Recently it has become a tradition to order unusual cakes for various celebrations:

  • birthdays and anniversaries;
  • weddings and their anniversaries;
  • child birth, etc.

All football fans, regardless of gender and age, will love the chic cake in the shape of a soccer ball.

Delicious and sweet “soccer ball” using mastic
how сделать торт «Футбольный мяч» своими руками
Ingredients amount
finished biscuit preparations for the cake in the form of hemispheres 2 pieces
cream for soaking cakes taste
black mastic confectionery 80g
white mastic confectionery 200 g
walnuts and prunes taste
condensed milk 1 bank
cookies without filling, crumbly 200 g
butter 200 g
Time for preparing: 120 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 387 Kcal

Master class step by step:

  • First, let’s take a blank for the future cake “Football” – biscuit cakes. They can be baked in the oven in the form of hemispheres in a special form; bake коржи
  • further, you need to cut each part into 4 cakes. Thus, 8 layers will turn out;
  • Optionally, you can bake cakes of the usual form, fitting them to the desired size and shape;
  • the next step is to coat them with a cream of your choice, for example, sour cream, cottage cheese;
  • add nuts and prunes to each layer, grinding it beforehand;
  • starting from the bottom of the future cake, we start to collect it. It should make an edible bowl; lubricate коржи
  • after that, we grease the ball with a mixture of soft butter, condensed milk and baking so that the future ball will turn out smooth;
  • using the Internet or your own skills, we cut out a flat hexagon and a pentagon with a side of about 4 cm and no more from paper or cardboard;
  • white and black mastic we roll out thinly and cut out the figures (17 hexagons in white and 11 in black); cut out коржи
  • We begin to lay out geometric shapes on the ball, as if we sew a black and white soccer ball. For a sample, you can take a picture from the global network;
  • a stitching effect can be made on each polygon for maximum effect.

The result should be a beautiful cake made of mastic in the form of a real soccer ball..

Cake “Football field with the ball” – a culinary masterpiece with his own hands

As it may seem at first, such an idea is too complicated for an ordinary person who does not have good pastry skills. But this is a fallacy. Cake in the form of a green football field can make everyone.

For this you need:

  • ready-made cakes for a rectangular cake – 4 pcs;
  • small round cakes – 2 pieces;
  • cream (preferably thick and homogeneous) white, black and green – to taste;
  • soccer field pattern – 1 pc;
  • confectionery mastic;
  • decorative gates (edible or in the form of toys) – 2 pieces.

Cooking time – 2 hours 30 minutes.

Calories per 100 g of an unusual cake – 376 kcal.

How to make a cake “Football field with the ball”:

cake футбольное поле

  • We bake biscuit cakes in advance with any taste or filler (cinnamon, saffron, vanilla, nuts, citrus, etc.) rectangular in shape. If there are irregularities, then they must be eliminated to get the perfect rectangle (it is possible with rounded edges);
  • depending on how thick the biscuit blanks are, divide them into several parts and smear with any thick cream;
  • the top of the cake should be very smoothly smooth with a cream of white (sure!) color and put it in the fridge for half an hour;
  • in accordance with the size of the cakes do the blank-stencil of a football field. You can peep at various Internet resources or show your own imagination;
  • we cover with stencil the upper part of the cake and press it;
  • we put a green cream on top of the template (you can use a smooth layer or make decorative roughness using a confectionery shovel);
  • very carefully remove the stencil, so that the boundaries do not remain clear and even;
  • on the opposite edges of the cake set decorative gate;
  • form a ball out of round small biscuit cakes with a very sharp knife, cutting off the edges very carefully and gradually;
  • set it in any part of the field;
  • if desired, the “ball” can also be soaked with cream;
  • using a confectionery syringe, we make hexagons of white cream and pentagons of black on the future “soccer ball”.

In such a simple way you should have an interesting cake in the shape of a football green field with a classic black and white ball..

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Decorating ideas

In order for a sports cake to be bright and memorable, you can do the following things:

  • if you have good skills in modeling, then you can make soccer figures (or only goalkeepers) with mastic;
  • using sugar pencils, which are sold in regular stores, you can write a greeting or an inscription that corresponds to the celebration;
  • cake in the form of a soccer ball can be made from a different color of mastic (yellow, blue, red);
  • if the recipient of such an unusual pastry is an ardent fan or just a fan of a certain football team, then you can draw a logo on the sweet ball or make an inscription of your favorite sports club;
  • if the cake is preparing for the birthday, then you can mark the numbers symbolizing the age;
  • on the stand where the soccer ball will stand, can be made from grass cream, as if it is standing on a part of a football field.

Practice shows that even for the first time, newcomers have very good results. Anything that seems very complex can be quite simple. Delight your loved ones with an unusual cake serving in the form of a football field with a ball..