What to give for the holiday? Every person at least once in his life faced with this task. And who did not come across – that is sure to be. Difficulties cause various aspects – not enough time to choose, a person is not very familiar, everything you need is already available, lack of finance.

bouquet из овощей

How to solve the problem? After all, to come up empty-handedly is the top of indecency, and to give a statuette from the nearest supermarket – obviously to show disinterest in a person.

You can take a beautiful bag with a bottle of expensive booze and a box of chocolates, but this is trivial and not always appropriate. In an attempt to resolve the situation, “edible bouquets” began to appear on the Internet.

It is original, unlike souvenirs from the shop, and beautiful, in comparison with the package from the supermarket. A bouquet of fruits and vegetables is not inferior to a bouquet of fresh flowers, and the utility in terms of food will bribe any woman who keeps up her figure.

Master class step by step

What do you need:

  1. Skewers. Be sure to long, not short. Products will be strung on them..
  2. Rope. Desirable wax – it is unobtrusive and strong enough.
  3. Floral ribbon.
  4. Pruner or nippers (trim the extra length of the skewers).
  5. Products.

The sequence of assembling a bouquet of vegetables and fruits with their own hands:

  1. Prepare fruits and vegetables – clean from possible branches, leaves, wash from dirt. Sometimes, in bouquets use cut fruits – so they look more beautiful. For example – remove the “cap” from the pomegranate or cut the corn, because the whole cob is too big and will not look in a bouquet. Grapes are not used in clusters. It is divided into twigs..
  2. String vegetables and fruits on skewers, and fasten the tape under them, lowering it to the middle. This will not allow products to slide down. Grapes primatyvayut to skewer sprig.
  3. Collect the prepared vegetables in a bouquet. The process takes place in a spiral, on weight. It is recommended to collect opposite mirrors to see the work from all sides, because the more elements in a bouquet, the harder it is and it is difficult to turn it in your hands. Yes, and the design is easy to break.
  4. The collected bouquet is fixed at the base with a rope..
  5. The next step is to trim the extra length. If there are no tools, you can gently break off, but this is a difficult task..
  6. In the end, the bouquet is wrapped like a floral in a bright wrapper and decorated with a ribbon..

step by step букет

How to make a bouquet of whole vegetables and fruits

Combining sweet juicy fruits with fresh-to-taste vegetables is a good idea. After all, a bouquet is a delight for the eyes, not a salad. Will eat it after. It is important to respect the color and dimensional proportions. Elements of the bouquet, it is desirable to choose similar sizes.

Step-by-step master class:


  1. Choosing products. We will need – a head of garlic, red sweet pepper, green apples, cauliflower, broccoli, dill, green grapes, pods of hot pepper of various colors (from green to red).
  2. Wash vegetables and fruits, dry them, and grate apples and peppers to shine..
  3. Divide the cabbage into “bunches”, close in size to the apple. Broccoli may be a little less..
  4. Strung products on skewers. Dill primotat on the principle of grapes.
  5. Start to collect in a bouquet in a spiral. In the center is a grape.
  6. Ready to decorate a bouquet of decorative paper bottom.

Autumn composition

When creating bouquets in a seasonal theme, the color association and products characteristic of a particular season are taken as a basis..

How to make an autumn bouquet of flowers, vegetables and fruits:

  1. Choosing products. Prefer yellow, red, purple fruits and vegetables – apples, plums, onions, peppers, grapes. Green shades should be avoided..
  2. Take a few sprigs of autumn flowers – chrysanthemums, asters, September. The color scheme at your discretion, but it is desirable to choose a tone close to the tone of the products..
  3. Preparation takes place according to the standard – wash and dry.
  4. Next step stringing. For large fruits, it is recommended to use several skewers..
  5. Assembly. A place for fantasy. Do not rush to rake up everything in a pile. Choose one any fruit / vegetable that “looks” at you, making it the center of the composition, and then try on the rest of the set. New elements join in a spiral.
  6. In the process of assembly in a bouquet of sprigs insert flowers, but they should not be much. It is almost impossible to insert flowers into the finished bouquet..
  7. The finished bouquet is wrapped with twine and wrapped in wrapping paper, tied with a ribbon.
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Baby gift

The child will not long be touched by the gift, he wants to eat it! If he has to wait until mom unpacks and peels, all the excitement will instantly disappear. This moment should be paid attention to and create a composition, ready to use without lengthy ceremonies..

If everything is relatively simple with fruit, vegetables can be suspicious. For example – what to do with a bow? When choosing vegetables, consider which ones a child can eat right away. The simplest example is cucumber. Lettuce leaves will act as a decorating element, but you can also use them. Let’s start creating.

How to collect a children’s bouquet of vegetables and fruits as a gift:

  1. Choosing products. Everything must correspond to the season, be fresh, not spoiled. Strawberries in May will cause an attack of acetone, and watermelons and melons in June will cause intestinal problems. Remember this!
  2. How to make? Enthusiastic squeak will cause not just fruits, but fruits cut into shapes. Take a metal mold and cut large fruits (for example, pineapple) asterisks / flowers. Grapes can be used as a heart for flowers. Citruses and apples will look good in triangular crescent slices. The highest bliss will be delivered by fruits in chocolate – melt the tiles in the water bath, dip the fruit into the liquid mass and let it freeze in the refrigerator. Grapes can be strung on several pieces on one skewer, as well as alternate their color. Cucumber slices will look great in the form of leaves, which are also easily made using molds or a simple knife. They are strung on skewers along the entire plane..
  3. Assembly. You can use the classic version, and you can pre-tension and make a “magic basket”. Buy a small deep basket on the market. In it, at the bottom place a simple dough – flour, water, salt. Knead it to the state of plasticine, letting it lie under a towel. In the future, skewers will be inserted into it, so it should be quite a lot to keep the design. It is better to knead a little more, and from the remainder to make clay, adding a food coloring.
  4. Prepared products are strung on skewers, which are inserted into the basket. It is better to make a different length, creating the effect of a slide. Lettuce leaves are placed below, framing a bouquet.


When choosing a product for a bouquet, always give preference to the solid! Soft, ripe fruits will not hold and collapse in your hands, before they reach the holiday.

Appearance – the key to success. Buy the most expensive and most beautiful apple. It’s one thing, not a kilo..

Chopped fruit can be coated with chocolate, fudge or gelatin. This will create additional taste and give a bouquet of notes of refinement..

Grapes are used to maintain large slices on skewers or to hide protruding tips.

In bouquets for adults, alcohol is introduced into the grapes through a syringe to add flavor to the taste. Fruit slices can be soaked with wine, brandy or liqueur, but not all, but only some.

Do not overdo it with the decor – flowers and leaves of lettuce should be no more than the edible part.

Buying products, do not pick a whole basket. If the plan in a bouquet of 2 apples – take 3, on the case of force majeure, but not more.

A bouquet of vegetables and fruits – a unique gift. It is appropriate for both adults and children, on the day of birth, name day, office holidays. It can be eaten overnight, and can stand all the triumph. It has a lot of stylistic varieties and decorative elements..