Squashes are universal types of vegetables. First, due to their neutral flavor, they harmonize perfectly with other products..

Secondly, zucchini yields to almost any type of heat treatment: they can be cooked, fried, prepared on the basis of jam, canned, pickled for the winter and even frozen.

Correct заморозка кабачков на зиму

It is pickling and freezing – the most popular methods of cooking zucchini. Indeed, while in summer this type of vegetables is sold for free, in winter it is quite difficult to purchase it in stores for a reasonable amount of money..

Having studied the basics of freezing zucchini, housewives have the opportunity to pamper their loved ones with their favorite dishes, even in cold weather, thereby significantly saving the family budget.

There are certain subtleties of this process, and then we will tell about them, you will receive a complete and detailed answer to the question – how to freeze zucchini for the winter for any culinary purposes.

No prohibitions – you can and should freeze!

So, first we decide whether it is possible to freeze the zucchini for the winter, as many still do not know the answer. Despite the popularity of freezing, as the method of preparation, many are still wondering whether it can be used without losing the useful properties of the product..

So, in fact, this option of processing vegetables and fruits is able to preserve the original nutrients in them, but only under the condition that in the process of freezing all necessary rules are followed.

For example, some housewives who first decided to try freezing vegetables, faced with their unpleasant “rubber” taste. Such frozen zucchini can often be found on store shelves, because important rules were violated during their preparation..

General rules: how to preserve the taste and benefits of vegetables

Is it possible to freeze zucchini – we found out. But in order to keep all the beneficial properties of zucchini in their composition, one should also adhere to the recommendations on the selection, preparation, freezing and storage of vegetables.

For a start, it should be noted that ripe fruits of light green color are best suited for freezing zucchini, and overripe fruits should be avoided..

It is also important to pay attention to the appearance of zucchini, because they should not contain signs of the disease: dark or yellow spots, sunken soft spots, etc..

The process of preparing zucchini for freezing includes the following steps:

Training кабачков

  • Thorough rinsing;
  • Wiping each fruit from moisture;
  • Skinning;
  • Cutting off the stem;
  • Extraction of the core and seeds with adjacent pulp;
  • Blanching.

Then you should act in accordance with the form in which it is necessary to freeze the vegetable.

Cutting zucchini, you can use several types of forms. The most popular are cubes, pyataks and rings. Also, some housewives prefer to freeze whole vegetables or rub them on a grater for later use in dishes.

Blanching is a stage that is necessary for obtaining a quality frozen product. If desired, it can be omitted. However, squash, not subject to blanching, often get the same “rubber” look and taste.

The process of blanching itself involves placing the products in boiling water for 2 minutes in order to rid them of various microorganisms and destroy enzymes..

After blanching, the vegetables chopped up in any way must be packaged in a bag with a vacuum lock or a food container. A plastic bag is not quite suitable for freezing food, because it does not have sufficient density.

Zucchini should be frozen using the freezer at a temperature of 10 ° C to 20 ° C. Re-freeze previously thawed products should not be.

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How can I freeze zucchini for the winter

As noted earlier, you can use different methods of slicing zucchini before freezing them, but you can not cut them at all. But how to freeze zucchini quickly and correctly?

The choice of method depends only on the purpose of the freezing process..

For example, diced zucchini crushed in order to subsequently use them for feeding or cooking any dishes (soups). And in the form of circles, they are often cut for subsequent frying.

Whole vegetables

To freeze fresh zucchini for the whole winter, you should perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Rinse the vegetables thoroughly;
  2. Dry them using a kitchen towel;
  3. Cut the stalk with the adjacent part of the vegetable (2 cm);
  4. Clear skin (optional step can be skipped); Scouring шкурку
  5. The zucchini core can also be removed if there is a special tool for it. Otherwise, this stage should be omitted, because when using a knife there is a chance to damage the whole shape of the zucchini;
  6. Blanch;
  7. Dry off excess moisture;
  8. Place the vegetables in large vacuum-sealed bags or food containers;
  9. Download to freezer.

When thawing such zucchini, you can prepare them in absolutely any form, be it stew, fried or boiled vegetables, etc..

Frying Rings

And how to freeze zucchini for the winter fresh for frying? In order to further fry frozen zucchini, you should prepare them as follows:

  1. Rinse thoroughly;
  2. Dry using a kitchen towel;
  3. Rid of the stalk, affecting 2 cm of the adjacent part of the vegetable;
  4. If desired, peel; Rings в пакете
  5. Cut the vegetable across with equal by the width of the circle with the footers;
  6. Blanch;
  7. To dry;
  8. Spread the circles into several small packages so that they do not have the opportunity to stick to each other.
  9. Leave in the freezer until use..

The most popular way to use squash circles is frying in oil. To give the dish more flavor and delight, you can dip them in flour before frying.

Cut cubes for feeding and cooking different dishes

Small pickups will appreciate the neutral and delicate taste of zucchini, because they can be used as an additional source of vitamins for babies..

For their preparation, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Wash the vegetables;
  2. Dry them with a kitchen towel;
  3. Cut a small edge of zucchini (2 cm) with a stem; Cutting кубиками
  4. When freezing for feeding, peel off (otherwise, you can skip the step);
  5. Cut into small equal cubes or bars;
  6. Blanch;
  7. Dry with moisture;
  8. Arrange in bags or food containers so that the bars do not have the opportunity to freeze each other;
  9. Put in the freezer.

Squash cubes are perfect not only for feeding children, but also for their further use in soups or stews.

Cooking cake mix for squash fritters

Squash pancakes are a type of baking that incorporates special flavor, tremendous benefits and unusual flavor. The dough for such pancakes is prepared in the usual way, except that gruel of grated zucchini is added to it..

I wonder how to freeze cake mix for squash fritters? To prepare a semi-finished product for cooking this dish, you need:

  • Wash the courgettes;
  • Wipe them dry; Semifinished
  • Cut into several large pieces to make them easier to clean;
  • Extract the core and seeds, as well as the adjacent flesh;
  • Peel off;
  • Cut the zucchini again into smaller pieces, so that it is easy to hold in your hand when rubbing;
  • Grate using a large grater;
  • Pack up the billet in bags or food containers;
  • Put in the freezer before use..

Before using the gruel in pancake dough, it should be defrosted. Bake these products in the usual way..

How to freeze fried zucchini for the winter

Few people would have thought, but zucchini can be frozen and in the already prepared form. For example, by frying them.

To use this recipe, you should:

  • Fresh vegetables washed;
  • Dry thoroughly with a kitchen towel;
  • Rid of the stalk, affecting the adjacent edge (2 cm);
  • Peel off (step can be omitted if desired); Fried кабачки
  • Rid the fetus from the core, seeds, and the adjacent pulp;
  • Cut the zucchini rings;
  • Salt and pepper (optional);
  • Breaded in flour;
  • Fry the rings in a little oil until golden brown;
  • Cool to room temperature;
  • Carefully rid zucchini of excess oil, blotting dry with a napkin;
  • To complete products by packages or containers, so that they do not have the opportunity to freeze to each other;
  • Download to freezer.

How to store and defrost vegetables

It is not enough to know how to freeze zucchini for the winter, you need to be able to save them.

When storing frozen zucchini, you must follow these rules:

  1. Vegetables should be kept in the freezer;
  2. It is forbidden to re-freeze products after defrosting;
  3. The maximum shelf life of zucchini in this form – 10 months.
It is very important not to overlook such stages of the use of products as their defrosting. Otherwise, you can get a spoiled product that is not edible..

When defrosting vegetables, the following recommendations should be followed:

  1. Often, for cooking, the process of defrosting is lowered;
  2. You can warm the vegetables in the microwave for future use in cooking;
  3. When thawing zucchini, they should be kept either in the refrigerator or in the kitchen at room temperature (this is especially true for squash puree);
  4. For subsequent roasting zucchini in batter, they must be thawed half.

Hostess Reviews

Many housewives for the first time try to freeze vegetables and fruits for the winter, after which they leave only positive reviews:

When our family just bought a new fridge with a fancy freezer, I immediately decided to prepare vegetables for the winter. I did it for the first time, and opted for zucchini. Since I was not really interested in how the frosting process should be carried out, my vegetables turned out to be “rubbery” in taste, so they immediately went to the trash can. As it turned out, I had to first blanch them, which I followed on the next attempt at freezing. It turned out just fine, now I regularly use this method of freezing zucchini and any other vegetables for a cold season.!

Anna, Cheboksary

For a long time I have been using this method of food heat treatment, like freezing. It significantly saves the budget of our family, besides, we do not have our own garden and are forced to buy vegetables in stores. My favorite harvesting for the winter is the Bulgarian peppers, which I freeze straight whole, cutting the core. Also do with squash. I advise everyone!

Christina, Kemerovo

Thus, we can draw the following conclusions about freezing zucchini for the winter:

  • This method of winter food preparation takes little time compared to canning and pickling;
  • People owning their own dacha plots can obviously save money in the winter by freezing the harvest;
  • This method makes it possible to prepare any dishes: soups, stews, fried squash rings, pancakes, etc .;
  • The taste of such a vegetable will be appreciated by babies who need to consume it as a complementary food..