem when the icing reaches for the knife. To avoid this, you can pre-heat the knife a little. The cake must be very cold..

If you get too thick layer of glaze, you can remove it with a spatula. Spatula is also useful when removing cakes and pies from the grid so that the threads of the glaze do not hang down..

To pull the cake out of the mold will help a special ring tape. It fits into the ring before assembling the cake and helps keep the edges of the product smooth..

And if the first time the mirror glaze did not work, you should not despair. The more exercise, the better the result!

Enjoy your meal!