How to make a mash from jam

Braga jam can be made in several ways with the addition of various ingredients. Sugar can be used, but you can save and prepare the product without adding it. There is the possibility and replacement of yeast. Beer is perfect for this..

Home брага из варенья

For any housewife, the fermented jam is a great disappointment. It is already impossible to eat it, and a lot of time was spent on energy, money and time on its preparation..

Many just throw it away, but you can not hurry and do the preparation of home brew from this seemingly worthless product..

The jam recipes from jam will help not only the lovers of moonshine. You can also use cooked brago as a intoxicant drink, and there is no need to distill the product..

Braga from home-made jam: the right proportions and simple recipes

With sugar

The taste of the finished product will depend only on the type of jam used. You can add fresh fruit, juice, vanilla sugar, raisins, or prunes to add extra sweet aroma to moonshine..

Standard proportions for the preparation of mash: for jam in the amount of 1 l will require 0.5 kg of sugar and water in the amount of 5 l.

Necessary components for the mash:

  • 6 liter jam;
  • Water volume of 30 liters;
  • Yeast in the amount of 200 g;
  • Sugar in the amount of 3 kg. Jam для браги

Direct cooking:

  1. Filter the water, then boil it and cool it; We enter сахар
  2. In the water at room temperature, add the entire amount of the prepared sugar, and mix thoroughly until it is completely dissolved. To do this, you can use the usual whisk, and you can ease the task and use the mixer. After the sugar, all the jam is added to the sweet water; Pour out варенье
  3. In the case that there is little sweetness in the jam, you can increase the sugar content. But it is important to remember that the brag from this will become a little stronger;
  4. Next, you need to do yeast. To do this, take a separate dish and dilute them in a small amount of warm water; Yeast
  5. Then add water diluted with sugar and jam to them and determine the capacity in a warm place to undergo the fermentation process; We mix
  6. It is advisable to cover the container with clean gauze and also to wrap it in a warm blanket;
  7. The fermentation period will take about two weeks; Fermentation
  8. Ready mash of jam for moonshine should be no foam, light. Yeast should be in the sediment. To determine the readiness, you can also taste the liquid to the taste: it must be bitter with a pronounced alcohol aroma; Fermented брага
  9. After that you can do distillation of moonshine. Ready брага из варенья Moonshine


For the preparation of this type of mash it is best to use sour jam. The process of its fermentation can be accelerated by pouring a few crumbs of black bread onto the surface..

For cooking you will need:

  • 6 liter jam;
  • Water volume of 30 liters;
  • 250 g yeast.

Preparation of home brew jam for moonshine in stages:

  1. In the prepared container mix hot water and jam. Stir the mass until you get a semblance of a homogeneous compote;
  2. In the water, dilute all the yeast and put in a warm place. It is possible to use after a large amount of foam is formed;
  3. Add the prepared yeast to the compote and water mass. Mix all this very carefully;
  4. Put the mass to wander for 7 days;
  5. After that, you can proceed to the immediate distillation of the brew.

From fermented jam

And now you will learn how to put a home-made beer from fermented moonshine jam. So, there are several nuances in the preparation of mash from jam, which has already begun the process of fermentation:

  • Missing jam can be a little boil. The calculation of the amount of water that needs to be added to the jam is based on the amount of sugar used to make the delicacy;
  • Dilute fermented jam is warm water, so that the yeast does not stop the fermentation process. The added water must have a temperature of at least 30 ˚C. After the capacity with jam and water is put on fermentation it is necessary to follow this process. If everything happens normally, then there is no need for additional yeast;
  • It is very important to pay attention to the stones present in many types of jam. After they sink to the bottom, it is necessary to pour the liquid into another container, thereby separating it from unnecessary elements;
  • After fermenting the jam with water, you can proceed to the distillation of moonshine.

No yeast

In this recipe, homemade jam for homebrew for the fermentation process is not the responsibility of yeast, and raisins.

The number of components:

  • Any jam in a volume of 1 l;
  • 2.5 liter drinking purified water;
  • Raisins in the amount of 120 g;

Preparation of mash from jam without yeast:

  1. It is important, first of all, to know that in no case can raisins be washed. This is due to the fact that yeast is located on its surface, which is called wild;
  2. Mix the prepared jam with warm water, and then add the whole amount of raisins;
  3. Cover the container with the mixture with clean gauze;
  4. Put the mixture in a warm place for ten days;
  5. After the specified period, it is necessary to strain the liquid and pour into bottles;
  6. Cool drink before drinking..
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On beer

In this recipe for the preparation of mash from jam, beer is used instead of yeast, which performs the fermentation process..

The main components of the recipe:

  • Outdated jam volume of 2 liters;
  • 10 L boiled water;
  • 0.5 liter beer;
  • Sugar in an amount of ½ kg.

The recipe for making beer mash from jams on beer in 3 steps:

  1. Mix all prepared ingredients with jam and mix thoroughly;
  2. Cover the container with clean gauze and leave in a warm place for two weeks;
  3. After the fermentation liquid can proceed to the distillation of moonshine.

How to make a drink for drinking

For the preparation of this drink will require the remaining jam, which is already candied.

Necessary components for the preparation of mash from drinking jam:

  • 5 liter jam;
  • Water volume of 10 liters;
  • Dry yeast in the amount of 7 grams;
  • Some fresh fruit.

Making a drink from jam: Mash для питья

  1. Pour the jam into the prepared container and add cold water to the same place. You can also put fresh fruit that you want to chop;
  2. On the stove, heat the mass to 50 ˚С. Knead until a homogeneous mass is formed. Remove from heat and provide time for cooling;
  3. Add all the prepared yeast and again thoroughly mix the mass;
  4. Pour the mass into a container prepared for fermentation. On top of the tank is covered with a device for the removal of gases, called the water lock. You can also use a conventional sterile glove by making a hole in one of your fingers with a needle;
  5. Set capacity for two weeks in a warm and dark place. Daily need to mix the mass;
  6. After fermentation is over, the glove will deflate and a dark precipitate will form at the bottom of the tank;
  7. Ready-made drink jam can be drained through clean gauze, or a thin hose can be applied and a clean drink can be drained through it..

Useful tips

  • Jam, which appeared mold, can not be used for making mash. Such a product is completely unsuitable because the mold strikes it to the very bottom;
  • Yeast may not be used, but such fermentation will take much longer;
  • For cooking, you can use several types of jam. This will make the taste of the finished product unusual;
  • With each kilogram of sugar added, the amount of the finished product increases by 15%;
  • In the traditional preparation of mash jams most often used the ratio of water and sugar, as 5: 1. But do not forget that the jam also contains in its composition sugar.
  • For cooking, you can use yeast, both raw and dry. But the most qualitative fermentation will be given by spirit yeast..
Do not forget that the water temperature for normal fermentation should be within 30˚С.

In order to speed up the process of fermentation of the product, you can place the container with the mixture for a short time in the heated bath..

The best way to use the old fermented jam is to prepare the mash. Cooking such a product is very simple. You can experiment, and thus surprise both guests and loved ones.