Broccoli is a representative of cauliflower. In appearance, it is similar to a miniature green tree. The homeland of this cabbage is considered the Mediterranean and the Middle East..

Famous chefs from France and Italy read this vegetable in their kitchen. They prepare a variety of dishes from it..

Today we will talk about such a famous broccoli dish like cream soup. Due to its tenderness and ease of preparation, it will complement any table. We will tell you some interesting recipes of this dish. And also teach you how to cook it..

Broccoli Cream Soup Recipe for Baby
how вкусно приготовить крем-суп из брокколи
Ingredients amount
turkey fillet 200 grams
broccoli 600 grams
cream fat 50 grams
water 2000 ml
wheat flour 100g
heavy cream 200 ml
salt pinch
Time for preparing: 70 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 65 Kcal

We present to your attention a soup very tasty and easy for the stomach. It is perfect for both the first feeding, and for older children. Thanks to the delicate and neutral taste of broccoli, all children simply adore him. Pamper your child with this wonderful dish..

Working process:

  1. Rinse the turkey fillet under running water. Finely chop it;
  2. Fry the meat pieces on a creamy fat to a ruddy appearance;
  3. Chop onions and garlic with a kitchen knife;
  4. In a separate frying pan, fry the flour, onion and garlic for three minutes;
  5. Introduce shredded cabbage to them. Cook for 5 minutes;
  6. Enter the drinking liquid. Simmer over low heat until softened broccoli;
  7. Grind the cooled substance with a blender until smooth;
  8. After adding cream, fried meat and a pinch of salt, send the resulting puree to the fire. Cook 5 minutes.

Serve the soup in a beautiful children’s bowl.

Cream soup of brussels sprouts with cream

We want to tell about a very gentle cream soup of broccoli. Treat them to your household..


  • 500 grams of broccoli;
  • One onion;
  • One potato;
  • 20 ml of sunflower oil;
  • 1000 ml of vegetable broth;
  • 100 ml of heavy cream;
  • Salt;
  • Spice.

It will take time – 50 minutes.

Calories (portion) – 55.

Working process:

    1. Crush peeled potatoes and onions. Fry them in hot sunflower oil for 3 minutes;
    2. Enter them disassembled on broccoli florets;
    3. Pour all the vegetable broth. Simmer on low heat for half an hour;

vegetables сварить

    1. Pour the stewed vegetables in a saucepan and whisk the whole blender until smooth;

make laugh все блендером

  1. Add salt, spices and heavy cream;
  2. Mixing everything until smooth. Boil another 2 minutes..

soup готов

Present the cooked soup on the table in beautiful drinking bowls. Top with chopped greens. Perfect to complement your meal – garlic toast made from white bread.

Broccoli Cream Cheese Soup

Add to your dinner a Norwegian touch of this cream soup. It will not be difficult to prepare it even for an unsophisticated housewife. And to help you, we have prepared this recipe..


  • 500 ml of chicken broth;
  • 500 grams of broccoli;
  • One onion;
  • 110 ml of heavy cream;
  • 80 grams of melted cheese;
  • 40 grams of butter;
  • Half a bunch of cilantro;
  • Salt;
  • Spice.

It will take time – 50 minutes.

Calories (portion) – 90.

Working process:

soup puree

  1. Divide the cabbage into individual inflorescences. Crush the broccoli stalk portion, fresh coriander and onion.
  2. On hot creamy fat, fry the prepared vegetables on a moderate gas;
  3. In 250 ml of salty boiling liquid boil broccoli florets for 3 minutes;
  4. Take out the cabbage and let it cool for 2 minutes in very cold water;
  5. Put fried vegetables into cabbage broth. Squeeze them on a small gas for 15 minutes;
  6. Remove the broth from the stove. Enter half of the cooled inflorescences. Beat well with a blender;
  7. Add rich cream, inflorescences and chicken broth to the soup. Season with salt and spices. Boil for 5 minutes, avoiding boiling;
  8. Enter the crushed cheese and cook until it is completely dissolved..

Present ready-made dishes in beautiful white drinking bowls. Sprinkle with fresh cilantro leaves. Serve hot white bread toast, grated with garlic.

Cream of broccoli and cauliflower

This recipe was invented in Bulgaria. But you can easily create such a masterpiece in your kitchen. No special effort is required. But the benefits of it more than enough.


soup пюре из брокколи

  • 400 grams of broccoli;
  • 400 grams of cauliflower;
  • Three onions;
  • One pear;
  • 20 grams of butter;
  • 20 ml of sunflower oil;
  • 1000 ml of vegetable broth;
  • 200 ml low-fat cream;
  • Peel of one lemon;
  • 200 grams of sesame seeds;
  • Salt;
  • Spicy spices;
  • Spices.

It will take time – 60 minutes.

Calories (portion) – 80.

Working process:

  1. Disassemble cauliflower and broccoli in florets. Rinse them thoroughly;
  2. Peel the pear from skin and seeds. Cut it into small slices;
  3. Cut the peeled onion into half rings;
  4. Heat the creamy and sunflower fats in the pan. Fry the prepared vegetables and half of the whole cabbage on them for 5 minutes;
  5. Season the vegetable mixture with salt, hot spices, spices and lemon zest. Intensely mix;
  6. After placing the vegetable substance pan with boiling broth, cook your soup for 20 minutes;
  7. Remove the cooked dish from the stove and grind to homogeneity using a blender;
  8. Enter the rest of the cabbage into the mashed potatoes and leave for 10 minutes;
  9. Mix very hot cream with sesame seeds and pour in cabbage puree.

Serve the finished dish in beautiful porcelain or ceramic bowls. Perfectly complement it – cheese croutons from white bread.

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Useful tips

Observing our advice while cooking broccoli cream soup, you get a divine first course. All members of your family will appreciate your efforts.

And here, and they:

  • There is absolutely no value – you cook this soup from fresh or frozen cabbage;
  • If frozen broccoli is used for cooking, be sure to let it thaw before using;
  • Note that cooking frozen cabbage is faster than fresh;
  • Be sure to add heavy cream, melted cheese or creamy fat to the prepared dish;
  • Buy only young and supple broccoli;
  • Cabbage, which was stored in unfrozen form for more than 3 days, is not suitable for cooking this soup;
  • Wash this vegetable only in an icy liquid;
  • During the separation of inflorescences, pay attention to the stems. They must be present on separated inflorescences up to 4 cm long;
  • As the basis for this dish is perfect meat or vegetable broths;
  • It is best to eat ready-made foods hot;
  • The perfect complement to it will be savory toasts or toasts..

Stick to our recommendations, and everything will work out at the highest level. Due to the high content of vitamins in broccoli, this cream soup will be useful in the winter season. It is also great for the first feeding of your baby. In addition to its vitamin benefits, it can warm the human body after long walks. Pamper your family with this lovely dish..

Enjoy your meal!